Researching the Millennial Mind with @carol_phillips

Carol Phillips is someone I follow on Twitter. If you’re looking for insights and great thoughts around Marketing and Generational Theory, then she’s definitely worth following.

This week she uploaded a presentation onto Slide Share titled, ‘Researching the Millennial Mind‘. You can watch the presentation below, or click directly into Slide Share using the two previous links.

Of course it’s not the same as hearing from her directly, but there are some interesting thoughts for Marketers included on some of the slides.


3 thoughts on “Researching the Millennial Mind with @carol_phillips”

  1. M.C. says:

    Marketers would be wise to ignore reports like Ms. Philips; this version of what millenials are about completely ignores reports like this coming from The New York Times:

    “But there is the same cohort of alienated young people, and the same savvy use of Twitter and other social media to recruit more participants. Most of all, there’s a similar tide of youthful frustration with a political and economic system that protesters regard as broken, corrupt, unresponsive and unaccountable.”

    The global branding firm I work with knows this; some advertisers know this; smart marketers know this. I wonder why Carol Philips is portrayed in such an intelligent fashion here. Her head is clearly stuck in the sand.

    1. Graeme Codrington says:

      M.C., I am not sure which part of Carol’s presentation you think is off base? She talks about changes in communication, technology use, expectations and values of young people. These can all lead to any number of behaviours, from buying certain brands to starting street riots.

      I am interested in your critique, but just don’t understand it. Please can you provide more details.


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