False Truth Hunting

As a change agent I have come to believe that the most formidable inhibitors to change are our false truths.  Each and everyone one of us have false truths that can sabotage our potential.  And our false truths are widespread in both our personal and professional lives so we need to deliberately hunt them down and replace them with relevant habits designed to maximize our success.

Recently I had the privilege of speaking at my first TEDx talk in beautiful Montreal.  We explored what I believe is our most prevailing false truth, that “failures are bad” and introduced a new habit to correct our false notions about failure.  I hope this inspires you to stop enabling your false truths, hunt them down with vigor and replace them with relevant habits designed to maximize your potential and your purpose!

What other false truths are limiting us collectively


0 thoughts on “False Truth Hunting”

  1. Graeme says:

    Thanks for sharing this, Dawna. Great insights. I need to find me a “truth coach” – nice idea.

    1. dawna says:

      Thanks Graeme! I try to surround myself with multiple “truth coaches”, one of them is Dean, I can always count on him for the kind truth.

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