The $27,500 rifle that never misses

TrackingPoint makes s $27,500 smart rifle that doesn’t miss it’s target even at a 1000 yards. The Texas based business is backed by $35 million in funding from founder John McHale, his buddies and Austin Ventures. The rifle’s smart system is so clever that any novice can pick up the gun, point it at a target a thousand yards away and hit it dead-centre first time (or at least that is the promise). Peer down the smartscope and line up a white dot (the centre of the crosshairs), push a red button to lock the gun’s guidance system on the target and pull the trigger… nothing happens, you’ve duffed it… shaken too much. The rifle’s system takes over calculating the perfect alignment sensing your breathing rhythms and countering your moving hands. Without warning at the precise perfect moment the rifle fires itself hitting the target.

Wouldn’t life be great if your company had a super-gun, aim at your target audience, your perfect employee prospect, hit the red button and at the precise moment of alignment your message is fired off to hit the target spot on. Thing is companies seeking smart systems, smart data, smart everything forget there’s more to business than just smart systems and smart mechanics. Where is the art, where is the skill, where is the adventure when any dummy can punt your offering? Because it’s doesn’t matter who fires your message when the system fires for them, removing the element of ‘human error’.  But if anyone can do it aided by a computer, a robot, a machine… where is the competitive advantage? …gone!
Here’s the catch: This is the world we are hurtling towards, a world where any dumb company can point and the system will shoot. Whatever. The human error gives your company heart and soul, the human error helps you learn. TrackingPoint is in trouble because the perfect gun doesn’t always hit the target, seems there are external factors when the smart system doesn’t alwaywork, it’s too hot, it’s too cold. TrackingPoint is making a loss, bleeding over $7 million a year even though their youtube videos go viral with millions of views.
In this world of smart, it’s still the operator, the retail assistant, the leader, the person that matters most because when everyone is hitting the dead-centre it’s the personal touch that hits the sweets pot.

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