Leading Difference

Unlocking the organisational benefits of diversity

Leading difference

Organisations around the world are struggling to derive benefit from their diversity efforts. For many teams, diversity is difficult and counter-productive. It’s one thing to ensure compliance by building a team filled with different people, it’s another altogether to ensure that those teams deliver improved business performance because they’re diverse, rather than in spite of it.

Diversity is not merely a compliance issue. It is fast becoming one of the foremost challenges for leaders everywhere. This is the direct result of globalization and the collision of markets, people and agendas that are connected, mobile and global. Understanding difference and then developing the necessary mindsets, skillsets and behaviours to deal with it is the challenge leaders face when navigating the future.

Knowing this at a cognitive or theoretical level is one thing; developing the appropriate behaviours at a personal and organisational level poses an entirely different challenge

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Dealing Differently with Difference

At TomorrowToday Global, we approach the issue of diversity and inclusion from the perspective of business performance. Our research has identified a list of business benefits that companies can access if they change their approach to diversity and truly engage with the value of difference in their people.

This requires both a shift in mindset and the development of new skills. We have to shift our goals: the end result of diversity is not harmony, but balance and a healthy ecosystem; we’re not aiming to build a ‘zoo’ where we can tick off the different species we have, but keep them caged up; we need to learn how to be different for each other and not just different from each other.

Business Outcomes

  • A strategic and global context for understanding diversity and why it is so important.
  • A clear and distinctive framework for understanding diversity.
  • A practical roadmap on how best to engage with diversity, from both a personal leadership and an organisational point of view.
  • Insights into the benefits of engaging with diversity.
  • A realistic understanding of what it will take to meaningfully embrace diversity.
  • Participants will be able to identify what they need to do next when it comes to leading diversity.