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For business planning in a changing world of work

shutterstock_93628708We’ve been researching and making sense of the changing world of work for over ten years. Our frameworks and insights have been providing leaders around the world with the understanding of why the world is changing and the driving forces behind these changes.

More than ever, successful companies will be those who understand today the impact of the disruptive trends and can develop strategies that will give them competitive advantage tomorrow.

That’s where we come in.

TomorrowToday provides forward-thinking insights and analysis specifically focused on the changing nature of business and work. We want to help you understand what the “new normal’ will mean for you – in your business, in your industry, to your colleagues and to your customers.

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These are some of the questions we can help you answer:

  • What impacts will the changing world of work have within your particular business and industry?
  • What are the likely impacts of new technology?
  • How might supply chains change?
  • How can you better connect with your new generation of customers?
  • What do you have to do to retain your staff as loyalty becomes a concept of the past?

We can deliver our insights into your organisation either as part of a tailored presentation or workshop, a bespoke research report, or thought-provoking content feeds via email, wiki or newsletter.

We focus on the future whilst staying deeply rooted in understanding and communicating the transformation happening today and the impact it is having and will have on your business.

TIDES Strategic Insights Model

One of the frameworks that our research team uses is our TIDES of Change framework which is designed to provide insights into five disruptive forces that are set to change the world of work in the next decade:  Technology, Institutional upheaval, changing Demographics, the Environment and shifting Societal values.

Using a combination of expert interviews and desk research, we can help you reach a greater understanding of how these forces of change are likely to impact your industry and how you can better prepare to embrace them.

We look at what these disruptive forces mean for your business, which trends you should be focusing on and how you can build this researched information into your strategy.

Tides White Paper

Our TIDES of Change White Paper is available for download here (£1.99)


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