Dean van Leeuwen

Expert on the future of work, researcher and business strategist

Dean van Leeuwen

Expert on the future of work, researcher and business strategist




  • A specialist leadership, strategy and future trends consultant/speaker
  • 20 years international experience
  • Co-founder of TomorrowToday Global

Dean is an explorer and intellectual adventurer. He enjoys looking at things differently, figuring out what works and what can be improved. He believes that just when you think you know something, that is the time to look at it differently. He’s travelled the world, photographed Minke whales for a research team off the Great Barrier Reef and has raised money for charity by cycling across Madagascar. Dean has worked in leading FTSE companies and one of the top global management consultancies. He studied economics and law and have a masters degree in business strategy.

He is a founding partner of TomorrowToday, a consultancy that explores and helps leaders to succeed in a changing world. His areas of focus include leadership, strategies and future/disruptive trends.

Dean’s extensive global and sector experience covers multiple industries and work across over 30 countries, and his passion for the future of work differentiates him from other speakers. He has worked in senior leadership for FTSE 250 companies and consulted to both large and small businesses. Business Schools and institutions including London Business School repeatedly request my input in their global executive development programmes.

Dean’s delivery style is conversational, down-to-earth, approachable and confident.

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Global strategic insights

Dean heads up TomorrowToday’s global strategic insights unit and our clients consider our insights and future focused frameworks as world leading. The most up to date research is delivered in an entertaining and accessible way. He always strive to bridge the gap between academia and the real world providing practical examples that have immediate and applicable value.

Video's of Dean

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Client Comments

“Thought provoking, enabled us to step back and reflect, relevant and looked at things in a way we would not have done so. The presentation was excellent and engaging”. Richard Vanner, Head of HR,  Towers Watson

“Dean is a fantastic presenter – but also has the ability to deliver thought-provoking material in a way that prompts you to action. His observations & advice are both practical & informative. He is a great guy to work with.” Jason Wright, Head of Retail Telephony,Royal Bank of Scotland

“Dean delivered one of the most thought provoking and innovative presentations that I have seen in a very long time. Genuine new insight is very rare and the ability to draw implementable business conclusions is virtually unique. Dean has that.” Steve Martin, Branch Chairperson – Manchester Institute of Financial Planning

“The presentation was exceptional. The fascinating subject matter was made truly inspirational by Dean’s very professional, entertaining and slick presentation.” Mark Lovell – University of Salford

“Dean’s key contribution is his INGENUITY VALUE – his presentations and workshops made us question our status quo and his ideas bring valuable innovations to our business.” Sharon Kersten Managing Director – Old Mutual Bank


Why use Dean?

If you want thought provoking content that challenges the status quo and stimulates creative outside the box thinking then you would benefit from using me. Highly regarded companies and academic institutions from John Lewis Partnership to London Business School repeatedly request my services for large conferences, leadership development programmes and executive strategy away days.