Leading in a Changing World

What you need to know as a leader in the new world of work

Invitational Leadership

Leaders are often frustrated that they can’t mobilize their teams to adapt quick enough to this ever changing world. They often feel the horizon of their strategic plans rushing ever closer, resulting in decision-making that often feels closer to guesswork than science. These leaders can battle to manage their teams. They don’t get the most out of their talent and can battle to develop successions plans.

Leading in a Changing World is a powerful and motivating presentation designed to elicit new leadership behaviour. The presentation starts by providing compelling evidence as to the shifting leadership context, and then proceeds to uncover what leaders need to know, do, and be, in order to lead confidently and effectively into an uncertain and adaptive future.

The leadership framework / model applied is that of ‘Invitational Leadership’ – A sound theoretical and practical springboard to the practice of inclusive leadership.

Invitational Leadership is built on three assumptions and a ‘therefore’ implication for the leader.

The three assumptions are:

  1. There is a best in everyone
  2. Everybody has a valid contribution to make and,
  3. Everyone would rather make that contribution than not (to make it),

Therefore, the role and responsibility of the leader is to build an inviting environment – one that invites the best out of everyone.

This presentation offers practical insights and motivating examples as to how to be an ‘invitational leader’ through the practice of respect, intentionality, optimism and trust.

Invitational Leadership is a profoundly simple yet practical leadership framework that importantly works across cultures and is able to be interpreted into whatever setting and context is necessary. We have presented this keynote (and applied the framework) throughout Asia, Europe, Africa and the Americas.

This participative, hard-hitting and ‘edu-entertaining’ keynote/workshop brings together the very best of TomorrowToday’s extensive and diverse global experience in helping leaders understand the new leadership agenda.

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By the end of this session, participants will:

  • Have an appreciation of the bigger picture and leadership conversation
  • Understand the importance of context in shaping the leadership conversation, agenda and response
  • Appreciate what works and what doesn’t work (and why) when it comes to leadership theory and practice
  • Have a practical and applicable leadership framework / tools to help influence and shape their own leadership practice
  • Feel motivated to ensure they bring out the best in those around them and know how best to undertake this important responsibility
  • Understand the importance of leaders as ‘brokers of hope’ and what this means within their organisation
  • Leave with a clear understanding of what ‘I need to do next’


Leading in a Changing World can be customized to fit a keynote time slot of anything from 45-90 minutes. (Our recommendation is for 60 minutes or more).

Workshop – Part or full day option involves more participation and deeper discussion and application to your industry.

This presentation is best suited for:

  • Organisation or industry conference
  • An executive or senior leadership session / strategic break-away
  • For Leadership Development / Talent Programmes