Futurism’s review of 2017: Seven reasons we’re already living in the future

One of the channels our team follows religiously is Futurism. And their review of technology breakthroughs we’ve seen in 2017 is stunning. Well worth a read, and also watch the videos they provide and follow the links. See their full article here, or a brief summary below.

Top 7 Breakthroughs of 2017 That Prove We’re Living in the Future

In 2017, researchers turned science fiction into science fact – from developments in gene editing technologies, to improvements in artificial intelligence and quantum computing – this has certainly been a year full of breakthroughs. To that end, we’ve compiled a list of the most impactful developments this year that are pushing boundaries toward a brighter future.

Earth from space1. Lamb in a bag: an artificial womb sustains life

2. Gene editing – an embryo has been edited


4. The LHC’s five new particles

5. Securing the future of quantum communication

6. SpaceX and an era of reusable rockets

7. Star system TRAPPIST-1 and finding Earth 2.0

Source: Futurism

By the way, just to prove their point, I created this entire blog post through voice recognition, without using a keyboard. Tomorrow’s world is here today.


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