What the Fourth Industrial Revolution really means for you.


The “Fourth Industrial Revolution” is fast becoming a meaningless cliche. Together with the team of futurists at TomorrowToday, we can help you make sense of it – and use the power of “4IR” to improve your life and work. We’re so passionate about helping you succeed in the 2020s that we put together a short 7-part video series that you can access for free.

In this first short video in our 7 part mini-series we look at what the Fourth Industrial Revolution actually is – helping you understand what digital transformation can really do for us, and the world. This video looks at the 3 industrial revolutions preceding the 4th, how they got us to where we are today, and what it means for us now.

We invite you to sign up here to receive all 7 videos in this series as we look at what the 4IR really means for you. Next week we’ll look at ‘The implications of the 4th IR for you and what you can start doing now in your life and workplace‘. The series is free, but you do need to sign up for it.

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