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Bringing data to life – Importance of Storytelling and Data

I was invited to work yesterday with one of my favourite partners; the London Business School and present to one of their clients, a large international Telecoms company. The presentation I gave is called Herding Cats and it explores the new

Three Critical Things You Need to Focus On in 2015

Many people and businesses focus on the wrong things. What will your business be measuring in 2015? If your focus is on your competitors, your market share and internal efficiencies you may miss significant changes coming your way. In a

The pursuit of Meaning

The great Greek philosophers put the meaning of life over everything else – from which all doing would draw value and utility. For businesses, value and meaning were once simple concepts, contained in the practical aspects of a product. A

A Hitchhikers Guide to Leadership

“Have your article in by close of play tomorrow” I was abruptly informed and thus another deadline monster comes menacingly to life. What to write? How can I attempt to add value to your life as a leader? What is
Gen Z: Digital Natives

Say “Whazzup” to Gen Z: Digital Natives 2.0

The digital natives are made up of two broad groups, Generation Y who are largely under-30, and Generation Z who are under-16. Much has been written about Gen Y digital natives. This article is a preemptive move to describe Gen

Six Things you need to know about Leadership Development Programmes

As TomorrowToday we have the privilege to both design and participate in Leadership Development Programmes (LDPs) throughout the world. We work internationally with some of fineness business schools and blue-chip multi-nationals in this arena. We have seen a great deal:

Deep Games – Video Games for Grown Ups

Imagine a game where there are no evil monsters, deranged zombies or blood sucking aliens, no high-calibre weapons and most surprisingly no scorekeeping of any sort. Rather the game is an allegorical adventure that explores how we might understand and

Live and in person!…It’s ‘Generational Bias!!’

About this time last year I wrote how we should aim to give back to others, not just in the form of a charitable monetary donation, with our time and expertise.   So my first blog for 2015 begins with a small confession…I don’t always
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Recent media mentions

Our team has recently been mentioned in a number of press releases and media items. Here’s a brief roundup if you’re interested in what we get up to: Graeme Codrington spoke about Understanding Different Generations at a number of events
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Valedictory Speech 2014 for 13 year olds

I was asked to give a short speech at my daughter’s valedictory Leaver’s Dinner at the end of her Junior School year. Here is an edited version of what I said (I sprinkled this with some personal stories, humour and

Will Millennials Ever be Able to Retire?

The world of work and retirement is changing at a rapid rate. Current retirees usually had the experience of starting a job just out of university or after completing a trade, and staying there for the best part of 40

Navigating Complicated Conversations

Despite so much focus on mindfulness these days, there are many ways in which we struggle to apply it, most of all with how we communicate.  When I coach executives about self awareness I am struck by how difficult it
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