Tuesday Tip: A practical exercise to get your team to think differently.

The Problem: I need to get my team to ‘think differently’ – to come up with a ‘better way of doing things’ – how can I get them to understand this in order to find this ‘better way’? The Solution:

Achieve Remarkable Things – A thought-provoking paper by TomorrowToday Global

This century should be rather remarkable but it will not just happen, you have to create it. Ancient Greeks had two concepts of time, chronos and kairos. The former referring to the sequential progress of time; and, the latter, opportune

The Quest for a Great Computer in a Book

Every blog needs a story about Apple and here is one of ours, but it is not your average account. This is a story of a very young man, presenting his crazy idea at the 1983 International Design Conference in Aspen,

Creating a billion new farmers using a robot in a box.

An apple a day keeps the doctor away. Not these old geezers. How the quest to create a billion farmers will disrupt and revolutionise how we think about and grow our food. Do you know how old the average apple

Tuesday’s Tip: The Power Virtual Workplace for An older Workforce

People are living longer and healthier lives. This is a good thing because most baby boomers have not amassed enough savings to retire as early as their parents and parents did. But even if they have the savings for decades-long

Headless AI is where the real value lies

Last week, I sat through a session by GE’s Global Head of Digital. He gave us a really great example of the type of work his team does for GE. Well, at the time I didn’t think it was so

Disrupting the travel industry

A recent article on Disruption Hub links nicely to some work our team has done recently with some transportation companies (car and airline), and some recent we completed some time ago on the future of shipping. Read the Disruption Hub

VIDEO: The future of the medical professional and doctors

I was asked recently what a young person thinking of becoming a doctor should consider before making a final career choice. It’s a great question, and applies to many of the professions that are about to change dramatically. I thought

Tuesday Tip: The Artificial Intelligence Revolution for “Normal” People

2017 has been described as the year of Artificial Intelligence (AI) by several publications and blogs that track technology and the impact it is having on our society. But, what does that mean for “normal” people like us? The simplest

Tuesday Tip: Are you using the correct Social Media platforms?

  The other day I was having a conversation with my 13 year old son and we ended up on a topic / issue that we needed more info on – my response was to “Google” it, he chose to

What’s in the Future of Work Academy in April

Our team is putting the final touches on April’s Future of Work Academy content. As always, it’s brilliant. The Academy provides resources to help you be successful in your career in the future of work. Here’s a video Graeme put

Tuesday Tip: Preparing Talent for the New World of Work

  One of the anecdotal points we often make in our presentations is that when children who are in junior school today enter the workplace in 15 years time, up to 30% of the jobs they apply for will be
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