Effective Influence and Connection

Clients regularly ask for tips and tricks on how they can connect with, and influence, Digital Natives. The foundation of this need is that they see a demographic group who see the world so differently to them that they don’t

Top 5 Reads this week on The Future of Work (22 May 2015)

Here are the top 5 articles I read this past week on the forces shaping our world right now, and how we should respond to them: The four global forces breaking all the trends – McKinsey on: The world economy’s
Conversation bubbles

An easy way for leaders to learn

It is said that a good or effective blog answers a relevant question. That being the case, here is a question every leader serious about being futurefit ought to be asking: How can I learn? Pause for a moment and

3 ways that Silicon Valley is showing the way to the New World of Work

One of the things that almost all of our clients agree on is the fact that the world is changing. They also agree that this change cannot be avoided, it needs to be engaged and embraced. They don’t, however, always

The New Lemonade Stand – how to help your kids make piles of money (and what it means for your business and future)

For the last few months, I have spent many hours every week researching and writing a new book about the future of work and leadership (see advance information, including free download of chapter 1, here). In that time, I’ve seen

Top 5 Reads this week on The Future of Work (15 May 2015)

Every week, I list my top five reads of the previous few days, all focused on understanding the way our world is changing and how this will affect our lives. Enjoy this week’s list: Unless You Are Spock, Irrelevant Things
Curriculum vitae

4 Factors to consider about CV’s when hiring Digital Natives

Historically a CV, or resumé, has been a useful tool to understand and to assess the ability of a candidate for a role. Increasingly, however, with Digital Natives this may not be as useful a tool. In the past there
Hope by Watts

Leaders are the Brokers of Hope

J.F. Kennedy once said that, “the problems of the world cannot possibly be solved by sceptics or cynics whose horizons are limited by the obvious realities. We need men who can dream of things that never were”. And I am
Ebook Front

New eBook: An Introduction to The Enemy Within

Our latest ebook has just been published digitally. It’s a short book, and an easy read, but presents the results of our research team’s strategic insights into the key issues teams and organisations are currently facing. The book is called:

VUCA – four organizational culture touch points for Digital Natives

Digital Natives have grown up in a world that has been called the VUCA world. This is an acronym that covers four areas outlined below. V equals volatile U equals uncertain C equals complex A equals ambiguous There is a

Top 5: This week in the Future of Work (7 May 2015)

Each week, I list my top 5 articles, websites, blogs or online resources of the past seven days. These are not always brand new items on the Net – some come from a few months or years back, but they

Curiosity and How to avoid the ‘How To’ Seduction

The statistics and our own research conclusively points to the fact that ‘how to’ headlines, titles and literature sells. (This being the case any article with not one but two ‘how to’s’ in the title ought to be a complete
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