Book review: Our Iceberg Is Melting

Book review by Zanele Njapha – UnLearning Expert John Kotter, a leadership and change management guru from Harvard Business school collaborated with modern global manager, Holger Rathgeber to write this fable-based book to teach the critical concepts of change management

5 for Friday

Don’t miss your opportunity to jump onto the SA Rollercoaster [Video] Flying Cars, Aerial Ridesharing, and the Not-Too-Distant Future of Transport [External article] Use our free News Bulletin from the Future (Driverless cars) resource for some scenario building with your team to

SA Rollercoaster – new presentation

The Homecoming Revolution and TomorrowToday Global are thrilled to announce the launch of an inspiring and insightful keynote presentation about the ups and downs of living and working in South Africa.  Book it now for your team and provide them
Some Things Shouldn’t be Efficient and Convenient

Some Things Shouldn’t be Efficient and Convenient

We live in a world driven by efficiency and convenience. Our smartphones drive this obsession even more than anything else in our world. Three clicks maximum to do just about anything. Convenience and efficiency sell. It has actually been like
Resources for the Future of Work

5 for Friday

Keith Coats on Adaptive Intelligence and why he believes it’s more important than business efficiency. [2min Video] Microsoft’s CEO Knows How to Run a Meeting. Here’s How He Does It [ article] How to get your team to track future teams [Graeme Codrington]
Cracking the unlearning code

Video 1: Cracking the unlearning code

Organisations that do not unlearn will be a mere memory in the coming years. When your business models get disrupted, organisations must push back by unlearning, learning and relearning. Book our team now to set your organisation up for a

Tuesday Tip: How to get your team to track future trends

We had a lot of people clicking through the link we sent out last Friday on Why trend spotting is crucial to staying ahead and so it made sense to us that today’s insights from our team look at how you can get
5 for Friday resources

5 for Friday – 25th October

Cracking the unlearning code (Video from Zanele Njapha) Why trend-spotting is crucial to staying ahead (Duke CE article) YMCA175 Keynote Speech (Video – Graeme Codrington) 21 Jobs of the Future (External article) Sign up for our free 7 part video

Cracking the unlearning code

The organisations that are still in existence after years of industrial disruption and those that will be standing in the next twenty plus years are those that were able to adapt and respond confidently to disruption. When organisations build learning,

5 for Friday – 18th October

Here are our teams top 5 for Friday! Dramatically improve your next presentation by telling a better story [Graeme Codrington] Stanford psychology expert: This is the No. 1 work skill of the future—but most fail to realize it [External article]

The South African Rollercoaster – we need your help

A 60-minute insightful, realistic and energising presentation.

The Book I am Reading This Week

Leadership: Essential Writings By Our Greatest Thinkers – edited by Elizabeth D. Samet This is an anthology that brings together a rich array of insights, stories and perspectives on the subject of leadership. Elizabeth Samet, an award winning author (Soldier’s
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