LEGO blocks

Play Well: A lesson for leaders when it comes to serious play

Who is the biggest tyre company in the world? You might be tempted to say Goodyear or Bridgestone but you would be wrong. In fact the biggest (or maybe the smallest) tyre company in the world is LEGO. Today, LEGO

Top 10 YouTube Channels for Leaders

Huffington Post recently published this list of YouTube channels that leaders should watch. With over 6 billion hours of video and thousands of channels, YouTube has something for everyone — even for those of us who want to become better

5 Lessons learned, the day I was saved by the cloud

The unthinkable happened. While doing my final preparation, the afternoon before I had to deliver a full day of facilitation for the board of an international shipping company, my hard drive crashed and my computer died. It was the second
darpa robots challenge

Robot wars – and it’s a good thing

Later this year (5 and 6 June to be precise), the final stage of the world’s most important robotics competition takes place in California. The DARPA Robotics Challenge (see details here) will see 11 robots compete for the toughest prize
atomic fusion

The Quest for Atomic Fusion: A lesson for leaders everywhere

When talking to Steve Cowley one is aware that you are in the presence of a great mind. Steve is one of the world’s leading scientists and is the CEO of the UK Atomic Energy Authority, Professor of Physics at

Sad @ Work

The South African Depression and Anxiety Group (SADAG) in collaboration with Hexor, recently released the most contemporary study in Depression in the workplace- the results are staggering[1]. Depression is so often referred to as a “soft” issue, a HR concern

Make things Beautiful

So you have a territory of differentiation. But more often than not, you won’t be alone. In fact, chances are that your segment is heavily commoditized – unless you are a luxury brand, of course. Why should this be of

Working in intensity

How are you, Joe? I am SO busy. There is so much going on. I can’t wait for this busy time to be over and we must get together for some lunch and a catch up. Three months pass……. How

The Need for Leaders to be Future Fit: Why it is important and what it will take

I am guessing that we have all had sporadic but inspirational bursts of the desire to get ‘into shape’- to repel the advancing years and waistline and slay the beast. The outcome is usually to get to the gym or

Trust and Leadership

Michael Argyll was one of the best-known English Social Psychologists of the twentieth century. The eminent professor of psychology at Oxford University authored or co-authored over 44 books. As an academic he is best known for his studies on happiness and communication cycles.
looking at the future

The Future is Changing: Bill Gates on the Next 15 Years

The world is going to change more in the next 15 years than the last 50 combined. Considering how much the world has changed in the last half century, that’s quite a bold claim. Nevertheless, more and more indicators are pointing
artificial intelligence

Five ways that artificial intelligence is influencing your life today

When we think about Artificial Intelligence we see robots and science-fiction where computers take over the world and humanity ends up in subjugation. The reality today is that we have artificial intelligence assisting us in many parts of all of
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