Video – The best explanation of the Fourth Industrial Revolution ever

Graeme Codrington explains not just the Fourth, but also the 1st, 2nd and 3rd Industrial Revolutions, and why 4IR is more important and disruptive than you can imagine. A MUST WATCH VIDEO.

Humans are a species of moonshooters

The Apollo Programme, the actual moonshots was wonderful, inspirational and poetic. It involved great technical challenges, genuine heroism and, it brought the world together. But think about the Polynesian islander in a dug-out canoe who said let’s go that way!

A leadership lesson from a shoelace

Every now and then life gives us opportunity to say, “thank goodness that wasn’t me!” – understanding that but for some quirk of fate, it could so easily have been ‘me’. What is regarded as the most epic of all

Leading in a Changing World – The Updated Edition is here!

Lessons for future focused leaders Having worked on both the first edition of Leading in a Changing World and now this updated second edition, Jude thought it would be a good idea to ask Keith (KC) and Graeme (GC) to

Can Blockchain Help My Business?

Can my business specifically benefit from blockchain technology? After my article last month on TTG, I received a few queries asking me how “Bitcoin” could help in people’s business. At first I was a little confused as to why I
Women in the workplace

Owning your contribution 

A conversation with a senior executive, highlighted a frustrating situation of uncomfortable banter between three male directors and herself. “It was sexual in nature and whilst playful in tone, left her feeling awkward and frustrated. It is a frequent style

Moving from Tactical Adaptability to Strategic Adaptability

Moving from Tactical Adaptability to Strategic Adaptability – and why it matters: 6 tips to consider as you make the move. Indra Nooyi, the former CEO of PepsiCo, once said that “Every morning you have got to wake up with

Johannesburg Showcase, morning of 29 May 2019

The future doesn’t just happen but is rather a result of planned and unplanned actions that shape our tomorrow. In other words: we build our future today, through a series of decisions and actions that lead to specific outcomes. So,

Tuesday Tip: Creating a reading culture

The Problem: My team aren’t reading…which means we might not be learning! “My team aren’t reading and I fear that will impact on our ability and need to learn” said a CEO to me recently. It is a legitimate concern when

Tuesday Tip: Getting ROI on Leadership Programmes

  The Problem: We send ‘our people’ on multiple leadership development programmes and the ‘higher’ up the organisation the more such programmes tend to focus on theoretical content and information. We then expect our people to ‘know what to do

Webinar replay – South Africa in the 2020s

Many have asked for the replay, and as much as we would love to make the webinar content free for all to access (we know what an important message it is), for those who joined us on the webinar you’ll

Engaging Employees

“Hi-Ho, Hi-Ho, it off to work we go” sung Grumpy. Engaging employees is rightly regarded as amongst the most important of leadership challenges. Global surveys by Korn Ferry and others show that having an engaged workforce correlates directly with profitability,
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