3d imag of a magnet attracting marbles.(Concept of competition)

Leadership is a collective: A thought experiment to try

Leadership is a collective…in happens at every level, with everyone in every action and every activity. As a Leader, you are accountable to exercise leadership properly. Leadership has to be relevant. Leadership has to be willing to change with the
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The 12 disruptive tech trends you need to know

Forbes magazine recently published a McKinsey & Co’s list of the top 12 new technology trends they feel are shaping our world at the moment. It’s a really good list, and aligns closely to our own research and views. You

Top 5 in the Future of Work (29 Aug 2015)

My top five best reads on issues related to the future of work this past week: Inclusive Leadership The Answer To Diversity In The Workplace, by one of our ex-associates, Buhle Dlamini Inc magazine: 3 Reasons Millennials Are Getting Fired
Leaders are the brokers of hope. Hope is (1)

Brokers of Hope: Jonah and Joost, a study in life.

I am going to deviate substantially from my ‘usual article format’ and rather try to capture something that, as I watched it, moved me deeply. Something that caused me to reflect about life and life’s purpose; about the strange and unpredictable
Best Internet Concept of global business from concepts series

Case Study: Prepare direct selling businesses for the future by developing a social media strategy for their distributors

At TomorrowToday we’ve tracked social media developments, and always tried to help our clients stay ahead of the technology curve while at the same going beyond the hype. We’ve worked with many clients to help them shape their social media
DSA Social Media report cover

Strategic Insights: Social Media and Direct Selling

Over the last decade, social media has gone from being a student’s toy to a new marketing channel to a set of tools that are integral to the new approach to social business. At TomorrowToday, we’ve tracked these developments, and

On leadership: Wanting to hear

“You are not going to listen unless you want to hear,” said Denis, a friend, former colleague and mentor of mine as we met over a cup of coffee at our usual coffee shop – a convenient halfway point between

Silence: The most important gift for any leader?

The quietest place on earth is reputedly an echo-free chamber in Minnesota, USA. It absorbs 99.99% of sound. It is said that in the chamber one can hear your lungs breathing, you blood flowing through your veins and even you
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Perspectives on BIC’s ongoing disasters with women

Last Sunday was National Women’s Day in my home country, South Africa. The public holiday celebrates an anti-apartheid women’s march which took place on 9 August 1956. It was a key moment in South African history, and one that inspired
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Top 5 in the Future of Work (14 Aug 2014)

Here are my top five reads about the future of work from this past week: Ray Kurzweil’s “Law of Accelerating Returns” for the digital revolution Future of the Internet – 8 Expanding Dimensions, by futurist Thomas Frey A Long Read,

Top 5 in the Future of Work (7 Aug 2015)

My five best readings on the topic of the future of work from the past few days are: Spotting the difference between a Baby Boomer and Generation Z – and why it matters for marketers One of my favourite management

5 names given to youth under-35 and what they mean.

The upper threshold of when we no longer consider an individual a “youth” is 35. As Generational theory has been accepted and gained understanding we have seen several labels rise that cover this group, and the cohort under them. For
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