Six Values to Future Proof yourself From Robotic Replacement

Studies by Oxford University suggest robotics and automation will replace 47% of knowledge worker jobs over the next two decades. So if you are not planning on retiring in the next ten to twenty years, and let’s face it with

Geek out or freak out: the largest US voter data leak of all time exposed

This past week, it has come to light that the data analytics used by the Republican Party during last year’s Presidential campaign, were improperly stored in a cloud service, and the data has been exposed for an unknown period of

HR Executives: Preparing the Organisation of the New World of Work

What does the modern HR executive need to have on their radar in order to prepare their business for the new world of work? This article doesn’t pull its punches, and in places is consciously “up your nose”. For too

Tuesday Tip: Talent in a Multi-Generational Digital Workplace

When I travel and speak to clients about their people experiences the following phrases are often used to describe Millennials and the younger workforce. They are uncommitted, entitled, nose stuck to screens, disengaged, lack loyalty, money chasing job-hoppers. On the

Got an great business idea, pitch it in sub-zero water

I’m working in Finland this week for a leading business school and their client a food and wellness company, and came across Polar Bear Pitching, Finland’s take on the BBC’s Dragon’s Den. Imagine standing on a thick ice pack, you

Barack Obama: Quester Leader of the Week

“While Mr. Trump has left Europeans despairing about the trans-Atlantic relationship, lectures his fellow leaders about paying more for NATO and ignores their pleas not to pull out of the Paris climate accord, Mr. Obama appears on panels with allies

Hiring soon: The top six Executive jobs of the near future

Anne Watson, writing in the UK’s Management Today newspaper, suggested yesterday that five new executive functions will soon find their way onto the Boards and Executive teams of large organisations. I agree and would add a sixth. CHIEF AUTOMATION OFFICER

The Importance of Perspective in Leadership

“Perspective is what enables each of us to transform the sum of our days into an epic journey. And it’s what improves our chances of together making the twenty-first century humanity’s best.” says Ian Goldin, ex-professor of global development at

Tuesday Tip: Turning Content into Action and getting ROI on Leadership Programmes

  The Problem: We send ‘our people’ on multiple leadership development programmes and the ‘higher’ up the organisation the more such programmes tend to focus on theoretical content and information. We then expect our people to ‘know what to do

We used to think big. Here’s why we need to again

We used to think big and have grand visions. It wasn’t that long ago that high-risk, big dream projects were the norm. In the 60’s and 70’s the Apollo programme brought humanity together and Project Mohole, an ambitious attempt to

Sleepwalking Through Leadership: Neglecting Story

  Margaret Wheatley has said that leadership is the simple act of stepping forward. Leading in today’s volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous world – or what is commonly referred to as ‘VUCA’ requires a leadership response, unlike anything we have

We live in a remarkable century, but there is a problem

This century should be rather remarkable. We have the potential to end disease and poverty. We might decode ageing and live forever-young. Through the ever-growing power of genetic technology and bioengineering we could revive extinct species like the woolly mammoth.
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