Innovation requires giving people time and space, not using them up at 110%

Earlier this year, British Airways had a major collapse of their IT systems, causing a day of chaos across its entire global network as flights had to be cancelled. The problem, it appears, was a lack of what IT specialists

Tuesday Tip – What tonsils have got to do with your success in the Future of Work

The backstory to this Tuesday Tip is that I’ve just spent too much of my time trying to get the pre-authorisation done for my son’s surgery this Friday. (It’s a minor surgery – the standard ‘tonsils removal’ so nothing too

SkillPill makes my week with this epic Game of Thrones analogy

SkillPill is a microlearning platform that delivers content, resources and learning to you in easy to digest form – it’s similar to our own Future of Work Academy. Today, they sent out the most amazing email newsletter. If you are

Does your killer business idea lurk amongst the stuff that sucks!?

  The story of a company that grew from zero to $200 million in three years. As markets go, it would be difficult to identify an industry much more mundane and uninspiring than mattresses.  It is dominated by two companies Tempur-Sealy

Tuesday Tip: Simplify – 3 ways to deal with complexity

One of the best ways to help your team – and yourself – respond to an increasingly complex world is to simplify. Our organisations are programmed to respond to complexity by adding regulations, systems and processes. Think of the ways

Cry me a River: Out of the fire into the frying pan…literally!

There was a hard to ignore story that appeared in the British press this week. It involved a team of Wiltshire fire fighters who rescued 18 piglets (and two grown sows) from a burning barn, only for the grateful owner

Tuesday Tip: {Creativity} – How to develop the 10 Skills You Need to Thrive in 2020

“Creativity is the process of having original ideas that have value. It is a process; it’s not random.” – Sir Ken Robinson When thinking of those who are creative, you might automatically think of artists, writers, and musicians. In truth,

Great advances in science in 2017 (so far)

Futurism’s website has provided a fantastic list of the 10 most important scientific advances and discoveries of 2017 (so far). At TomorrowToday we’ve been saying for some time that the pace of advances in science, technology, engineering, and medicine is

Cutting through the Bitcoin and Blockchain Hype

Part 1: How do they work? 2017 has seen an explosion in the growth and awareness of Bitcoin and Blockchain. Unfortunately, while many people have heard of the words few really grasp the concepts, and fewer still understand their business

In the media: CNBC International and CFO Magazine

In the past month, Graeme Codrington has had two high profile media appearances. At London’s Fleet Street studios of CNBC International, Graeme was interviewed by Carolin Roth on her Street Wise segment on 10 August. The second half of the

Tuesday Tip: How to create a happier workplace

The Problem: My people are not staying, aren’t committed as they should be and don’t seem happy at work. What can I do to reverse these trends? The Solution: Give your people more freedom than you are comfortable with. If

Maps of the Future: 10 skills you’ll need to thrive in 2020 and the technologies shaping the world [Infographics]

I received a two notifications from our network this past week of really good infographics on the future of work (PS, we rely on our network to send us this sort of information, so please don’t be shy when you
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