the enemy within

The Economist agrees with TomorrowToday, there are Enemies Within

“The best way to fight the enemy within is to treat your employees with respect. And this third principle is where many firms fail “says Schumpeter, The Economist’s columnist and expert on all things disruptive. At the beginning of 2015
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The future of work – videos and as seen on TV

Over the past few weeks, Graeme Codrington has appeared on a number of TV shows, providing input on the future of work. #FutureFit: Adapt or die On the ETV News Channel Africa (ENCA), he was the major guest contributor to

Top 5 this week in the Future of Work (28 July 2015)

Here are my top five reads of the last few days on the topic of the future of work – and these are all superb this week: Elon Musk on How to Innovate: 20 Quotes – What does this brilliant
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Get rid of ‘best practice’ before it gets rid of you!

Business is not about best practice. The notion of best practice that has become accepted without question as conventional ‘management wisdom’ needs to be, well…questioned. As Dan Pink states, management was invented for a purpose and as such is not
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Top 5 this week in The Future of Work (19 July 2015)

Here are the top 5 articles I have read in the last few days that shine a light on how the world around us – especially the world of work – is changing: Scientists are on the cusp of these
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The technology ratchet by Seth Godin

I start most of my presentations and workshops these days by stating that I believe we’re living at era-change moment in history, where all the forces of change are combining together to create a time in history when history itself

What it will take to develop futurefit leaders

Having the opportunity to participate in several international leadership development programmes, I am concerned with the standard approach to leadership development. Much of leadership formation is seen primarily as a progamme rather than a process. The ‘progamme mentality’ drives towards

Top 5 this week in The Future of Work (8 July 2015)

After a week’s break for a family holiday, I am back at work, and doing what I do: researching disruptive change and the future of work. Here are my top five reads from the past few days: McKinsey report: Unlocking

Disruptive Trends – ITER Energy

In this short video Graeme speaks about ITER Energy.  We are entering a world of cheap and abundant energy. This changes everything. This is Tomorrow’s World Today. 
TomorrowToday Global

Why we do what we do at TomorrowToday Global

It’s easy to say ‘what’ we do at Tomorrow Today – we do keynote presentations, we do Leadership Development and consulting work, we work with Business schools and clients from around the world developing leaders, we do some great work!

Striving to be a SuperHero?

The difficulty of today’s times is the work-life balance is no longer a balance- it’s a constant integration. We continuously find ourselves diagnosed with ‘superhuman’ syndrome. The over-committed, stretched in every direction, burnout syndrome we find ourselves in as we
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Presentation: The Future of Work / Tomorrow’s World Today, by Graeme Codrington

Last week, I spoke at KellyOCG’s ‘Future of Work’ Executive Forum in London. Kelly are one of my favourite clients: they do remarkable research into the future of work, and share it freely (check out their website and apps, as
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