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Tuesday’s Tips – Living For A Century

Many people you know including possibly yourself are going to live for a hundred years… Longevity (that’s how long we live) is increasing at a remarkable rate. At the moment, you are living a day and a half longer every

Dreams Make Possible the Impossible

We all have a dream to live, we all have a story to tell. Unfortunately, most do not go after their dreams. Henry Thoreau believed that too many people lead lives of quiet desperation and go to the grave with

They had to know: The most important three words in your organisation

‘Never Again’ is the inscription inscribed in five languages at the Dachau Concentration Camp memorial site a short distance outside Munich. A visit to such a place is not easy yet is entirely necessary. This is a place where man’s

Developing Future-Fit Organisations: Four essential DNA focus areas for developing high-performing people and healthy communities

As the world becomes increasingly complex, and people have to handle more and more stress and change, our team at TomorrowToday has been drawn back time and again to a remarkable framework for the development of high-performing people and healthy

Here is how you create the future

The 21st Century has the potential to be humankind’s greatest century. Indeed, innovations over the next four decades have the potential to dwarf the innovations of the past 200 years. But this version of the future will only become true
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The problem with small rules

Very often, in highly compliant environments with a juggle of ‘small rules,’ there is a serious risk of getting the ‘big stuff’, the important stuff, very wrong. Even companies with great processes are vulnerable if they don’t understand how the
language translator

Would you like to speak a foreign language, without ever having to learn it? You now can.

In our TIDES of Change presentation I suggest that digital and mobile technology is not the real revolution and that there is something even more powerful driving disruptive change. The real revolution – and it explains most of the ground-breaking
be more innovative

Tuesday Tips: Be more innovative

We are often asked how to be more innovative… Creativity is central to innovation and so we’ve created an acronym using the word creativity to help you think about the things you need to do in order to become a
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What is the Leading Resource in the World? Here’s a Clue: It is Not Money.

“What is the leading resource in the world? It is not money,” says Mike Milken founder of the Milken Institute, a global think tank, “the major asset in the world is the productivity of individuals.” So the billion-dollar question has to
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The Leader’s Most Important Task

One of the most important leadership responsibilities (and skills) is to be able to understand the broader context and interpret what this means for his or her business / industry. Leaders are leading in a time of acute global challenges:
be curious

Tuesday’s Tip: Be Curious

We are often asked what the most important skills that we need to be successful in the future. Our, perhaps unexpected, answer is “to be curious”. The willingness to think about the world, to ask questions, to explore… are all

Panama Papers now accessible online to anyone

According to the BBC News from 18:00 GMT yesterday the database for the Panama Papers became accessible at offshoreleaks.icij.org. Using this link you can now search by country or by name this massive dataleak, have fun! Last week Mossack Fonseca issued a “cease
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