O2’s Futurist Forecast update 2018

Early in 2017, I was engaged by O2, one of the UK’s top telecoms providers, to do some predictions for the industry. They approached me again last month to do an update for them. This follows an O2 “open door”

Your Culture: More Important Than Marketing

Creating a winning culture is a secret weapon that successful organisations utilize to gain a competitive advantage in the market. Creating a conducive environment for people to grow, bring the best of themselves and excel at what they do, results

Global Challenges become Business Opportunities

FastCompany today featured a superb article by one of their NY staff writers, Ben Schiller, looking at a report entitled The Global Opportunity Report by the United Nations, DNV GL and Sustainia (Scandinavian think tanks). This is all spot on

Leading Difference: Your Most Important Challenge of 2018

There is an inescapable and increasingly frenetic cacophony around the issue of diversity or ‘difference’. Issues around race, gender, age, sexuality, class and many other ‘categories’ dominate the news and media. The ‘issues’ are surfacing everywhere, from politics to the

New Cabinet positions every government will need by 2030

Dubai recently appointed a minister of AI – read about it here. Sweden became the first country in 2015 to appoint a Minister of the Future to their government – other countries, including New Zealand and South Korea, are seriously

Gatehouse Advisory’s Review of 2017

Our friends at Gatehouse Advisory Partners have released their annual review. They provide ongoing commentary on global political and economic issues, and selected their “best of” insights from 2017 for a review. It’s available as a free download at http://bit.ly/GAPadhoc.

VR Lab Technology can help train thousands of new scientists

The world needs more scientists, and we need to encourage young people around the world to study STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics) subjects. So, I was thrilled to stumble across an excerpt from a TEDx talk at CERN on a

Be prepared to lose your job in the future, if you don’t do these three things this year

As we start a new year, we know for sure that 2018 is going to be a rollercoaster year. You don’t need any special futurist skills to work that one out. The world is moving faster than ever before, changing

Podcasts for 2018 – for a smarter, more knowledgable and future-focused you

Our team is often asked to make recommendations of books, websites, blogs and podcasts for others to follow. These are good questions, which we’re always happy to answer, as we help people to access the resources that will help them

Futurism’s review of 2017: Seven reasons we’re already living in the future

One of the channels our team follows religiously is Futurism. And their review of technology breakthroughs we’ve seen in 2017 is stunning. Well worth a read, and also watch the videos they provide and follow the links. See their full

Moonshot Thinking According to Elon Musk

The power of moonshot thinking according to Elon Musk, explores the benefit of thinking big, using the power of business and embarking on quests to make a meaningful difference in the world. This short video reveals what it takes to

Claim your seat at our upcoming webinar – Tomorrow’s World Today

Access TomorrowToday’s most requested keynote presentation when Graeme Codrington hosts our upcoming webinar and uncovers the disruptive forces shaping the world today. Learn how to respond in order to face the future with confidence. This session looks at the future,
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