Some of you reading this would have had to pause longer than you would have liked just to make sense of the heading. Others, I suspect, didn’t even make it past the heading! But, understanding the why and what underpinning

On Racism: CEO’s it is time to get out from behind your desk and do something!

The dominant story in the UK, besides the fiasco around Brexit and the Conservative Party leadership, is that surrounding Manchester City and England footballer Raheem Sterling. Sterling’s abuse at the hands of some Chelsea fans and his subsequent pointing out

How to build Innovation into your DNA

Innovation doesn’t just happen. Sadly, there is no secret sauce or silver bullet. However, there are ten powerful traits you can develop and nurture to make innovation happen. Using the acronym CREATIVITY here are the traits you can focus on:

Tuesday Tip: Understanding the importance of stories

Albert Szent-Gyorgy, an American biochemist, observed: “Discovery consists in seeing what everybody has seen and thinking what nobody has thought”. Whilst some may find this rather natural – call them the ‘gifted few’, the good news is that the ability

The Courage Of Diversity And Inclusion For Winning Organisations

Many organizations pay lip service to Diversity and Inclusion but when it comes down to it they simply can’t bring themselves to deal with the inconvenience of it all or fear keeps them from starting. Dealing with the issue of

Six Things you need to know to be a Future-Fit Leader

Currently I am engaged in a series of workshops for chief executives from throughout the United Kingdom. These are business leaders of businesses from a variety of sectors and with annual turnovers ranging from £90m to £4m and with staff
Leadership - Keith Coats

Being a catalyst for other people’s success

The Problem: You are in a position of leadership, or are a member of a team, and find yourself wondering just how you can contribute to the success of those around you; how you can contribute to higher levels of

HR Future Magazine cover feature: What to do when the robots come for your job

Graeme Codrington was recently featured on the cover of South Africa’s HR Future Magazine, with an article about what to do when the robots come for your job. For more details on the research behind this article, see our framework

Examples of Life-Changing Technologies (from Singularity U)

The Singularity Hub recently published a compendium of examples of life-changing technologies. Most of them are not super high-tech inventions, but rather just clever uses of existing technologies to solve some very real problems. If you want to feel better

Graeme Codrington speaks: Disruption@Work for In Good Company

I recently was the opening speaker at the In Good Company conference in Pretoria, South Africa. They recorded the session, and it is available in full on YouTube: What do you think? I’d appreciate your comments and feedback.

Are you promoting your top talent to a level of incompetence?

“He is one of our top performers on the job, but no one wants to work with him. If something doesn’t change we will have to let him go – unfortunately as good as he is, he has to be

How our team approaches developing leaders for the 2020s

Here’s a 25-minute detailed overview of what our team can do as part of a Leadership Development Programme. It will give you a great idea of how our team approaches developing leaders for the 2020s by helping them to ‘Think
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