Tuesday Tip: Creating a reading culture

The Problem: My team aren’t reading…which means we might not be learning! “My team aren’t reading and I fear that will impact on our ability and need to learn” said a CEO to me recently. It is a legitimate concern when

Tuesday Tip: Getting ROI on Leadership Programmes

  The Problem: We send ‘our people’ on multiple leadership development programmes and the ‘higher’ up the organisation the more such programmes tend to focus on theoretical content and information. We then expect our people to ‘know what to do

Webinar replay – South Africa in the 2020s

Many have asked for the replay, and as much as we would love to make the webinar content free for all to access (we know what an important message it is), for those who joined us on the webinar you’ll

Engaging Employees

“Hi-Ho, Hi-Ho, it off to work we go” sung Grumpy. Engaging employees is rightly regarded as amongst the most important of leadership challenges. Global surveys by Korn Ferry and others show that having an engaged workforce correlates directly with profitability,

How The World’s Leading Companies Are Using Blockchain To Get Safer And More Accountable

Blockchain technology is helping companies like Walmart trace their entire supply chain effectively and accountably. As the world hurtles toward “the singularity”, the effects of globalization are taking their toll on a daily basis. Large corporates are hacking their way
Webinar - South Africa in the 2020s

Free webinar – South Africa in the 2020s

Are you feeling a little down about where South Africa is right now? Is the election season news cycle depressing you a bit? Have you still got a Zuma hangover? Do you want to understand the keys to unlocking South

Who’s in your Top Ten?

There is a great exercise I came across a while ago. It’s one you can do with your team or individually. It’s called the Trusted 10, and asks you to take a piece of paper and make 6 columns. You

Leadership by who blinks last

There’s a new style of leadership. It’s fascinating and frightening to watch. Depending on the outcome, which is currently at play in real time, the implications for the future of leadership will have dramatic implications. Contemporary leadership theory espouse collaboration,
Improving the quality of your conference

Enhancing your conference experience with valuable feedback

The Problem:Our company conference or any offsite get together follows a predictable pattern and often yields predictable outcomes and provides little value other than having (perhaps) ‘a good time’. Is there a way to ensure we introduce valuable input as
Thinking like a futurist

Thinking Like a Futurist: A future-focused toolkit 

The last two decades have been preparation for what we’re about to experience in the 2020s. We have now developed the key building blocks for deep change, including cellphones and digital communication networks, the Internet (and now the Internet of


Some of you reading this would have had to pause longer than you would have liked just to make sense of the heading. Others, I suspect, didn’t even make it past the heading! But, understanding the why and what underpinning

On Racism: CEO’s it is time to get out from behind your desk and do something!

The dominant story in the UK, besides the fiasco around Brexit and the Conservative Party leadership, is that surrounding Manchester City and England footballer Raheem Sterling. Sterling’s abuse at the hands of some Chelsea fans and his subsequent pointing out
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