Tuesday Tip: Eliminating ‘behind the back’ conversations that are killing your culture

The Problem: There is a culture within your team/organisation of gossip. Conversations are happening ‘offline’ and behind backs all of which is proving harmful – as it always is! You realise you need to check this behaviour and simply saying,

A Cautionary Message to the Elderly

Reading of a Somerset couple’s disastrous attempt to replicate the famous Dirty Dancing move (the one where Patrick Swayze lifts Jennifer Grey above his head as she leaps into his arms) ended up with them both in hospital, got me

How to learn new skills required for your success in the future of work

Watch the video below to discover the 5 key things you need to do in order to learn a new skill within 20 hours.                

Why competitive advantage has shifted and the three driving forces changing everything

Three shifts are re-orchestrating many of the important components of competitive advantage, they require every leader’s attention SHIFT 1: THE POWER of SOCIAL “Through this new technology, people are now empowered to express their grievances and to follow people they

The Goldilocks Principle: On Learning Leadership

Some years ago I asked a friend who was responsible for some of the most successful TV adverts in South Africa – she was the advertising agency’s account manager for a fast food brand – what made the adverts so

Are you ready to catch the next wave of innovation? (Part 2)

According to Bloomberg, a financial data and media company, by late 2015 global corporations held over $15 trillion in cash and cash equivalents – a staggering fourfold increase over the previous ten years. “The Cannibalised Company”, a special report by

Tuesday Tip: Three simple ways to get more from your business reading

 In the video, I share three key ways for you to get more out of your business reading. Audible – listen to your books if you can’t read, or battle to read. And listen to them speeded up to get

Habits & what’s on in the Future of Work Academy in July

There is no shortage of helpful information available these days to help you succeed in the future of work. The Economist and Harvard Business Review provide excellent content along with numerous other institutions and publications for anyone keen on sharpening

Are you ready to catch the next innovation wave? (Part 1)

Innovation can be viewed as a process involving a series of discrete break-through inventions followed by incremental improvements which eventually leverage the full potential of the initial invention. It goes like this: Entrepreneurial start-ups experiment with their energy, time and capital, they

Tuesday Tip: You will not retire like your parents and grandparents. Are you ready for change?

This post first appeared on the Refirement Network’s website. Be sure to visit the Refirement Network for more great articles. Lynda Smith is a partner of TomorrowToday – please feel free to contact us if you wish to book her for an

Six Values to Future Proof yourself From Robotic Replacement

Studies by Oxford University suggest robotics and automation will replace 47% of knowledge worker jobs over the next two decades. So if you are not planning on retiring in the next ten to twenty years, and let’s face it with

Geek out or freak out: the largest US voter data leak of all time exposed

This past week, it has come to light that the data analytics used by the Republican Party during last year’s Presidential campaign, were improperly stored in a cloud service, and the data has been exposed for an unknown period of
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