The D7: Digital Nations worth watching

What do Canada, Estonia, Israel, New Zealand, South Korea, Uruguay and the United Kingdom have in common? They form a group known as The D7, and argue that they’re the most advanced digital nations in the world. They exclude a

In the media: workforce tech, predictions, leadership and slow internet connections

In recent weeks, our team has been quoted in the media and contributed to some important future of work research. You’ll find these articles interesting: Technology trends for the year ahead – predictions by experts represented by Speaker Associates The

The next wave of gobbledygook speak is coming to a deep learning algorithm near you

One of my pet hates is movies and TV shows that attempt to incorporate high-tech by getting the actors to spout sentences littered with technology terms. “We need to find where the terrorists are by reverse-tracing their IP addresses through

Watching the people who watch the future

I am often asked to recommend resources for people who are wanting to keep an eye on the horizon and track future trends. Our team calls this “switching on the radar”. Here is a list of the blogs and people

Tuesday Tip: Managing Millennials

PROBLEM:  The youngest staff members in my team don’t seem to be proactive or committed to completing tasks – how can I get through to them and explain the importance of doing what I need them to do? DIAGNOSIS:  I

“Take a leaf from Mr Codrington” – Ramaphosa

South Africa’s president, Cyril Ramaphosa, quoted our colleague, Graeme Codrington, this week while answering questions in Parliament on land expropriation. Ramaphosa pointed to the words from a recent Facebook post where Graeme urges his fellow white South Africans to step

The Intelligence to Adapt: A lesson from the Peter Beardsley story

Ian Herbert writing in the Daily Mail said, “The old culture is obstinately hard to remove from coaches who lack the intelligence to adapt”. The context was the stories that had surfaced concerning former professional footballer Peter Beardsley who had

The value in thinking moonshots

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has” – Margaret Mead In a world of exponential change, we are all explorers. Those who are not, risk

Fortune Favors the Bold podcast interview with Graeme Codrington

I recently spent a fascinating hour chatting with an editor at Gimlet media about the future of work. They’ve edited this broad-ranging conversation into a sharp episode for Mastercard’s “Fortune Favors the Bold” podcast. You can hear the episode here,

Finding the words that shape your leadership practice -The critical importance of a leadership philosophy

“…they are just words, a Victorian poem but, they helped me to stand when all I wanted to do was lie down.” These were reportedly the words spoken by the newly elected President of South Africa Nelson Mandela to Springbok

O2’s Futurist Forecast update 2018

Early in 2017, I was engaged by O2, one of the UK’s top telecoms providers, to do some predictions for the industry. They approached me again last month to do an update for them. This follows an O2 “open door”

Your Culture: More Important Than Marketing

Creating a winning culture is a secret weapon that successful organisations utilize to gain a competitive advantage in the market. Creating a conducive environment for people to grow, bring the best of themselves and excel at what they do, results
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