They fired their best coach ever… And this letter is how he responded

I am a sports fanatic. I just love watching and following sport, enjoying both the competition and the many stories and lessons that flow from the world of sports. Tim Elmore, an expert on the Millennial generation and growing young

Tuesday Tip: Letting Go – sometimes the hardest thing to do!

There comes a time when letting go is necessary. The problem is that all too often ‘letting go’ is seen as capitulation, as giving-up and the lesser of the options available. We are usually encouraged to ‘hang in there’ and

What’s new in the Future of Work Academy for May

Below is a copy of the most recent email we sent out to our Academy members letting them know what we’ve added to the Future of Work Academy in May. The Academy is a great resource for anyone wanting to

The importance of screwing-up and the critical lesson of the inflatable fort

Cartoonist Gary Larson’s genius is to reveal life from unusual perspectives. His work turns everyday situations inside out and in doing so, gifts us with both a smile and an insight all at the same time. One of my favourite

Overcoming disruption: What having cancer has taught me about disruptive forces

No one wants to hear they have cancer. As disruptive forces go, it has the power to change everything. But equally and as with any disruptive force, be it in the world of work or your personal life, there are

Who would want a pony when you can have the whole universe?

– Something that smart leaders (and parents) have in common! – The first time I was asked the question was when my daughter (Tamryn) was about to turn five. It was a question that then cropped up every year with

Bitcoin: The beginning of the Digital Bronze Age

Since the dawn of time human society has been through several stages of development and evolution. The earliest stage was the stone age. In this age we had very basic tools and implements that relied on our ability to use

GDPR is an opportunity, not a threat

At the end of this month (May 2018), the European Union implements the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation). It requires companies and organisations to be much clearer and more transparent with people about what personal data they store and how

Business books and ideas that need to burn

The idea of burning books is horrific to us. So, I am not really advocating that. We learn not by destroying the lessons of the past, but by a process of antithesis and synthesis. We take what we once took

Tuesday Tip: Creating a Culture That Retains Diverse Talent

On his last Tuesday Tip, Buhle spoke about one of the common challenges for organisations when it comes to retaining diverse talent. He said the reason that attraction and recruitment schemes don’t lead to retention of diverse talent is two-fold:

The D7: Digital Nations worth watching

What do Canada, Estonia, Israel, New Zealand, South Korea, Uruguay and the United Kingdom have in common? They form a group known as The D7, and argue that they’re the most advanced digital nations in the world. They exclude a

In the media: workforce tech, predictions, leadership and slow internet connections

In recent weeks, our team has been quoted in the media and contributed to some important future of work research. You’ll find these articles interesting: Technology trends for the year ahead – predictions by experts represented by Speaker Associates The
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