Gender and Success: Not the level playing field one might assume!

In Sheryl Sandberg’s excellent book, Lean In – Women, Work, And The Will To Lead, she writes of an experiment done in 2003 by Columbia Business School professor, Frank Flynn and New York University professor Cameron Anderson. Their experiment was
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Listed in the Futurist Influence Rankings

Ross Dawson, one of the world’s leading futurist, curates a list of the world’s top futurists, rated by their online influence. The measurement is fairly crude, based on Twitter followers, Alexa and Klout rankings, and is intended to simply measure

Seeing the Future – and it’s VR

VR – Virtual Reality will be the next generation’s Facebook. Just as 3-D printers are now starting to be serious disruptors, having moved from the ‘sci-fi’ edge, so too will that be the trajectory of VR. With the launch of

Reverse Mentoring

One of the ways TomorrowToday has helped senior leaders to make a real connect with the young people in their teams is to suggest a concept of reverse mentoring. ‘Reverse mentoring’ is simple – you ask young people in your team
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What if, you create a culture where people believe they can make a difference? You could change the world.

What if, through the power of quest – Knowing your destination; inspired by the possibility of achieving the impossible; and, in doing so delivering meaningful benefits; we could empower people everywhere to have the courage and conviction to do their
Future of Sex

The Future of Sex

The Internet of Things is the new industrial revolution. It’s part of an era-shift taking place in history, driven by extraordinary computing power, unprecedented access to information, and a social web that connects us not only to each other, but
Learning Online

How to study at MIT, Harvard, or Stanford for free

One of the macro trends in today’s world is that people are living longer. This has a number of implications in a variety of areas, including our careers. When we lived into our 70’s or 80’s we ended up working


“If you find what you do each day seems to have no link to any higher purpose, you probably want to rethink what you’re doing.” says Ronald Heifetz, the Founding Director of the Center for Public Leadership at the Harvard Kennedy School
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In Conversation with Graeme Codrington: Mind the generation gap

Recently, Graeme Codrington worked with Investec bank in South Africa to run a series of workshops for their private clients. The theme was about banking in the digital world, and Graeme’s contribution was to help people to understand the generation
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“Nigger Lover”: Badge of Honour

Today’s viewpoint offers perspective on yesterday’s form. It doesn’t usually make for comfortable viewing. Looking back reveals past prejudices, biases and ‘truths’ that in the light of today, are revealed for what they are… wrongs, lies or for some, sin.

H&M – What were you thinking?

H&M, the Swedish fashion retailer, have certainly made an inauspicious entry into the South African market. In fact it is hard to imagine how they could have messed things up more than they have in making their splash! Firstly they
Rethink the gap year

Re-thinking ‘Gap Years’ & the Quarter-life crisis

Gap years are traditionally those brief periods of parental indulgence when we allow post-school adolescents to take a breather before we expect them to enter young-adulthood. With working life now lasting so much longer gap years are going to start
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