Humans are a species of moonshooters

The Apollo Programme, the actual moonshots was wonderful, inspirational and poetic. It involved great technical challenges, genuine heroism and, it brought the world together. But think about the Polynesian islander in a dug-out canoe who said let’s go that way!

Leadership by who blinks last

There’s a new style of leadership. It’s fascinating and frightening to watch. Depending on the outcome, which is currently at play in real time, the implications for the future of leadership will have dramatic implications. Contemporary leadership theory espouse collaboration,

How to build Innovation into your DNA

Innovation doesn’t just happen. Sadly, there is no secret sauce or silver bullet. However, there are ten powerful traits you can develop and nurture to make innovation happen. Using the acronym CREATIVITY here are the traits you can focus on:
Unlearning to ride a bicycle

Keith Coats – Unlearning Diaries part 2

Update 2 from Keith Coats unlearning (and then relearning) how to ride a bicycle. You can also follow these updates over at the TomorrowToday Facebook page… (You can also watch part 1 here.)

Building, retaining and extending talent for South Africa

I have had an unusual career, working for many years in early childhood education space in South Africa. At the age of 50 I changed direction and started looking at the current retiring generation in South Africa and what impact

Tuesday Tip: Moonshot thinking

Moonshot thinking drives Google’s innovation, is it driving your success too? Contact us and be at the forefront of business thinking.

Overcoming disruption: What having cancer has taught me about disruptive forces

No one wants to hear they have cancer. As disruptive forces go, it has the power to change everything. But equally and as with any disruptive force, be it in the world of work or your personal life, there are

Moonshot Thinking According to Elon Musk

The power of moonshot thinking according to Elon Musk, explores the benefit of thinking big, using the power of business and embarking on quests to make a meaningful difference in the world. This short video reveals what it takes to

The 80 billion dollar reason for joining a remarkable movement powering business as a force for good

Join now and make a meaningful difference Here are some headlines from this story – $5 billion in illegal payments – 80 Brazillian politicians under investigation including current and former presidents – 16 countries on 4 continents caught up –

Bill Gates says the world is getting better not worse. Should you believe him?

“I woke up this morning,”  writes Bill Gate “and, like most days, I read the news. It’s grim. Hurricanes in the Americas have killed dozens of people and displaced far more. Mexico is recovering from its most powerful earthquake in a

Does your killer business idea lurk amongst the stuff that sucks!?

  The story of a company that grew from zero to $200 million in three years. As markets go, it would be difficult to identify an industry much more mundane and uninspiring than mattresses.  It is dominated by two companies Tempur-Sealy

7 Great steps and 7 Great achievements that arose from a wondering mind

After months of intense mathematical exercises, Albert Einstein decided to give himself a break from the work one night and let his imagination wander about the concepts of space and time, say Guenther Knoblich and Michael Oellinger in The Eureka

Every person should read: Capitalism the Apple Way vs. Capitalism the Google Way

Whichever company’s vision wins out will shape the future of the economy Precursor to what is an absolutely essential read for the future The dilemma for the C-Suite at the helm as they look towards a rapidly changing future is

Why competitive advantage has shifted and the three driving forces changing everything

Three shifts are re-orchestrating many of the important components of competitive advantage, they require every leader’s attention SHIFT 1: THE POWER of SOCIAL “Through this new technology, people are now empowered to express their grievances and to follow people they

Are you ready to catch the next wave of innovation? (Part 2)

According to Bloomberg, a financial data and media company, by late 2015 global corporations held over $15 trillion in cash and cash equivalents – a staggering fourfold increase over the previous ten years. “The Cannibalised Company”, a special report by

Are you ready to catch the next innovation wave? (Part 1)

Innovation can be viewed as a process involving a series of discrete break-through inventions followed by incremental improvements which eventually leverage the full potential of the initial invention. It goes like this: Entrepreneurial start-ups experiment with their energy, time and capital, they

Got an great business idea, pitch it in sub-zero water

I’m working in Finland this week for a leading business school and their client a food and wellness company, and came across Polar Bear Pitching, Finland’s take on the BBC’s Dragon’s Den. Imagine standing on a thick ice pack, you

Barack Obama: Quester Leader of the Week

“While Mr. Trump has left Europeans despairing about the trans-Atlantic relationship, lectures his fellow leaders about paying more for NATO and ignores their pleas not to pull out of the Paris climate accord, Mr. Obama appears on panels with allies

The Importance of Perspective in Leadership

“Perspective is what enables each of us to transform the sum of our days into an epic journey. And it’s what improves our chances of together making the twenty-first century humanity’s best.” says Ian Goldin, ex-professor of global development at

We used to think big. Here’s why we need to again

We used to think big and have grand visions. It wasn’t that long ago that high-risk, big dream projects were the norm. In the 60’s and 70’s the Apollo programme brought humanity together and Project Mohole, an ambitious attempt to

We live in a remarkable century, but there is a problem

This century should be rather remarkable. We have the potential to end disease and poverty. We might decode ageing and live forever-young. Through the ever-growing power of genetic technology and bioengineering we could revive extinct species like the woolly mammoth.

Why there is nothing wrong with Trump quitting the Paris Climate Agreement, in fact we should welcome it

“Announcing his decision from the White House Rose Garden, Mr Trump said the Paris accord was an example of an international deal that hurt the US economy, and that he was fulfilling his “America First” campaign pledge to help American

Teenager dies as Audi and VW Group continually fall woefully short of Achieving Remarkable Things

George Cheese, 18, was “over the moon” when he got the position as an apprentice at an Audi car dealership in Reading, UK, but soon started coming home covered in bruises and had multiple holes burned into his clothes, says The

Achieve Remarkable Things – A thought-provoking paper by TomorrowToday Global

This century should be rather remarkable but it will not just happen, you have to create it. Ancient Greeks had two concepts of time, chronos and kairos. The former referring to the sequential progress of time; and, the latter, opportune

The Quest for a Great Computer in a Book

Every blog needs a story about Apple and here is one of ours, but it is not your average account. This is a story of a very young man, presenting his crazy idea at the 1983 International Design Conference in Aspen,

Creating a billion new farmers using a robot in a box.

An apple a day keeps the doctor away. Not these old geezers. How the quest to create a billion farmers will disrupt and revolutionise how we think about and grow our food. Do you know how old the average apple

Tuesday Tip: Ordering your pizza via fax machine

  About 25 years ago a young grad student at Stanford University was hungry. He wanted a pizza as he pulled an all-nighter.  The internet was new and exciting in 1993 and he said: “oh, the web is great and

Now is the time to achieving remarkable things, again

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has,” said Margaret Mead a cultural anthropologist. TomorrowToday recently launched the Achieve Remarkable Things  series of presentations and

Achieving Remarkable Things: The ART of feeding 10 billion people by 2050

PHOTOGRAPH BY GEORGE STEINMETZ This post is part of our Achieving Remarkable Things series profiling inspirational thought-leaders, disruptors, innovators, tinkerers and hackers who are on quests to make the world a better place. Quests begin with a simple question: What