Great ideas to try: A four day week

An article in Fast Company caught my eye recently: “The four-day work week is good for business“, by Adele Peters. Simple version: A New Zealand company experimented with a four day week. It went really well. That makes sense to

Tuesday Tip: Managing Millennials

PROBLEM:  The youngest staff members in my team don’t seem to be proactive or committed to completing tasks – how can I get through to them and explain the importance of doing what I need them to do? DIAGNOSIS:  I

Back to school, but for what? Get an education, not a certificate.

Today, many young people in my home country, South Africa, and across the southern hemisphere, are back to school and have started a new year. This can be an emotive day for parents and young people alike, especially for those

VIDEO: Generation X reflects on the Millennials

One of my favourite commencements speeches of this past year was presented at Grinnell College by British novelist, Zadie Smith. She reflects on what she, as a Gen Xer, was thinking and planning when she graduated College back in 1997.

Millennials: Motivated by meaningfulness and Impact

In my book Quest: Competitive advantage and the Art of Leadership in the 21st Century, chapter 2 tells the story of the millennial generation being a generation of questers on steroids. This generation is driven by having a positive social

What is the fuss about Artificial Intelligence? And what does it mean for me – TODAY?

The technology and business media have published a number of articles dealing with Artificial Intelligence (AI) over the past several months. But, what does it all mean? It sounds like another one of those science fiction things that people with

A $1,000 to Do (Almost) Whatever You Want

“Last month, one of my employees invoiced the company $300, plus tax, for French lessons. Another one billed us for a $190 real estate course. And then there was the surprise bill for $82 worth of pottery making classes. I

The emergence of Gen Z and why they might be the most important generation ever

You may think you are just beginning to get a handle on Gen Y or the Millennials, but in this fast paced world it’s time to start getting ready for Gen Z. Cohorts from the world’s youngest generation are entering their

Generation Y and the Quarter-Life Crisis

In this short video, Ray gives an overview of what we mean by the Quarter-Life Crisis… Not the mid-life crisis, but not very different from it either!   If you’re looking for a more in depth overview of Gen Y

Is Leila Janah the most inspirational and exciting leader in the world?

When Leila Janah was very young she wanted to be an ocean explorer. Her hero was Jacques Cousteau and the exploits of the famed French undersea explorer on board The Calypso captivated her. Fascinated by the ocean and the creatures who lived

Tomorrow’s Jobs Today: Coming, Ready, or Not!!

In 15 years, when today’s children enter the workforce they will be applying for, and accepting, jobs that don’t exist today. Fortune magazine and The Futurist magazine have put out articles highlighting this reality. 11 Really Cool Jobs That Don’t

Technology shouldn’t scare you – just use your experts

[Transcript] One of the biggest things that often hold companies back from embracing new technology, social media and developing apps is that the senior leaders are not very confident on these platforms. At one level that is understandable, but maybe

The challenge for Boomers who lead the younger Gen X and Gen Y generations.

Boomers have been very successful, but the problem now is a new workforce starts to emerge into the workplace and the rules and regulations and the methodologies that have been so successful in the past are not working as well

A Framework for Building Competitive Advantage

“So overwhelming was the response to my appeal that it seemed as though all the men of Great Britain were determined to accompany me,” said adventurer and explorer Ernest Shackleton following the placement of his newspaper advert: “Men wanted for

Reflections on Deloitte 2016 Global Millennial Survey

Since 2013 Deloitte has conducted an annual global survey looking at the status of Millennials in the workplace. These surveys can be viewed and downloaded: 2013 Global Millennial Survey 2014 Global Millennial Survey 2015 Global Millennial Survey The survey for

Digital Natives and Rules

[Transcript] Some older generations often complain that the digital natives don’t follow the rules. There  is a viral video doing the rounds on the Internet of an exam invigilator who has called time on the exam. A young man walks up too late

QUOTED: Move over, baby boomers and millennials – ‘founders’ will be shaping the future

In the UK’s Independent newspaper, TomorrowToday’s CEO, Graeme Codrington, contributed to an excellent article on the next generation of young people growing up right now, and how they’ll be defined by – and will in turn, define – the world

Talent Retention for the Millennial Generation

Talent retention is a frequent conversation with many of our clients asking ‘How do we keep our young people staying in our business so that we can get the most financial benefit out of their presence?’ That’s the wrong question! You

In Conversation with Graeme Codrington: Mind the generation gap

Recently, Graeme Codrington worked with Investec bank in South Africa to run a series of workshops for their private clients. The theme was about banking in the digital world, and Graeme’s contribution was to help people to understand the generation

Re-thinking ‘Gap Years’ & the Quarter-life crisis

Gap years are traditionally those brief periods of parental indulgence when we allow post-school adolescents to take a breather before we expect them to enter young-adulthood. With working life now lasting so much longer gap years are going to start

Managing your children’s Internet access

  One of the most common questions after I talk on technology is by parents asking “should I allow my children access to the internet and give them devices to connect with?” First of all  – yes, absolutely! This is the

How to get along with your Boomer boss!

One of the undoubted privileges that we have in TomorrowToday Global is to be invited to participate or to speak at numerous talent programs. These are programs that are filled with young people entering the workplace – highly qualified, very

A Thoughtful Response to – Would you use Performance Enhancing Chemicals at Work

A recent article I wrote on performance enhancing drugs in the workplace received great interaction once it was published online. Andrew sent a personal message to me and it was so inline with the engagement that I was hoping for

Millennials Rising : The Next Age of Talent Development

For the last 8 to 10 years Talent Development has slipped to a secondary focus in the human capital psyche of organisations. Today, however, the development requirements of a new generation of talent is causing it to once again rise

Would you use performance enhancing drugs at work?

Cognitive enhancing chemical technology in the new world of work. When Lance Armstrong was bust for using performance enhancing drugs through most of his career one of his defences was that it was part of the racing culture of the

Top 5 in the Future of Work (29 Aug 2015)

My top five best reads on issues related to the future of work this past week: Inclusive Leadership The Answer To Diversity In The Workplace, by one of our ex-associates, Buhle Dlamini Inc magazine: 3 Reasons Millennials Are Getting Fired

Top 5 in the Future of Work (7 Aug 2015)

My five best readings on the topic of the future of work from the past few days are: Spotting the difference between a Baby Boomer and Generation Z – and why it matters for marketers One of my favourite management

5 names given to youth under-35 and what they mean.

The upper threshold of when we no longer consider an individual a “youth” is 35. As Generational theory has been accepted and gained understanding we have seen several labels rise that cover this group, and the cohort under them. For

Top 5 Reads: The Future World of Work (12 June 2015)

My top 5 reads on the future world of work this past week have been the following: A bit of self promotion first: Our new book was launched this past week, “Leading in a Changing World”. You can get the

The fruitless search for extraordinary people willing to take ordinary jobs – by Seth Godin

Seth Godin is one of very few unmissable daily reads for me. His blog is great. And today he absolutely nailed it. The fruitless search for extraordinary people willing to take ordinary jobs When I write about linchpins and people

The Freelance Economy is growing

Mary Meeker is sometimes called the “Internet Whisperer”. She and her team do research into the ways in which we’re using the Net, and their annual research reports are packed full of information and insights. You can see her 196

Effective Influence and Connection

Clients regularly ask for tips and tricks on how they can connect with, and influence, Digital Natives. The foundation of this need is that they see a demographic group who see the world so differently to them that they don’t

Top 5 Reads this week on The Future of Work (22 May 2015)

Here are the top 5 articles I read this past week on the forces shaping our world right now, and how we should respond to them: The four global forces breaking all the trends – McKinsey on: The world economy’s

The New Lemonade Stand – how to help your kids make piles of money (and what it means for your business and future)

For the last few months, I have spent many hours every week researching and writing a new book about the future of work and leadership (see advance information, including free download of chapter 1, here). In that time, I’ve seen

Top 5 Reads this week on The Future of Work (15 May 2015)

Every week, I list my top five reads of the previous few days, all focused on understanding the way our world is changing and how this will affect our lives. Enjoy this week’s list: Unless You Are Spock, Irrelevant Things

4 Factors to consider about CV’s when hiring Digital Natives

Historically a CV, or resumé, has been a useful tool to understand and to assess the ability of a candidate for a role. Increasingly, however, with Digital Natives this may not be as useful a tool. In the past there

VUCA – four organizational culture touch points for Digital Natives

  Digital Natives have grown up in a world that has been called the VUCA world. This is an acronym that covers four areas outlined below. V equals volatile U equals uncertain C equals complex A equals ambiguous There is

Five reasons why the Gen X – Gen Y divide is the next talent management bridge.

Generation Y are not just younger versions of Generation X. Generation X look at Generation Y and see themselves. Gen X don’t see themselves as old, so when they look at younger men and women they resonate with much of

Learning life through the games we play

My son recently asked me about some shares that we have bought as an investment for him and his sister. He asked me why we had bought shares and not just put the money in a bank account. I explained

Tiny habits to integrate a new generation into the workplace

BJ Fogg has developed a behavior change model that is a useful point of reference to help organizations make the changes required to be effective employers of choice for generation Y and generation Z. The equation B= MAT summarizes the

[Video] Digital natives of 1989 entering the world of work

Technology is obviously a huge driver of change in our world. In addition to the raw computing power it is also the people that need to be factored in. A group of people called the ‘Digital Natives’ are now entering

Digital native graduates – managing the next generation

How are you managing your new graduates? It is very easy to fall into the trap of doing things the same way –  doing what has always been done. The reality of today’s modern digital native graduates however, is that

Disrupting the world of everything

“These devices are only going to get smaller and more powerful” say Om Malik of Fast Company. You can buy a Raspberry Pi with a 700MHz processor and 256 MB of memory for about $25. In 2001, a Mac with

[Video] A generation with different attitudes, expectations and values

Today’s young people are not just younger versions of us! Generational Theory tries to explain why this is true by going back to when our value systems were formed in us (first 12 – 15 years of your life), and

Because I’m awesome: A Gen Y perspective

Sitting at my regular coffee shop recently (some enviously refer to it as ‘my office’) I overheard the manager interviewing a young man (he must have been around 18) who was obviously looking for a job. After the usual back-and-forth

Say “Whazzup” to Gen Z: Digital Natives 2.0

The digital natives are made up of two broad groups, Generation Y who are largely under-30, and Generation Z who are under-16. Much has been written about Gen Y digital natives. This article is a preemptive move to describe Gen

Valedictory Speech 2014 for 13 year olds

I was asked to give a short speech at my daughter’s valedictory Leaver’s Dinner at the end of her Junior School year. Here is an edited version of what I said (I sprinkled this with some personal stories, humour and

Digital Natives – The back-story

The development of Digital Natives as a concept can trace its roots through the history of computers. Through the 70’s and 80’s computers went from being the size of your house to something you could have in a room in

Microsoft targets Gen Z

Microsoft has acquired Mojang the maker of Minecraft for $2.5bn [see AFP article below]. Minecraft is a game with very simplistic graphic and game play but it has managed to garner a player base numbering in the millions spread across

Digital Natives @ Play – where online and offline merge

I was recently doing some end of winter gardening. My Digital Native children aged 11 and 7 ½ were outside helping. They were soon bored and began to play instead. Soon the game was a good old-fashioned Army game of

Millennials in the Workplace: an article on 60 Minutes

This 3 minute intro to a full 60 minute programme does a great job of identifying, and connecting with, some of the challenges that the Millennial generation bring into the workplace. They ARE different, and we will have to shift traditional

Understanding the Gen Y Quarter-life Crisis and what all of it means for you

Quarter life is a stage that runs through a person’s twenties, and possibly into the very early thirties. Some academic writers have aligned it with Erik Erikson’s Intimacy vs Isolation stage in human development theory. Intimacy vs. isolation – This

Boomer purchases and Gen Y coolness – Get Boomers to spend by impressing their kids

I was recently in a conversation with a dealer principle in a motor dealership.  He recounted how many of his sales people have a two stage process to the purchase of a car by a Baby Boomer. The Boomer comes

Cyber Bullying: Are you ready for this?

Parents, do you know what 420, TDTM and GNOC mean in cyber speak? Whether you do or don’t, there’s a good chance your child does – 420 means marijuana, TDTM means Talk Dirty to Me, and GNOC means Get Naked

Idealising the past: Being unsocial

A few weeks ago the following picture was doing the rounds on Twitter and Facebook, under the heading: “modern technology makes us more unsocial”: There’s an excellent point to be made in this photo, and in the similar I found

Tomorrow’s Leaders and what to do about it today!

In TomorrowToday we talk a great deal about the generations. Generational Theory is a framework we have shared in some 44 countries and I don’t think there can be any consultancy that can claim that kind of global footprint when

Why graduates remain unemployed (and what to do about it)

Yesterday, I presented our team’s most requested presentation, “The TIDES of Change” to a group of top business leaders in Sandton. During the Q&A, someone asked a simple but profound question: “What makes you most nervous?” When thinking of the

The Most Profound Tool For Growing Your Human Capital

Most businesses, organizations and institutions today recognize that necessity and benefit of harnessing their human capital. Due to the fact that the world has changed so much and because we are in a constant state of change, managers have to

Limited social media at work is a deal breaker for younger generations

The biggest issue that HR is facing today is IT policies. In most companies, IT does not see itself as a service to the HR function, and don’t recognise how much their policies affect the morale of the staff –

The Power Of Our Youth

Having just commemorated Youth Day last Sunday (16th June) I thought it would be pertinent to have a look at how we can celebrate South Africa’s youth. After all, this year marked the 37th anniversary of when young South African’s

Generation Jobless: A warning to us all

The April 27th Economist ran a cover story about the ‘generation jobless’ – the global rise of youth unemployment. It is a serious concern for a number of reasons and one that could have long-lasting implications for both the global

Podcast: The Customer Experience Show – Secrets of Successful Multi-Generational Work Cultures

Dean and myself were interviewed by Michelle Romanica on the Customer Experience Show on Blogtalk Radio. It was a great show, with some fascinating insights into multi-generational workplaces. The blurb of the show says: In their work, Graeme Codrington and

Let’s Change Our Perspective

Andy Braner, who is the CEO of KIVU, recently wrote a really insightful blog post entitled ‘Tweet, Text or Talk’, which I really enjoyed. He is talking about the effect social media is having on Generation Y in particular (but

Let's Change Our Perspective

Andy Braner, who is the CEO of KIVU, recently wrote a really insightful blog post entitled ‘Tweet, Text or Talk’, which I really enjoyed. He is talking about the effect social media is having on Generation Y in particular (but

The Kids Aren’t Playing Around Anymore

For a few years now, our researchers at TomorrowToday have been predicting what Generation Y might do when they grow up. This generation was first dubbed “The Millennials” by Neil Howe and William Strauss (see this book, for example), and

The Kids Aren't Playing Around Anymore

For a few years now, our researchers at TomorrowToday have been predicting what Generation Y might do when they grow up. This generation was first dubbed “The Millennials” by Neil Howe and William Strauss (see this book, for example), and

Video: Digital natives of 1989 entering the world of work

One of the biggest causes of disruptive change in the world right now is the combination of a radical increase in computing power and the arrival of the digital natives in the workplace.   This video of Graeme Codrington was

Do You Know the Enneagram?

If you do, then read on. If you don’t, read on too, for you will learn something about this ancient and profoundly accurate tool for understanding and engaging with the different ways in which people think, feel and intuitively ‘know’.

‘Mind the Gap’ and all our other books are now available in Kindle

Graeme Codrington’s award winning and best selling book, “Mind the Gap” has just been released in electronic format and is now available in Kindle and other e-pub formats. Graeme’s publisher, Penguin, has finally completed a worldwide deal with Amazon to

Do You Know What Your Child Learns at School and If Not, Should You?

For most parents, when they ask their child how their day at school was, they are met with a grunt; and if they are lucky, a mumbled ‘OK’. Perhaps this is less true for primary school pupils, but it is

How My iPhone Can Help You?

I have the iPhone 4S and I recently installed the software upgrade iOS6. So this is some of what my phone can now do: Make phone calls Send SMS’s (which I can choose to write or dictate with a microphone)

Be mindful not to pigeonhole Millennials

Whether you are marketing to Millennials, teaching them, managing, mentoring or working for one, be mindful that you do not make assumptions about them. They are a very interesting generation, full of contradiction and unexpected (often pleasant) surprises. On one

Do you get Why? How millenial are you?

Here is a short check list: How much television do you watch? How often do you play video games? Do you wear a watch? Do you have a landline in your house (or just a cell phone)? Do you speak

A Generation in Transit, Generation Why?

A lot of attention is paid to a new kind of workplace. At TomorrowToday we often talk about a changing workplace and a changing workforce from various different angles, be it in leadership, new management styles, mentorship programmes or even

When you strike Generation Y, you strike a rock

On the 9th August 1956 South African women marched to the Union Buildings in Pretoria in order to protest against the Pass Laws (legislation that required Black African people to carry an identity book which gave them permission to live

How To Think Like Generation Why

Why would you want to learn to think like a Millennial? Perhaps because you don’t understand your children? Perhaps because you are a teacher and you have no idea to connect with them, discipline them, or inspire them to want

What do Generation Y want from their workspace?

Generation Y are unlikely ever to retire. They probably won’t be able to afford to, but also they probably won’t want to. As a generation they will enjoy work because they will work at things they enjoy. It is unlikely

The future isn’t what it used to be: Neither at work nor it seems, at home!

In the July-August issue of The Futurist ( there was an interesting article on the shift from ‘smart houses’ to ‘networked houses’. Authors Chris Carbone and Kristin Nauth describe how tomorrow’s integrated, networked and aware home systems will forever change

Introducing TomorrowToday’s New Presentation: Generation Y, Why, Whatever

We all know a 20-year old who crosses what we are think are inappropriate boundaries and who expects to be treated in the same way as the boss despite having only been in the company six months. Someone who comes

Africa’s Future: A glimpse of hope

Colourful, vibrant and alive with possibility. This was the WITS University graduation ceremony that I recently attended. There were responses both formal and informal that could best be described as, ‘only in Africa’. There was joy, celebration, humour and a

Who are Generation Y really?

Clients often ask me who Generation Y are. I am not always sure how to interpret this question. Do they mean how old are they now, or what makes them tick? I shall attempt to answer both questions. Generation Y

How Important Are First Impressions?

We are all taught that first impressions are important; and that is because they are! When I train on this subject I talk about creating first and lasting impressions that differentiate you, because in a world where there is so

The Communication Revolution

In the 21st century I think we are all acutely aware of the significance of communication. It is all around us, in so many forms: face to face (both verbal and non-verbal or our body language), written, in various forms

Switching off the sun: Preparing for the next generation in the workplace

Hannah (the daughter of a colleague) was strapped in her car seat as her parents headed off for a weekend away. Hannah is a bright, engaging two-year-old and no doubt had thought plenty of thoughts from this particular vantage point,

Generation Why And All Their Potential

Every generation thinks that the one that comes after them are somehow going to ruin the planet, the business or the ‘system’ by causing chaos, disrupting the way things ‘have always been done’ and generally making everybody ‘who knows what’s

Teaching Generation Why?

At the start of a new academic year in South Africa, I thought it would be a good idea to give teachers some things to think about for teaching Generation Why successfully. However, many of the observations can be applied

Social Reinvention at South Africa’s Web 2.0 Conference

Mike Saunders will be presenting Social Reinvention at the  Web 2.0 conference in March 2012. Date:    6 – 8 March 2012 Venue: Emperors Palace, Kempton Park, Johannesburg Get 10% off the conference by quoting this promotional code “tomorrowweb2.0” The past, present

Living Up To Expectations: Understanding Generational Expectations in the Workplace

Not only are expectations subject to personal nuances, they can be further understood by looking at broad generational values that underpin behaviour. Generational Theory as originally promoted by Howe and Strauss, two Yale and Harvard trained political economists, suggests that

Rethinking the Future of Education Workshops

Over the years TomorrowToday has had the opportunity – the privilege, to be involved in educating educators.  This has been both in South Africa as well as internationally.  For the past three years TomorrowToday, in partnership with Varsity College and

Talent is About to Change – Surprising thoughts on a new world of work for talent

This post was first published in the WITS Journal, June 2011. The “Great Recession” of the past few years has been more than merely an economic downturn. As this decade unfolds it will become increasingly clear that it also acted

The irrefutable ‘Law of Gifts’ & The Cost of Procrastination

The older they are the more expensive they become. It is an irrefutable law of parenting. I remember the days when I could arrive home after a business trip and any small, inconsequential thing would appease the kids and serve

Better events – for Generation Y

I spend two or three days a week at conferences and formal, large group meetings. And it’s ever more obvious that this part of our business lives is out of date. Most of this is because events and conferences are

How the World Has Changed…

I am sitting in Hackney, London, writing this Blog, two days before it shall be published. Why, because on Friday when you read this I shall be on an airplane flying somewhere between Dublin, Amsterdam or Johannesburg (yup that’s my

Why Emotional Intelligence (EI) is an imperative for giving and receiving feedback in the New World Of Work.

“Criticism is something you can easily avoid by saying nothing, doing nothing, and being nothing.” ~Aristotle Unfortunately none of us can afford to say nothing, do nothing; and be nothing, which is why we need to learn to manage our

Generations in Brazil

Over the past six years, since I published “Mind the Gap”, the best selling book about different generations (buy it at, or Kalahari), my team and I have been able to speak on the topic all around the

Where are the jobs you promised: Universities sued by Gen Y graduates

This is a story I should not have enjoyed. I have many friends and family in higher education, and many colleagues whom I respect and admire, including two who have founded colleges. I know it’s a tough gig, and generally

Generation Y and the Performance Review

Meet Kyle Lagunas – He is the HR Analyst at Software Advice, and blogs about trends and technology in the exciting world of human resources. I’m introducing you to him because he wrote this post and sent it to me to

Why People Over 45 Need Mentoring

In a world that has seriously changed and is continuing to change at an exponential rate, lots of ‘unthinkables’ become normal everyday. One of the biggest shifts in social behaviour over the last 30 to 50 years has been this

How Generation Y copes with death

No parent should outlive their child. And, yet, tragically this happens so often. Just last week, some old family friends’ young, 20-something son, was knocked over and killed by a car in a hit and run accident. The death of

Spam your Mom

I know that giving advice should mostly only been given when asked for (I’m a new mom, never has this statement been more true in my life!), and I also know that us Generation X’ers aren’t necessarily the most accredited

Retaining Talent – a lesson for the Tech Industry [infographic]

Retaining talent has always been an interesting challenge in business. This infographic about the Technology Industry showed this very cleary, albeit not what the graphic was initialy created for. Take a careful look and see that most of the top

Leadership and Diversity: Naming Body Parts

I remember once reading that middle-age happens when you keep thinking that in a couple of weeks you’ll be back to normal. To be honest I am not sure that I am clear as to exactly what constitutes ‘normality’ –

Technology’s influence on our performance in the new world of work – part 1

The illiterate if the 21st century will not be those who cannot read and write, but those who cannot learn, unlearn and relearn Alvin Toffler I think Toffler’s words are insightful and profound; and I agree with him. According to

Technology's influence on our performance in the new world of work – part 1

The illiterate if the 21st century will not be those who cannot read and write, but those who cannot learn, unlearn and relearn Alvin Toffler I think Toffler’s words are insightful and profound; and I agree with him. According to

Gen Y in American pop culture

It’s the final weekend in this year’s American Idol competition. The two finalists are the youngest ever, Scotty McCreery (17) and Lauren Alaina (16), and they are genuine Gen Yers. They both sing the down home country style music of

Are we eating ourselves to death?

More and more individuals today are heavier than their moms or dads or even their grandparents at what time they were the same age. It might be realized that obesity is a worldwide problem and it is indeed a very

Which countries the young and the educated want to go

Here’s a great InfoGraphic from Good, around some research done by Gallup that tracks the movement of young people with and without education.It raises some important questions for countries included in the study, and for those that aren’t. In a

The End of Control

Recently I was part of an innovative process design to explore how a business could either make or save money through the use of using social technology. The participants were put into groups and the process involved incubating and hatching

Hello to the new boy (and girl) network

How do the new boy (and girl) networks coexist beside the old boy network that has historically existed and flourished for so long? This question is especially relevant in South Africa, which is an emerging economy and transitional society. I

Personal Mail from CEO of LinkedIn to me

It was all over the new last week. LinkedIn hit 100 million users (the majority of whom sit outside of the US). As part of that milestone achievement, the CEO of LinkedIn (Reid Hoffman) sent a personal(ised) mail to the

Social Business: Just Another Oxymoron or the Future of Business?

I have always enjoyed the often subtle and inherent humour embedded in an oxymoron, a term which could be described as two contradictory words that find themselves as unlikely bedfellows. Several immediately come to mind: plastic glasses, jumbo shrimp, airline

Gen Y’s response to the economic crisis

Millennial Marketing has an interesting post looking into research done on Gen Y in the US, and how they’re responding to the economic downturn. There are plenty of fresh observations being made around this younger set of people, growing up

Gen Y's response to the economic crisis

Millennial Marketing has an interesting post looking into research done on Gen Y in the US, and how they’re responding to the economic downturn. There are plenty of fresh observations being made around this younger set of people, growing up

Popsters versus Hispters: the Millennial divide

As sub-cultures pose a potentially serious threat to the long-term survival of traditional culture (along with cultural imperialism, immigration, the loss of language and various other global phenomenons) it is important to consider the growing divide that is, well, growing

Sharing our lives – in pictures and videos – there’s an app for that

Today saw the release of another new iPhone app. I wouldn’t normally comment on such a thing, but this one has captured my imagination, and seems to take collaboration / crowdsourcing to a whole new level. It certainly is a

Sharing our lives – in pictures and videos – there's an app for that

Today saw the release of another new iPhone app. I wouldn’t normally comment on such a thing, but this one has captured my imagination, and seems to take collaboration / crowdsourcing to a whole new level. It certainly is a

To infinity and beyond

Having recently watched Toy Story 3, I really enjoyed this article which provides some insights into how Pixar used social media to target a new market group, with an end result of Toy Story 3 being the most financially successful

Fundamentally Changing the Shape of Education – Khan Academy

Ever since I heard about Sal Khan I’ve been wanting to write about him and his organisation, The Khan Academy. Until recently he was a Hedge Fund Trader, and packed that in to run a non-profit organisation using YouTube to

What we can learn about Millennial Kids from Justin Bieber

If you are over 30 and battling to understand the mind set of your pre-teen child, or post-teen employees, then I strongly suggest you check yourself in to your local cinema for a couple of hours and watch ‘Never Say

2025 – Jobs your kids will be doing. Or perhaps not working at all?

If you’ve recently had a baby, you’re probably not thinking about their career? Mind you, as I reflect back on the birth of my two daughters, I think there was some thought and fantasy given to how they’d impact the

What’s the right age to give a child a cell phone?

I recently heard that a kid, close to my heart, was getting a smart phone for his 11th birthday and I have to admit I was horrified. According to these international stats “Cell phones are kids’ new must-have accessory” Cell

Short Study: Generation Y in South Africa

Over the last month Mike Saunders and a few associates ran a small study on Generation Y in South Africa. We interviewed 144 students with an average age of 18 years old. The gender split was 60% female and 40%

Are Chinese mothers really superior?

I’m a little shattered after reading Amy Chua’s  Wall Street Journal description of her parenting style in Why Chinese Mothers Are Superior. “There’s good reason why Chinese kids excel in music, math and all academia, argues Amy Chua in her

Having fun with everyone in the 21st century

I often hear (mainly older) people lament the lack of community evident in today’s young people. “My teenage daughter never seems to speak to any of her friends” is a common example of the complaint. It’s a misunderstanding of the

It’s not information overload – it’s filture failure

The digital world is always inventing a new way for you to connect with people and for people to connect with you. To add to all this the information on the internet is becoming more and more complex to manage

What will today’s children do for work in 2022?

Recently I was invited onto 702 to be interviewed by Redi Tlhabi on her show. The subject of conversation, as per this post’s title was what today’s children might be doing in 2022 for work. The show was recorded under

What will today's children do for work in 2022?

Recently I was invited onto 702 to be interviewed by Redi Tlhabi on her show. The subject of conversation, as per this post’s title was what today’s children might be doing in 2022 for work. The show was recorded under

MTV asks students about their digital lifestyle.

MTV Online presenter Tom Thurlow went on the streets to ask students about their digital lifestyle. What mobiles are they carrying and why? Are they adopting Foursquare or Facebook Places? Do any of them still read newspapers or do they

RIP: The Death of the Middle Manager

One of the implications of the convergence of Gen Y and technology in the workspace could well be the demise of middle management. If that is you, then you have every reason to be concerned with this possibility. As with

Business must get serious about Mentoring

According to the article “Winning the race for talent in emerging markets” – by Douglas A. Ready, Linda A. Hill, and Jay A. Conger (HBR), developing world countries have a large shortage of adequately experienced people from lower to middle

For Gen Y, God and work (amongst others) are a choice

The subject of this post doesn’t seem, at first glance, to be a very paradigm shifting statement. In fact, it seems quite normal. Take a step back, go and find people in their 30’s, 40’s, 50’s and 60’s, and you’ll

Missing the Point: Control, Leaders & Social Technology

“Over the last two decades, the world has changed substantially. The economic, political, social, corporate, and personal rules that now apply bear scant relation to those applicable two decades ago. Different times require a different script” writes Kenichi Ohmae in

Researching the Millennial Mind with @carol_phillips

Carol Phillips is someone I follow on Twitter. If you’re looking for insights and great thoughts around Marketing and Generational Theory, then she’s definitely worth following. This week she uploaded a presentation onto Slide Share titled, ‘Researching the Millennial Mind‘.

What’s your digital lifestyle?

I am a firm believer that every person hasa certian level of digital integration in their lifestyle. The is something in almost all of us that uses the digital landscape in someway or another. This is what excites me about

Start Thinking Younger

In their recently published book, Hacking Work, Bill Jensen and Josh Klein argue that business has lost control of the conversation with their employees and still hasn’t admitted that or dealt with the shift in control that has occurred. I

Why Gen Y is Better at Your Job Than You Are

A number of people have sent this article to me. It’s a excellent piece posted on BNET, by Penelope Trunk, the brains behind the Brazen Careerist website. She suggests that some of the characteristics of today’s youngest workers will stand

Calling out to those connecting to – and connected to – call centres

“Call centres are the electronic assembly lines of the new economy” – Phil Jennings, Union Network International The last few months have been a busy and exciting time for Tomorrow Training. We have been up to a lot of good

How things have changed – consumers then and now

One of TomorrowToday’s long-term clients is Africa’s largest banking group, Standard Bank which incorporates their insurance arm, Liberty. We have done strategy work, presentations, training and consulting with them over many years. I saw this past week that we had


You’ve heard of crowdsourcing – using the minds of many to work for you in coming up with new ideas and implementations. Now there’s crowdsourcing – accessing the wallets of many people to raise money for almost any (and every)

Employee engagement – one great question

About a year ago, I MC’ed an event by e3unlimited, a company focused on getting the most out of generation y. Bruce Morton and Emma Reynolds, the founders of e3, have now moved on (Bruce to Sydney and Emma to

The changing work habits of young people

Johnson Controls, a company specialising in “optimising the energy and operational efficiency of buildings”, has been conducting global workplace research into what type of work environment today’s young people are looking for. It’s called the Oxygenz Workplace study and is

How South Africa’s economy could be even better

The Economist, 22 July 2010 edition highlighted a recent report by the OECD on South Africa. This is the first time the OECD has ever produced such a report, and their findings come as no surprise to any thinking person

Are your talented staff selfish and greedy? Take this quiz to find out

FastCompany ran this superb quiz in their recent edition. My colleagues, Dean and Barrie, both stress how most companies have messed up “talent” by implementing policies and systems that have bred selfish, greedy and self-serving individuals. This quiz is a

The evolution of the Gen Y hipster

I came across a great post on Gen Y and being hip and cool, written by the brilliant Carol Philips Carol is one of the world’s leading authorities on Gen Y and I think her post succinctly captures who they

Nine key workforce trends for the next decade

Download a copy of this article in PDF format – right click here. The contents of this article can be presented as a keynote or a workshop for your team. Contact our UK or South African offices to find out

Women and the New World of Work

As it’s my very first post (ever, anywhere!), I thought it would be apt to come at it from a woman’s angle.  I have read two articles recently, both in the Times (and thus you need to pay for them

In solving the ‘Talent’ crisis, it’s time for South and North to jointly solve the ‘gravitas’ problem

If you take a look at the state of business education in the world today, you’d have to conclude that we’ve never been in a better position to take our organisations forward to places we’ve only dreamed of. There’s never

In solving the 'Talent' crisis, it’s time for South and North to jointly solve the ‘gravitas’ problem

If you take a look at the state of business education in the world today, you’d have to conclude that we’ve never been in a better position to take our organisations forward to places we’ve only dreamed of. There’s never

Top tips for Generation Y online customer experiences

I’ve been invited to speak at the Online Customer Experience 2010 conference in London on the 12 July where I will be doing my Mind The Gap presentation on the different generations. Leading up to this event I’m going to

Where do you find your music? There’s a game for that!

We all know that the music industry is in huge trouble. Their fight against the music “pirates” is only going to end in tears – they need to work on new strategies. Luckily, some of the players in the industry

Where do you find your music? There's a game for that!

We all know that the music industry is in huge trouble. Their fight against the music “pirates” is only going to end in tears – they need to work on new strategies. Luckily, some of the players in the industry

Resources for parents

At TomorrowToday, we’re focused on helping mainly corporate clients to understand the new world of work. We’re particularly passionate about showing people the importance of inter-personal skills, and helping people change their mindsets about the world, other people and their

Out of the mouths of babes: Authentic leadership doesn’t pretend

A few years ago, my business partner, Keith Coats, wrote a superb little book, “Everything I Know About Leadership I Learnt from the Kids” (it’s officially out of print, but you can still buy new copies from and

Gen Y are coming soon to Business Schools

In January this year, Business Week magazine did a short but insightful piece on how the next generation of today’s young people might impact higher education – especially business schools. It’s not comprehensive, but it certainly is enough to start

Best blog posts of the last month

It’s been a long time since I have done a “best of” list, and today I plan to do two. The first is the best blog entries of the last month. It’s a been a good month for this blog,

Sir Ken Robinson – 30 minutes of inspiration about learning and the future of education

I am a huge fan of Sir Ken Robinson. He has spoken twice at the TED conferences – once in 2006, and again earlier this year. His two talks follow on from each other, as he talks so brilliantly about

Generation “Why”

Derfel Owen A co-speakers at a university where I recently was invited to present Mind the Gap brought this HBR blog to my attention. In it Vinyeet Nayer asks the question if Generation Y faces the problem of being undervalued

PodCast Update – Nine Business reasons to go Green

We’ve just added a new PodCast to the TomorrowToday feed. Graeme Codrington discusses Nine Business Reasons to go Green for your organisation. Not only are we impacted by an environment that requires us to change our behaviour, but we have a younger

Personal Details – Are we opening up or locking down?

I’ve come accross a couple of interesting articles in the last week. They’ve not all focussed exclusively on ‘privacy’, but they’ve mentioned it somewhere. What has me interested is that they’re not all saying the same thing. In fact they’re

Get off the couch and get gaming

It started with the Nintendo Wii. The handheld controllers created a revolution in video gaming, with a host of games developed to take advantage of the ability to hold a controller in your hand and wirelessly control the action on

Technology to connect us: A story before bed (dot com)

For most of our lifetime, technology has been accused of driving us apart – of separating us. And we railed against this as human beings. Computers have brought efficiency, but also sterility. They’ve allowed us to communicate, but not connect.

PodCast Update – Millennial Marketing

We’ve just added a new PodCast to the TomorrowToday feed. Saffron Baggally of TomorrowTraining (the TomorrowToday Training Division) takes a practical look at Millennial Marketing, and offers some practical ideas for Baby Boomers to think about, as they develop strategies to engage

PodCast Update – Relationship without Investment

We’ve just added a new PodCast to the TomorrowToday feed. In February 2010, Graeme Codrington wrote an article around relationships, social networking and some change we’re seeing. This is the audio track of that article. Here’s a short exert from his introduction:

5 Practical steps to retain Talent

During 2009 I was asked by a client to come to a meeting where they were going to discuss how to build a better Employee Value Proposition (EVP), to stem the tide of an exiting younger workforce. Retention was their

Just a thought: Get rid of your IT department

In the first of a series of short, insightful and incisive thought bullets, Dr Graeme Codrington suggests that a significant portion of your IT department should be shut down.  Let your people purchase and manage their own technology, engage more

Reselling retailing into millennial marketing

If you have followed TomorrowToday’s e-zines, Blogs, Tweets, website and Facebook page, or have attended TomorrowToday’s ‘Mind the Gap’ presentation, you will have been exposed to ‘the generation gap.’ This generally effects our behaviour towards one another, the way we

Generation Y young people – NOT coming soon to a bank near you

In a report released in February 2010 by Cisco Internet Business Solutions Group (IBSG) (download the PDF here – 2.8Mb), the needs of a younger generation of banking customers was investigated. It makes for interesting reading. Some of the highlights

How Gen Y sees the Gen gap

The 11 March 2010 edition of the TIME magazine had a great cover article on “10 ideas for the next 10 years“. In the same edition, Nancy Gibbs (who has often written on generational issues for TIME), wrote an interesting

You're going to have to change your management style

I spend a large part of my year in conversation with managers working hard to try and understand today’s younger workforce. The pain they’re feeling is palpable. The evidence of change is overwhelming. Making the necessary changes, at times, seems

You’re going to have to change your management style

I spend a large part of my year in conversation with managers working hard to try and understand today’s younger workforce. The pain they’re feeling is palpable. The evidence of change is overwhelming. Making the necessary changes, at times, seems

Why Gen Y isn’t buying from you

I was recently sent this extract from an article entitled: “Why Generation Y isn’t buying your products”. I think it was originally published in the “Retail Customer Experience” magazine. It is a reasonably good insights into how we need to

Managing Today’s Younger People

Management in today’s organisational environment is no easy endeavor. The number of new elements that need to be negotiated and integrated in order to develop an effective management style are numerous as they are unchartered. The environment in which we

Gen Y are not a pushover

Miranda Devine is a Sydney Morning Herald columnist, and recently wrote an excellent piece on Australia’s Gen Y (young people now in the teens and early 20s). She had just witnessed a group of 400 of them grilling Kevin Rudd,

Role models for a new generation of young women?

I am the father of three pre-teen daughters, which is why I am very interested in the role models currently fighting for the attention of adolescent and pre-pubescent girls. So far, Miley Cyrus is a clear winner. I’m happy with

School sport as an indicator of Talent

Malcom Gladwell’s book Outliers has been one of my break-through books of 2009 in the area of ‘Talent’. If it does anything to the reader, it will surely have them asking deeper questions around what talent is and how we

Why Gen X parents are so painful

Susan Gregory Thomas writes a great article, ‘Teachers Guide to Gen X Parents‘. Possibly the best description I’ve read as to how Gen X parents are experienced in a school context by educators and administrators, and then why they are

Gen Y in Japan not consumerising

Interesting article from CNN Go Asia on 8 Feb 2010 about Japanese Gen Y simply not buying. How times have changed. Japan’s Generation Y have become famous for hating to buy anything. They were first reluctant to buy cars. And now we

Redundant: The School Reunion: A Reminder to Leaders Everywhere

It was one of those father / son conversations that fathers are inclined to indulge in from time to time and that are usually invoked by some or other important milestone or ritual. The ritual in question? My youngest son

‘I am the President’ doesn’t mean what it used to

Jacob Zuma, the ANC, the ANC Youth League and anyone else suggesting that the President’s most recent ‘love child’ with the daughter of one of his peers, is a private matter and should be respected as such, is lacking a

Talent is a Four Letter Word

The title of this post comes from a reply to a tweet I once posted: Does anyone have a better word for ‘talent’? Does business really think it’s a big issue? Is there some other ‘thing’ we should be noticing?

Free video course on Managing Generation Y at work

In December 09, Graeme Codrington recorded a series of short videos on Managing Generation Y at Work. This was done with in London. These videos are now available for free: The videos are: The New World of Work –

M-Pesa, Vodacom, Nedbank and Rob Shuter

Earlier this year Rob Shuter (head of Nedbank Retail) resigned from Nedbank and joined Vodacom as Financial Director. It was an exciting move from my perspective as I watch mobile phone companies (and technology in general) redefine how we do

Book review: Upstarts

I was sent the following book review from a trusted friend. I have not read the book yet, but have it on order, and trust the guy who sent me the review. It looks like a good read… Upstarts!: How

To degree or not to degree, that is the question!

We’ve been noticing a distinct shift in the perceived value that a university degree brings. It’s largely accepted that a degree from an university, especially an ivy league one such as MIT, Harvard or INSEAD can improve expected earnings significantly.

The World of Tomorrow (If The Internet Disappeared Today)

This is a great read (look) at what the world would look like if the internet disappeared today. A photo contest by the readers of Some really fun stuff to think about how much the world has changed :

Office Technology, Boomers and Generation X & Y

For most Boomers (born 1950s and 60s), the office had the best technology – much better than they had at home. I started work at KPMG Johannesburg in the early 1990s, when they had just imported over 100 Apple System

Office Technology, Boomers and Generation X & Y

For most Boomers (born 1950s and 60s), the office had the best technology – much better than they had at home. I started work at KPMG Johannesburg in the early 1990s, when they had just imported over 100 Apple System

Millennial Muddle

Kids these days. Just look at them. They’ve got those headphones in their ears and a gadget in every hand. They speak in tongues and text in code. They wear flip-flops everywhere. Does anyone really understand them? Only some people

The Recession Generation

Each generation is defined by the economic experience of its youth. The generation now finishing university and entering a dire job market will be shaped by this experience forever. This generation is what we call the cusp between Generation X

Entrepreneurial Edge – CNBC Africa

If you’re watching CNBC Africa this evening (15 October) at around 20:30, you can catch Entrepreneurial Edge (hosted by Chris Bishop), with at least one of it’s guests being me : ) The focus of the programme is future trends

Surprise! Creating experiences for your customers

For many years now, we’ve been telling our clients that one of the keys to connecting with younger customers (Generations X and Y) is to add an experience to your offering. No longer are the traditional “Ps” of marketing (product,

Social Networks and how we communicate

On Friday 2 October 2009, I was interviewed by Rueben Goldberg on Classic FM on his show, The Internet Economy. I’d not met him before we recorded the show. He’s a good guy, fairly active on Twitter, and interesting and

A happiness bank – connecting helpers with those who need help

I am doing some work in Estonia in a few days time, and so have been watching the wires for news reports from that country. One of these really jumped out at me. “Estonians to lauch world’s first e-Bank of

VWV Red Plug on Generation 2.0

VWV is an interesting company, that I still don’t know enough about. Take a visit to their web site to see some of the ‘interesting’ I encounter when I meet with their people (wherever they may be). Tomorrow I’m spending

Loving Gen Y

Lindsey Pollack give 5 reasons why she loves Gen Y: They bring up things that never occur to her, are just tech-ier; understand personal branding; not really into the 9 to 5 and have phenomenal energy. You can read why

TomorrowToday is getting a Billboard

TomorrowToday South Africa is getting a Billboard for 2 weeks in September. We did an exchange with INM Outdoor earlier this year. We did some work for them, and they’re doing some work for us. So a swap of sorts.

How teenagers consume media (UK report)

How Teenagers Consume Media: the report that shook the City This is the full copy of the research note written by Matthew Robson (aged 15 years and seven months), an intern at Morgan Stanley, which caused a stir after it

The war for talent is still on – and it's going to get worse

At TomorrowToday, we are predicting that the recession is only exacerbating the long term trend of companies needing to battle for the talented and appropriately skilled employees they need in order to be successful. We are particularly concerned of a

The war for talent is still on – and it’s going to get worse

At TomorrowToday, we are predicting that the recession is only exacerbating the long term trend of companies needing to battle for the talented and appropriately skilled employees they need in order to be successful. We are particularly concerned of a

Getting Gen Y into your businesses NOW

Michael Rendell, partner and global head of human resource services at PricewaterhouseCoopers recently said the following: “With the global economic downturn presenting organisations with serious immediate challenges, businesses need to work even harder to balance short-term pressures with long-term objectives.

How to reduce energy at school – world class example

I am involved with a project management company called SEDS – Sustainable Energy Design Solution. The focus of this company is to help organisations of all types to save energy, save money and secure our future. They have a very

Brrr is kewl in South Africa

Thanks to my friend Bev from SimonSays Communications for this link. The Sunday Times announced it’s ‘Times Generation Next’ cool brands survey results on 28 May 2009. 5000 tweens, teens and young adults between the ages of 8-22 were polled

Millenials reversing the trend

It’s always difficult convincing an adult audience, that from a Generational perspective, the so-called ‘Millennials’ (Gen Y, Echo Boomers) are going to be more civic minded, more conservative (whilst being more aware), and focus on rebuilding the planet (amongst other

Top tips for mentoring the next generation of talent

In tough times, people matter. Ensuring your staff are passionate and focused is a critical leadership task right now. One of the most effective techniques for motivating your younger staff in particular is to provide ongoing development for them, especially

Can advertising be too effective?

Here is a great marketing case study. Swedish Airport Coaches conducted a study and determined that a bus trip save the equivalent of 50 car trips. They built an outdoor advertising display comprising of a bus built out of 50

PWC “Millennials at work” survey

The “Millennials at Work” research to be published by PricewaterhouseCoopers later this year is based on survey responses from over 4200 graduates in 44 countries (click here to see last year’s survey). The headline results include some interesting insights into

Everybody’s singing this song

Candle – earth hour Great TV ad for Earth Hour. Gets everything right from a Gen X and Gen Y perspective… connects with their values, entertains and keeps them intrigued…(which is important because as adverts go it is long…a 90

Gary Hamel on Generation Y

Gary Hamel, the best selling author and global guru on innovation, has turned his attentions to the impact that the next generation of young people is having on the workplace. Hamel’s latest book is on the Future of Management, and

Pupils to study Twitter and blogs in primary schools shake-up

. TomorrowToday does extensive research on the impact of changing societies, institutions and technologies on the new world of work and what is called the connection era. There are signs that one of the UK’s largest institutions, its schools, are

How to get kids to look at great art (and enjoy it)

A good friend of mine recently asked me why a self-professed social liberal reads The Spectator magazine. It’s simple really – as an author, I enjoy reading great writing, and I don’t think there is better use of the English

What Gen Y Really Wants – And Why We Should Care

A nice post from some young people who really do know what their peers would like at the workplace. Read the original here. Or an extract below: While conducting research on the work-life balance outlooks of crème de la crème

Flexibility can offer alternatives to downsizing

Cali Yost, author of Work+Life, and Fast Company blogger, contends that “using strategic work+life flexibility can help organizations avoid at least some layoffs. Reduced schedules, sabbaticals, telecommuting and flexible scheduling are not just isolated, downsizing tactics. They are part of

Will Gen Y be loyal (if they get what they want at work)?

Young generation may be demanding but they’re willing to stay in one place for their entire careers – at least that is what a survey conducted by DECODE, a Toronto-based research firm, said The survey is More than 57%

Graeme Codrington and Paul Bridle interviewed for MPI

Graeme Codrington will be speaking at Meeting Professionals International European conference in Torino, Italy, from 1-3 March (see event details here). See an interview with Graeme and fellow speaker, Paul Bridle, talking about the impact of the current economic downturn

Online video – Graeme speaking about Millennial generation and school leadership

Graeme Codrington recently spoke at the Specialist Schools and Academies Trust conference in Birmingham, England. The audience was over 2,000 head teachers of secondary schools in the UK. He was asked to adapt his “Mind the Gap” presentation for a

Generation Y studied by Economist Business Intelligence Unit

One of the most common criticisms of generational theory is that it is nothing much more than pop psychology. While it is true that many people use generational theory in its crudest forms, applying it when all they know about

The Net Generation: The kids are alright, OK?

In the latest edition of The Economist, there is a news of a massive research project recently completed on how the Net impacts kids.  It’s well worth reading, and supports the conclusions my co-author, Nikki Bush and I put in

Catching Gen Y with pizza delivery

I’ve been reading a lot of commentary recently about how differently companies need to be targeting Gen Y (people born in the UK after 1988), both as an employee and consumer. The Harvard Business Review has great commentary on the

Another – new – reason to take Generation Y seriously

There is a mountain of media wordage about “generation y” at the moment. This group of young people has been variously defined as those born from 1978, 1984, 1989 and 1990 until present (or year 2000). However you define them,

To be boring or to be entertaining?

Most conference exhibitors have a stand with panelling depicting the corporate logo, a few pretty pictures, TV screen and giveaways…pens, stress balls, playing cards etc… the problem is that all the corporate exhibitors do the same thing! Unless a customer

The Millennials in Journalism

I was recently sent this article by email. I tracked it down to a journalism website, The Communicator. It’s a pretty good summary of the Millennial generation, with some insights into how they are changing media newsrooms. Interesting. Cover Story:

Marketing with a WOW factor

Radiohead have used some fantastic new technology to record their latest single. says this about the new video “Radiohead’s latest video, for the track “House of Cards” from the In Rainbows album, uses real time 3D recording instead of

How to get young talent to notice your company

There is a lot of talk about targeting the next generation of new talented, graduates called Gen Y or Millennials. And for good reason, they are supremely confident, well educated, know exactly what they want and how to get it.

The Age of the Millennials – a CBS video

CBS have released a really excellent video of a special insert they did on the Millennial generation. I cannot find a way to extract the video from their website – so you have to go there to see it. It

Generation comparisons

I am a huge fan of Eric Chester, an American author, speaker and consultant who focuses on understanding what he calls “Generation Why” (what a cool title!! I wish I had thought of that first). You can see his excellent

Research into Generation Y

Someone sent me the executive summary of a report by the Bank of America, entitled “Generational Differences: Managing the ‘Gen Y’ Associate.” Here are some of the findings: They’re not hungry. They are not ambitious for advancement if it comes

Millennials as Social Citizens

I subscribe to Google alerts for a number of issues, including discussions on “Generation Y” or the Millennial generation. In today’s alerts, I received a link to a post about how the Millennials are volunteering around the world. Read it

Solving the Ten Most Common Generation Y Workforce Challenges

I was pointed to a website recently that offers a place for people to post free content for reprint. In between the rubbish on the site, there are some real gems. Here is one related to the Millennial generation at

The Multitasking Generation

Every now and again, TIME magazine has a seriously excellent, long and in depth, feature article that grabs my attention. I am not a subscriber, but always check TIME editions out on the newstand. These features are well researched and

Five Ways Generation Y May Reinvent IT

I was sent a link to Baselinemag recently, that took an interesting look at the Millennial Generation from an IT industry perspective. Read the original article here, or see a summary below. They’ve been called everything from narcissists to “Generation

Millennial kids – now old enough to be enlisted

I am not talking about the scourge of child soldiers, ruthlessly recruited by rotten guerrila armies around the world. The Millennial generation are the group of young people born in the digital, wired age. Depending on which definitions you use,

Training the Millennial Generation

A new generation of students – those born Internet-ready – is working it’s way throught the school system, and is about to hit the workplace, with all of its training rooms and courses. This “Millennial generation” (sometimes called “generation Y”)

Getting a generation out of debt

The Fast Company magazine of Dec 2007 ran a story that combines some of my favourite topics: young generations, technology and personal finance. It was called “Easy Money”. Read the full story here. Here is a summary: Americans under 35

Managing Millennials

This article is an excerpt from Connecting Generations: The Sourcebook by Claire Raines (2002). For more about the work that Claire and her colleagues do, go to her website. I get questions every month from businesspeople looking for something about

Yuwie – earn cash for playing

The explosion and evolution of social networks on the internet is something I have been watching and participating with a keen interest especially Youtube, Facebook and SecondLife. What is great about these social networks is that around the time of

Generation Y – the Millennials are coming

A survey of more than 2,500 employers and managers by recruitment website has identified huge generational differences between Generation Y and their managers. This isn’t anything new to readers of this blog site, but ongoing research is now validating

British kids showing what the new new things will be

I think the following report was originally from The Economist, 23 August 2007 edition: AT FIRST glance, the annual survey of the communications market by Ofcom, Britain’s telecoms regulator, makes comforting reading for traditional-media executives looking for their future customers.

Generation Y: Its life, Jim, but not as we know it

First Published in Marketing Mix Magazine (2001) STRAP: The age of the customer I dont remember Apartheid, but I know all about AIDS. I dont care who won the Cold War or wonder who shot JFK, but I know the

Its the Internet, stoopid…

My sister is a primary school teacher, teaching computer skills in northern suburbs Johannesburg. She told me about an interaction between two kids in her class this last week: Boy: “Ma’am, what is an encyclopedia?” Teacher: “Its a book where

A camera for the blogger generation

Face_it, Beam_it, Blog_it! This is the phrase used to launch Fuji’s latest camera, the Z10fd, which will be focussed on the 13- to 26-year-old demographic – a generation they call “Generation Z”. They have realised that this group uses cameras

Beware the Rise of the Ethical Consumer

A new generation of “ethical consumers” are starting to demand more than just great products and services at fair prices – they also increasingly require transparency, environmental care, social responsibility, diversity and a host of other characteristics in the companies

What’s Your First Impression

You only get one chance to make a first impression. The old cliche could not be more true, or more important, in a world where we compete constantly for customer’s attention and connection. Dr Graeme Codrington looks at some first

Democracy, cellphones and China

The Economist recently reflected on the growing use of cellphones in China, and how this is impacting a generation of young people to think about – and get a taste for – democracy. Here is an extract of the article.

Where Generation Y wants to work (and how to attract their attention)

From Fortune magazine, 3 May 2007. Read it here. Everybody wants to work for Google. After leaping into the No. 1 slot this year on Fortune’s annual list of the 100 Best Companies to Work For, the company turns out

Your Child and the Future: Work gets ready for Gen Y

I found a great article at the Teaching Moments website. It is meant to help parents (I think especially home schoolers) to know what employers will be like when their kids leave school and enter the job market. You can

Tesco trains their staff in generational talk

Older supermarket workers, at Britain’s Tesco, are being given a guide to youth slang to help them understand younger colleagues and customers, in the form of a pamphlet handed out to staff. The pamphlet is being tried out in some

Generation Y makes Fortune cover story

In one of the most recent Fortune magazine editions, the Millennial generation made the front cover under a great headline: “Manage Us, Puh-leeze”. The subtitle of the article was: “Boomers, you raised them, now manage them!” It is a long

Buppies – coming to terms with young black staff

Buppies – Black yuppies. Black young upwardly mobile professionals. Research shows that this is one of the fastest growing demographic groups in South Africa, but many companies and leaders have no idea how to manage them. Aloysias Maimane, a new

Cheeky companies with happy customers and even happier bottomlines!

Every business has customers who are convinced they can design a new product that is better than the product they are being sold. So the question is why not let them? Crowdsourcing is a new and innovative research methodology that

Generation Y: They’ve arrived at work with a new attitude

An excellent article in the USA Today, 11 June 2006, reports on the Millennial generation’s entrance into the workforce. In the USA, Millennials are defined as those young people born 1984 to 2000, so they’ve been entering the workforce for

Second Life? Get a First Life first…

If you don’t know what Second Life is, check it out here first. Its an online, virtual reality game that has created a completely online world. You select a character, buy into the game, and start “living” a life in

Why have a “Take your kids to work day”?

This is a really nice piece from the Christian Science Monitor, from the April 27, 2006 edition. Gen Y’s opt-out vision By Courtney E. Martin BROOKLYN, N.Y. – Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day (April 27) would be

Why have a "Take your kids to work day"?

This is a really nice piece from the Christian Science Monitor, from the April 27, 2006 edition. Gen Y’s opt-out vision By Courtney E. Martin BROOKLYN, N.Y. – Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day (April 27) would be

Millennial Kids: Too Confident

In our presentation on the different generations, “Mind the Gap“, when we talk about the Millennial Generation (born 1990s and 2000s, or slightly earlier in some countries – USA defines them as born 1984 to 2000), we often say, “they’re

Nature-Deficit Disorder in our children

The title of the book grabbed my attention: “Last Child in the Woods: Saving Our Children from Nature-Deficit Disorder”. Its by Richard Louv (get it at or I haven’t read the book, but The Economist magazine quoted it

Batteries not included

As my three daughters eagerly opened their Christmas presents, my heart sank further and further to the floor. There are two things that stirke fear into the soul of any self-respecting Dad (at least, those with the limited handyman skills


If the results of a recent study are true, then Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) needs to become a priority for companies and fast. A research study by the strategic planning and consumer insights division of AMP Agency shows that 61%

Girl Scouts update for the 21st century – its all about leadership

Sept. 18 /PRNewswire/ (full report here) — As it approaches its 95th anniversary in 2007, Girl Scouting is undergoing a historic transformation to modernize the iconic organization and focus on leadership development for girls in the 21st century. Addressing each

The Coming Car Crisis

There are more and more cars on the road, and the complexity of these cars is ever increasing. Who is going to service them? Who is going to fix them when they break? Already, you have to book a few

Gamer stats – They're not what you'd expect

A recent survey published by the Entertainment Software Association entitled “Essential Facts” deals with sales, demographic, and usage data within the gaming industry. The full report can be downloaded from 2005 Essential facts. Some of the numbers the report returned

Gamer stats – They’re not what you’d expect

A recent survey published by the Entertainment Software Association entitled “Essential Facts” deals with sales, demographic, and usage data within the gaming industry. The full report can be downloaded from 2005 Essential facts. Some of the numbers the report returned

Generation Y

I found this article on India’s Generation Y (born after 1979). It’s very interesting because although it focuses on corporate India, it is relevant to all organisations all over the world: Young to turn critical for India, Inc. The Economic

X versus Y

A nice thought about today’s two youngest generations, from the Toronto Star, 20 June 2006. It’s time for Gen X to start reminiscing about the good old days, as a new generation comes of age, by Jen Gerson As useful

MySQL – The Model 21st Century Company?

I picked up on a great Fortune article on the site about MySQL, the open-source software designers, over the weekend. It unpacks the dynamics of this completely decentralised organisation, and just what makes it tick as well as it

Money for Nothing…

…and your clicks for free. Alex Tew is 21 years old, a student from Wiltshire, England. On August 25th of 2005 he launched the Million Dollar Homepage, an ambitious attempt to raise money (according to Alex) for his varsity education.

Challenges facing a young work force

Earlier this week, the North East Texas Workforce Board’s 2006 Revolution Forum discussed issues related to Gen X and Y in the workplace. In that part of the world, young people under the age of 40 account for more than

Making sense of Generation Me

The Washington Post of 21 May 2006 carried an article entitled, “Big Babies: Think the Boomers are self-absorbed? Wait until you meet their kids.” It is a review of a new book by Jean M. Twenge, called: “Generation Me: Why

Learn to speak Teen

I really enjoyed reading an article recently forwarded to me by Aiden called ‘Entertain. Inspire. Empower. How to speak a teen’s language, even if you’re not one.’ He found it at – a fascinating site that “is creating a

Connecting generations

I am not sure where this is originally from.  It was sent to me in one of those email type chains.  I have Claire’s books, and rate them highly, and appreciated this summary of what she has written on the

Generation Y at Work

Duncan Macleod’s PostKiwi’s Generation blog has some information on Peter Sheahan. Peter Sheahan’s book, “Generation Y: Surviving and Thriving with Generation Y at Work”, was published in 2005 by Hardie Grant Books. Here Peter outlines the content from his workshops

Generation gaps at Universities – radical professors and conservative students

Hans Zeiger writes for WorldNetDaily on an interesting phenomenon: there is a generation gap at Harvard. Apparently, these days, the ageing Boomer professors are much more radical than their more conservative, focused, career-minded, Millennial students. I remember a similar phenomenon

Australia’s Generation Y expert – Peter Sheahan

I have come across a great resource for understanding Australia’s (and global) Generation Y. It’s written by a young author, professional speaker and consultant, Peter Sheahan, who specialises in Gen Y. His research blog is available at: Peter has

Agents are at serious risk from gen X & Gen Y

In 2004, Vertis, a provider of targeted advertising, media and marketing services, announced the results of a survey they had completed. It concluded that today’s young people (Gen X: born 1970s and early 80s; and Gen Y, born 1980s to

Please Just F*ck Off, It’s Our Turn Now

I’m in Australia, doinga lot of generational work. I always try and pick up the latest local writing on generations, talent and management. Last time I was here, I got “What Was It All For” (see review here). This time,

Today’s kids not interesting in Politics

The Syndey Morning Herald today reports that “Politics a turn-off for gen Y” (read it here). Their main point is that today’s young people are not apathetic about politics, that simply don’t believe that the current form democracy is taking

Skirmishes in the generation & connection economy wars

This past week, France has once again been burning. This time, it is the anger of students at proposed new labour laws that is fuelling the days and nights of running street battles, car burnings and trashing of buildings. The

Boomers worry about their children’s finances

In a survey recently completed by Ameriprise Financial, it was found that a majority of older workers said what they most needed was advice on how to teach their own children about money and finances. Advice on their own retirement

Generational Metaphor

There is a wonderful metaphor we can use to understand the differences between generations: Music playback medium … the gramaphone, LP Records, 8-track, Cassette Tapes, CD, and now the MP3, digital. Each one “belongs” to a certain generation. However the

The Entitlement Generation

The “cusper” generation between Gen X and the Millennial kids have been given a name. They’re the “entitlement generation” according to a great article on the West Texas A&M University website: Read it online here. Born from 1979 to 1994,

College Courses – Then and Now

I was chatting to my business colleague, Keith Coats, the other day. His daughter, Tamryn, registered for university this past week. Keith was amazed at the choices of course packages that were available. This sparked a discussion. Keith was at

The youth of today

I read TechCrunch. It’s a blog, wirtten by Mike Arrington, that documents and reviews newly released second-generation (Web 2.0) Internet companies. If you have any interest in the evolving relational Web, I’d advise checking it out. Recently Mike did a

‘My mom will sort you out!’ Boomer’s Kids @ Work

“How do you deal with a generation that has had their parents take care of all their problems when they face disappointment in the workplace?” This is a question most HR Managers are asking themselves in the US and soon

'My mom will sort you out!' Boomer's Kids @ Work

“How do you deal with a generation that has had their parents take care of all their problems when they face disappointment in the workplace?” This is a question most HR Managers are asking themselves in the US and soon

Meet the Millennial Kids

This article was first published in ‘Your Child’ magazine, September 2005 Children are not merely young versions of their parents. This may seem an obvious statement, yet many parents make the mistake of under-estimating the generation gap that exists between

Using the internet to get sassy with the Y generation

A report in Biz Community (1 Oct 2005), looks at targeting the Millennial Generation with websites. The report starts, “Internet AdSales reveals that the internet could seriously affect your bottom line when marketing to the youth of today. They’re mobile,

Gen Y – your new workforce

Here’s what looks to be a great thread of conversation around Gen Y in the work place. Click here for the full thread This is a generation has has been advocated for since their moment of birth, has had no

Getting old @ 25!

Picked this up from DK’s (his website & blog) changethis manifesto on the Youth of Today: In their world technology is ubiquitous and not a differentiator (unless you don’t have a phone or access to a computer). However, technology is

Teenagers and Grandparents

The Sunday Herald, 2 October 2005, reported: “Forget the generation gap … teenagers say their best friends are their grandparents“. Some wag once said that teenagers and grandparents get on well mainly because they have a common enemy 🙂 But,

Generation Y in Australia

I was working through some email articles, and found the following piece from AAP, June 8 2004. Teens’ friends their new families By Gosia Kaszubska AND you thought the teenager texting madly on your train home was just bored.Seems those

Millennials are not just in our homes!

Last week I had 2 Millennium generational (Gen Y) encounters. The first one was while visiting a client. A very progressive company with a young dynamic staff. Anyone would give their eye teeth to work in a company like this.

Anxious life of the “Ipod” Generation

This article was in this weekend’s Sunday Times about the challenges facing Gen Xers in the UK and how it is influencing their working choices. Not quite what they had planned….,,2087-1743391,00.html

Cellphone Marketing to Children Attacked ran a story under this title on 27 July 2005 (read it here – requires free login). The basic argument is that some action groups are demanding that Congress regulate mobile phones marketed to children. The industry is clearly

Back to school Gap

Red Nova News reports today from the San Jose Mercury News that as Northern Hemisphere students look forward to the opening of a new school year, a generation gap emerges – “what to buy for back to school?” Largely its

Lessons from the Gamer Generation

In’s free monthly e-zine, this month, I wrote about “Lessons from the Gamer Generation“. Its quite nice to be ahead of the game – The Economist has a similar article as its latest cover edition. Its premium edition content,

Generations in South Africa

In the Star Workplace, 13 July 2005, “Generation Y” was featured, with nice insights for managers and the corporate world. Click here to read the full article. The article ties in nicely with our own research (see here), although in

The New Generation Gap

Digitally savvy students learn differently than their analogue-trained professors are prepared to teach them. How do we bridge the divide? By Susan S. Szenasy Posted at on July 25, 2005 “If I showed you a 1982 Memphis chair from

Advertising (to kids) just gets harder and harder

On June 28, 2004, Fortune magazine reported on a school in the USA where fourth graders were being trained in media awareness – basically being “ad proofed”. (Read the story here – you need a subscription to Fortune). These children