Six Things you need to know to be a Future-Fit Leader

Currently I am engaged in a series of workshops for chief executives from throughout the United Kingdom. These are business leaders of businesses from a variety of sectors and with annual turnovers ranging from £90m to £4m and with staff

Experiment more

Transcript If we live in times of deep disruptive change where what happened yesterday is unlikely to be repeated tomorrow, then one of the key things we have to do is to experiment more. Most organizations that I work with

Future-Fit Strategy: Do you have what it takes?

Strategy has often been confused with efficiency. If your ‘strategy’ is to be ‘efficient’ you have the wrong strategy. Efficiency is today nothing more than an organisational hygiene factor; when it comes to securing a competitive advantage, efficiency is necessary

This Remarkable Century Needs You

There are three reasons why you might want to invest 5-minutes reading this article: The world is at a crossroads, the outcome of this century will be determined over the next 2-3 decades and will depend on the action of people like

Value – the FinTech litmus test

When we a transaction is conducted between two parties, the key to a positive response from each is their perception of the value transfer inherent in the transaction. Today that value is reflected by the amount of money that changes

Enabling Foresight and Strategy: Spotting the Disruptors Before They Arrive

      Enabling Foresight and Strategy: Spotting the Disruptors Before They Arrive It has always been the task of the leader to think strategically and spend more time than their team looking at the horizon. That is still the
Adaptive Leadership

How to develop greater adaptive capacity in your team

The leadership challenge is how to ensure that your organisation, your team has a deep adaptive capacity. It is ensuring that adaptability is part of your very DNA as you navigate the volatile, uncertain and complex future. In order to

10 Leadership Lessons from Santa

Ho, Ho Ho…it’s that time of year again when the tinsel comes out, trees get decorated and dietary regimes along with turkeys get stuffed. The old guy with the impressive beard comes out from his reclusive lair to both delight

The Cashless Bank of 2020

Ray was recently meeting a client at one of the large national banks local head office.  While ordering a cappuccino from their coffee shop he was told that they don’t accept cash as payment. The bank’s coffee shop only accepts cards and

Leading Difference Differently

Understanding the journey of different ‘from’ to different ‘for’. In the past, similarity worked. This was how the world worked. Teams, even entire organizations, worked based on people who were like you. It was easy; it felt comfortable. You began