How our team approaches developing leaders for the 2020s

Here’s a 25-minute detailed overview of what our team can do as part of a Leadership Development Programme. It will give you a great idea of how our team approaches developing leaders for the 2020s by helping them to ‘Think
read the future

The costly mistake of failing to read the future & what to do about it

History is littered with personal and corporate examples of those whose failure to read the future proved costly and in some cases fatal. One example of a costly failure was the post War owners of Arsenal Football Club, the Bracewell-Smith

The 100 most important disruptive tech trends right now

Academics at Imperial College London have developed a “Periodic Table of Technology” that ranks 100 disruptive technology trends according to how soon they’ll be available versus how disruptive they’re likely to be. The result is a superb vision of the
Unlearning to ride a bicycle

Keith Coats – Unlearning Diaries part 2

Update 2 from Keith Coats unlearning (and then relearning) how to ride a bicycle. You can also follow these updates over at the TomorrowToday Facebook page… (You can also watch part 1 here.)
Adaptive Leadership


You can also follow these updates over at the TomorrowToday Facebook page  You can view part 2 here!

Building, retaining and extending talent for South Africa

I have had an unusual career, working for many years in early childhood education space in South Africa. At the age of 50 I changed direction and started looking at the current retiring generation in South Africa and what impact

Great ideas to try: A four day week

An article in Fast Company caught my eye recently: “The four-day work week is good for business“, by Adele Peters. Simple version: A New Zealand company experimented with a four day week. It went really well. That makes sense to

Appreciate and Celebrate Disability in the Workplace

In today’s workplace, it’s not uncommon to work with people of different abilities or people traditionally known as disabled. Of all the differences that people have to navigate in the workplace; disability is one that can create confusion and discomfort,

Everyone needs to be a Futurist now (here’s how)

A Futurist is someone who… intentionally builds the capacity to see and understand the implications and meaning of change. This is the definition that our team at TomorrowToday prefers. And we believe that you need a lot of them in

The key elements of a culture of innovation

Almost every organisation in the world wants innovation. It’s a natural and important response to the constantly changing contexts they operate in, and for most of them, absolutely essential for survival. That’s why innovation is now listed in vision and

Dragging the Future Forward

5 things Future Smart Leaders need to know We need to protect our core but go to the edge. Every (smart) business is working now on what will be their business of tomorrow. Assuming that tomorrow’s business will simply be

Tuesday Tip: Moonshot thinking

Moonshot thinking drives Google’s innovation, is it driving your success too? Contact us and be at the forefront of business thinking.
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