Recommended Futurist Podcasts

Yesterday, I pointed you to a list of online MOOCs. Today, I want to suggest a list of really good futurist podcasts, put together by Feedspot. See it here: To their list, I would also add the following: Exponential

Dealing with dissatisfaction

Very often I find myself listening to people talking about their levels of dissatisfaction. Dissatisfaction in their work environments, work relationships, personal lives and even marriages. What always takes me by surprise is how long people spend in states of
Story Cards

Story Cards – Using pictures to form the words

How our team use Story Cards to contribute to deeper and richer conversations within teams and organisations. The Problem: My team just don’t seem to engage in a manner and to a level that I would like and would expect.

9 techniques to improve your creative thinking abilities

9 techniques to improve your creative thinking abilities

Tuesday Tip: Changing Our Minds

Changing Our Minds: A problem, and a starting point of a solution  We have a problem: our social media platforms are a rancid mess of shouty arguments, abusive interactions and hot-headed debates that go nowhere. In the 2020s we are

Upcoming public events

Graeme will be involved with the following public events in August. Click through the links for more information or to book your tickets… 1 August, Joburg: More Human than ever before in the 4th Industrial Revolution Understand what the 4th

What Keith’s been reading this week (17 July)

Fierce Conversations by Susan Scott Needing to prepare for a series of workshops TomorrowToday is delivering for Boeing in August, this book is proving to be helpful. One of the workshops is on executive communication and Scott’s book is providing

Better Than Free Food

In a talent scarce and innovation critical world companies inspired by the likes of Google are stretching far and wide to out-perk one another in an attempt to attract and retain the best talent. Whilst the Michelin-Star chefs and nap

The 3 things great leaders do to drive an innovative culture

Studies reveal that fewer than 20% of leaders have a strong sense of their own and team’s purpose. Even fewer can distil their purpose into an outcome-focused, action-oriented statement. Some leaders are able to clearly articulate their organization’s mission: Think

What Keith is reading this week

A book that our colleague Keith Coats has recently read (and recommends) is Prisoners of Geography: Ten maps that tell you everything you need to know about global politics by Tim Marshall. The title instantly attracted his attention and as

Blind spots

In spite of what we may think, the group of people we turn to when we have need to bounce an idea off, get advice or have a conversation, is usually surprisingly small. In other words, under scrutiny, our ‘inner

Video – The best explanation of the Fourth Industrial Revolution ever

Graeme Codrington explains not just the Fourth, but also the 1st, 2nd and 3rd Industrial Revolutions, and why 4IR is more important and disruptive than you can imagine. A MUST WATCH VIDEO.
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