Developing Future-Fit Organisations: Four essential DNA focus areas for developing high-performing people and healthy communities

As the world becomes increasingly complex, and people have to handle more and more stress and change, our team at TomorrowToday has been drawn back time and again to a remarkable framework for the development of high-performing people and healthy

Don’t wait for a meteor to wipe you out, Re/Evolve and adapt now.

A recent study shows that the dinosaurs were already in decline 50 million years before the meteor strike that finally wiped them out. “We were not expecting this result,” says Dr Manabu Sakamoto, a palaeontologist from the University of Reading, who led the

Perspectives on BIC’s ongoing disasters with women

Last Sunday was National Women’s Day in my home country, South Africa. The public holiday celebrates an anti-apartheid women’s march which took place on 9 August 1956. It was a key moment in South African history, and one that inspired

The Economist agrees with TomorrowToday, there are Enemies Within

“The best way to fight the enemy within is to treat your employees with respect. And this third principle is where many firms fail “says Schumpeter, The Economist’s columnist and expert on all things disruptive. At the beginning of 2015

Do you have ‘enemies within’ holding your organisation hostage and preventing you from achieving legendary status?

Too many organisations believe their biggest threats come from outside but actually the most pressing issues faced right now are internal. Many organisations have out-dated DNA and are not ‘future fit’ or ready for the rapidly changing world. Discover if

The fruitless search for extraordinary people willing to take ordinary jobs – by Seth Godin

Seth Godin is one of very few unmissable daily reads for me. His blog is great. And today he absolutely nailed it. The fruitless search for extraordinary people willing to take ordinary jobs When I write about linchpins and people

Top 5 Reads this week on The Future of Work (15 May 2015)

Every week, I list my top five reads of the previous few days, all focused on understanding the way our world is changing and how this will affect our lives. Enjoy this week’s list: Unless You Are Spock, Irrelevant Things

New eBook: An Introduction to The Enemy Within

Our latest ebook has just been published digitally. It’s a short book, and an easy read, but presents the results of our research team’s strategic insights into the key issues teams and organisations are currently facing. The book is called:

Top 5: This week in the Future of Work (7 May 2015)

Each week, I list my top 5 articles, websites, blogs or online resources of the past seven days. These are not always brand new items on the Net – some come from a few months or years back, but they

The Future of HR, talent management and L&D

People are our most important asset. This sentence is a standard inclusion in almost every corporate annual statement. Many companies say this, but don’t deliver on both the promise and potential inherent in their people. The HR team are often

Three Critical Things You Need to Focus On in 2015

Many people and businesses focus on the wrong things. What will your business be measuring in 2015? If your focus is on your competitors, your market share and internal efficiencies you may miss significant changes coming your way. In a

Change is hard – I’ll be ready tomorrow

Having breakfast with a CEO recently and talking about organisational change, he came out with the memorable line, “change is hard – I’ll be ready tomorrow”. It wasn’t a personal reference but rather the unspoken response he seems to encounter