How to build Innovation into your DNA

Innovation doesn’t just happen. Sadly, there is no secret sauce or silver bullet. However, there are ten powerful traits you can develop and nurture to make innovation happen. Using the acronym CREATIVITY here are the traits you can focus on:

Tuesday Tip: Understanding the importance of stories

Albert Szent-Gyorgy, an American biochemist, observed: “Discovery consists in seeing what everybody has seen and thinking what nobody has thought”. Whilst some may find this rather natural – call them the ‘gifted few’, the good news is that the ability

The Courage Of Diversity And Inclusion For Winning Organisations

Many organizations pay lip service to Diversity and Inclusion but when it comes down to it they simply can’t bring themselves to deal with the inconvenience of it all or fear keeps them from starting. Dealing with the issue of
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Being a catalyst for other people’s success

The Problem: You are in a position of leadership, or are a member of a team, and find yourself wondering just how you can contribute to the success of those around you; how you can contribute to higher levels of

Appreciate and Celebrate Disability in the Workplace

In today’s workplace, it’s not uncommon to work with people of different abilities or people traditionally known as disabled. Of all the differences that people have to navigate in the workplace; disability is one that can create confusion and discomfort,

Tuesday Tip: Moonshot thinking

Moonshot thinking drives Google’s innovation, is it driving your success too? Contact us and be at the forefront of business thinking.

Who would want a pony when you can have the whole universe?

– Something that smart leaders (and parents) have in common! – The first time I was asked the question was when my daughter (Tamryn) was about to turn five. It was a question that then cropped up every year with

Tuesday Tip: Creating a Culture That Retains Diverse Talent

On his last Tuesday Tip, Buhle spoke about one of the common challenges for organisations when it comes to retaining diverse talent. He said the reason that attraction and recruitment schemes don’t lead to retention of diverse talent is two-fold:

Tuesday Tip: Managing Millennials

PROBLEM:  The youngest staff members in my team don’t seem to be proactive or committed to completing tasks – how can I get through to them and explain the importance of doing what I need them to do? DIAGNOSIS:  I

Tuesday Tip: What is this hype around Bitcoin? Should I care?

Bitcoin seems to be being spoken of everywhere and by almost everyone…. and most of the people speaking about it have no clue what to make of it, so most conversations end up becoming a pooling of ignorance, rather than

Tuesday Tip: In praise of randomness: Thinking out the box

The Problem: We are facing a couple of challenges but my team is just not ‘thinking out the box’. We seem to be regurgitating the same old ‘solutions’ and I whilst I know we need to be more creative in

Tuesday Tip: Building Self-Awareness

“The problem is not what she does it’s how she does it!” (Sigh) an annoyed colleague reflected to another as she complained about their new manager, Grace. Regretfully, Grace was within earshot and stood frozen as she tried to make sense

Innovation requires giving people time and space, not using them up at 110%

Earlier this year, British Airways had a major collapse of their IT systems, causing a day of chaos across its entire global network as flights had to be cancelled. The problem, it appears, was a lack of what IT specialists

Tuesday Tip – What tonsils have got to do with your success in the Future of Work

The backstory to this Tuesday Tip is that I’ve just spent too much of my time trying to get the pre-authorisation done for my son’s surgery this Friday. (It’s a minor surgery – the standard ‘tonsils removal’ so nothing too

Tuesday Tip: Simplify – 3 ways to deal with complexity

One of the best ways to help your team – and yourself – respond to an increasingly complex world is to simplify. Our organisations are programmed to respond to complexity by adding regulations, systems and processes. Think of the ways

Tuesday Tip: {Creativity} – How to develop the 10 Skills You Need to Thrive in 2020

“Creativity is the process of having original ideas that have value. It is a process; it’s not random.” – Sir Ken Robinson When thinking of those who are creative, you might automatically think of artists, writers, and musicians. In truth,

Tuesday Tip: How to create a happier workplace

The Problem: My people are not staying, aren’t committed as they should be and don’t seem happy at work. What can I do to reverse these trends? The Solution: Give your people more freedom than you are comfortable with. If

7 Great steps and 7 Great achievements that arose from a wondering mind

After months of intense mathematical exercises, Albert Einstein decided to give himself a break from the work one night and let his imagination wander about the concepts of space and time, say Guenther Knoblich and Michael Oellinger in The Eureka

Tuesday Tip: 6 Ways to Future Proof yourself from Robotic Replacement

Studies by Oxford University suggest robotics and automation will replace 47% of knowledge worker jobs over the next two decades. So if you are not planning on retiring in the next ten to twenty years, and let’s face it with

Tuesday Tip: Eliminating ‘behind the back’ conversations that are killing your culture

The Problem: There is a culture within your team/organisation of gossip. Conversations are happening ‘offline’ and behind backs all of which is proving harmful – as it always is! You realise you need to check this behaviour and simply saying,

Tuesday Tip: Three simple ways to get more from your business reading

 In the video, I share three key ways for you to get more out of your business reading. Audible – listen to your books if you can’t read, or battle to read. And listen to them speeded up to get

Tuesday Tip: You will not retire like your parents and grandparents. Are you ready for change?

This post first appeared on the Refirement Network’s website. Be sure to visit the Refirement Network for more great articles. Lynda Smith is a partner of TomorrowToday – please feel free to contact us if you wish to book her for an

Tuesday Tip: Talent in a Multi-Generational Digital Workplace

When I travel and speak to clients about their people experiences the following phrases are often used to describe Millennials and the younger workforce. They are uncommitted, entitled, nose stuck to screens, disengaged, lack loyalty, money chasing job-hoppers. On the

Tuesday Tip: Turning Content into Action and getting ROI on Leadership Programmes

  The Problem: We send ‘our people’ on multiple leadership development programmes and the ‘higher’ up the organisation the more such programmes tend to focus on theoretical content and information. We then expect our people to ‘know what to do

Tuesday Tip: Want to keep your best employees? 5 Customer Experience trends that need to be integrated into your Employee Experience activity.

If you want to be an employer of choice who is able to attract, recruit, and retain the top talent in your industry then you need to treat them the same way you treat your best customers…. These 5 areas

Tuesday Tip: What are Millennials looking for in their ideal work environment?

We hear about slides and fireman poles at Google, free food at LinkedIn, daycare facilities, and many other things that sound like they come from a Disneyland theme park not a focussed productive office environment. But, what do Millennials say

Tuesday Tip: 6 Areas for Maintaining Career Relevance in an age of Robotics and Artificial Intelligence

It has been said that over the next decade up to one third of today’s jobs will be handed over to robotics, AI, and other digital developments. There are many reasons for these changes but predominantly they will be based

Tuesday Tip: How to get more out of your conferences

One of the biggest problems with taking your team or whole organisation away for a few days of conferencing is making sure you get a proper return on investment. Conferences can cost a lot, and that’s without calculating the cost

Tuesday Tip: A practical exercise to get your team to think differently.

The Problem: I need to get my team to ‘think differently’ – to come up with a ‘better way of doing things’ – how can I get them to understand this in order to find this ‘better way’? The Solution:

Tuesday’s Tip: The Power Virtual Workplace for An older Workforce

People are living longer and healthier lives. This is a good thing because most baby boomers have not amassed enough savings to retire as early as their parents and parents did. But even if they have the savings for decades-long

Tuesday Tip: The Artificial Intelligence Revolution for “Normal” People

2017 has been described as the year of Artificial Intelligence (AI) by several publications and blogs that track technology and the impact it is having on our society. But, what does that mean for “normal” people like us? The simplest

Tuesday Tip: Are you using the correct Social Media platforms?

  The other day I was having a conversation with my 13 year old son and we ended up on a topic / issue that we needed more info on – my response was to “Google” it, he chose to

Tuesday Tip: What to read

Last week’s Tuesday Tip talked about creating a reading culture in your team. We’ve had a few people contact us and ask us: WHAT should we be reading? Of course, that’s like asking, “How long is a piece of string?”

Tuesday Tip: Creating a reading culture

The Problem: Fit bodies, fat minds: My team aren’t reading…which means we might not be learning! “My team aren’t reading and I fear that will impact on our ability and need to learn” said a CEO to me recently. It

Tuesday Tips: Do you see the benefit of the future of money yet?

    The Problem: One of the challenges I face when discussing the future of money with people and audiences is a sense of inertia and lack of perspective on the imminence of the change. Money as we know it

Tuesday Tip: Ordering your pizza via fax machine

  About 25 years ago a young grad student at Stanford University was hungry. He wanted a pizza as he pulled an all-nighter.  The internet was new and exciting in 1993 and he said: “oh, the web is great and
Tuesday Tips

Tuesday Tip: Practical advice on building adaptive intelligence

Following on from Keith’s newsletter article last week that looked at how to develop greater adaptive capacity in your team we thought it would be useful to use today’s Tuesday Tip to provide you with a practical action item to move

Tuesday Tip: Jack Ma’s three 30’s

Jack Ma, the CEO of Alibaba the worlds largest online retailer, spoke of three 30’s at the World Economic Forum in Davos in January 2017. Focus on the next 30 years of technology integration Pay attention to people who are 30

Tuesday Tip: Crowd control

The Problem: The situation is that you are facilitating at a conference or simply coordinating a large meeting in which multiple table discussions are taking place. The problem is trying to regain the group’s attention without speaking over the noise

Tuesday Tip: Fit bodies, fat minds

The Problem: Fit bodies, fat minds My team aren’t reading…which means we might not be learning! “My team aren’t reading and I fear that will impact on our ability and need to learn” said a CEO to me recently. It

Tuesday Tip: The Flipped Classroom [Video 1.53min]

One of the most exciting revolutions in education is called the flipped classroom. Up to now, whether it’s been at school, or university, or in a training department – the expert, the lecturer has been the person who’s taken a

10 Top Tips to Keep Learning

An ‘adaptive challenge’ is defined as, ‘knowing what to do when you don’t know what to do’. In today global context leaders are increasingly facing more and more adaptive challenges. In an adaptive challenge learning becomes a fundamental ingredient in

Tuesday Tips: Leading diversity

The Problem: Leading diversity (difference) is amongst the most complex and difficult of all challenges that leaders face. How can you lead difference in such a way that the benefits of diversity can flourish? The Solution: Difference takes many forms
delivering meaningfulness

Tuesday Tip: 3 Steps for delivering meaningfulness and creating competitive advantage

  If your organisation suddenly disappeared would it leave a hole no one could fill or would customers respond saying what hole? Being efficient and effective no longer guarantees competitiveness, rather delivering meaningfulness does. Here are three steps that you can

Tuesday Tips: Working out what is relevant about FinTech for you and your business

One of the things we often hear from people who attend our presentations is: “I hear about ‘stuff’, but I don’t have the time to follow up… that is why I’m glad we booked you so you can cut through the