Great ideas to try: A four day week

An article in Fast Company caught my eye recently: “The four-day work week is good for business“, by Adele Peters. Simple version: A New Zealand company experimented with a four day week. It went really well. That makes sense to

Tuesday Tip: Building Self-Awareness

“The problem is not what she does it’s how she does it!” (Sigh) an annoyed colleague reflected to another as she complained about their new manager, Grace. Regretfully, Grace was within earshot and stood frozen as she tried to make sense

Tuesday Tip – What tonsils have got to do with your success in the Future of Work

The backstory to this Tuesday Tip is that I’ve just spent too much of my time trying to get the pre-authorisation done for my son’s surgery this Friday. (It’s a minor surgery – the standard ‘tonsils removal’ so nothing too

Tuesday Tip: Simplify – 3 ways to deal with complexity

One of the best ways to help your team – and yourself – respond to an increasingly complex world is to simplify. Our organisations are programmed to respond to complexity by adding regulations, systems and processes. Think of the ways

Tuesday Tip: How to create a happier workplace

The Problem: My people are not staying, aren’t committed as they should be and don’t seem happy at work. What can I do to reverse these trends? The Solution: Give your people more freedom than you are comfortable with. If

Tuesday Tip: Want to keep your best employees? 5 Customer Experience trends that need to be integrated into your Employee Experience activity.

If you want to be an employer of choice who is able to attract, recruit, and retain the top talent in your industry then you need to treat them the same way you treat your best customers…. These 5 areas

Tuesday Tip: What are Millennials looking for in their ideal work environment?

We hear about slides and fireman poles at Google, free food at LinkedIn, daycare facilities, and many other things that sound like they come from a Disneyland theme park not a focussed productive office environment. But, what do Millennials say

Podcast: Older workers in the workforce

The world of work is changing. Baby Boomers are now over 50 and heading towards the last phase of work according to corporate policy and procedure manuals. Listen to what Lynda Smith from the Refirement Network has to say on older

We predicted the demise of Yahoo three years ago

One should not indulge too often nor too deeply in “I told you so” moments. But as news that Verizon has acquired Yahoo broke, I couldn’t help but think back to a post our team wrote in March 2013, a

Tuesday Tip: How to avoid ruining your child’s life

When our team at TomorrowToday talks about the future of work, one of the first questions we’re often asked is “what should my child study”? Parents obviously have a particular set of concerns about the future related to their children,

Generation Y and the Quarter-Life Crisis

In this short video, Ray gives an overview of what we mean by the Quarter-Life Crisis… Not the mid-life crisis, but not very different from it either!   If you’re looking for a more in depth overview of Gen Y

Talent Retention for the Millennial Generation

Talent retention is a frequent conversation with many of our clients asking ‘How do we keep our young people staying in our business so that we can get the most financial benefit out of their presence?’ That’s the wrong question! You

Signposting 2015: Colouring by Numbers

Were I to colour the picture of my year by numbers it would look something like this: 131 flights (45 international and 86 domestic). That equates to 24 days (a ‘day’ being 24 hours) of my year was spent in

A Thoughtful Response to – Would you use Performance Enhancing Chemicals at Work

A recent article I wrote on performance enhancing drugs in the workplace received great interaction once it was published online. Andrew sent a personal message to me and it was so inline with the engagement that I was hoping for

Striving to be a SuperHero?

The difficulty of today’s times is the work-life balance is no longer a balance- it’s a constant integration. We continuously find ourselves diagnosed with ‘superhuman’ syndrome. The over-committed, stretched in every direction, burnout syndrome we find ourselves in as we

Top 5 Reads: The Future World of Work (12 June 2015)

My top 5 reads on the future world of work this past week have been the following: A bit of self promotion first: Our new book was launched this past week, “Leading in a Changing World”. You can get the

The Freelance Economy is growing

Mary Meeker is sometimes called the “Internet Whisperer”. She and her team do research into the ways in which we’re using the Net, and their annual research reports are packed full of information and insights. You can see her 196

The Top Jobs in 10 Years Might Not Be What You Expect – Our Input to FastCompany Future Forum

A few weeks ago, our team was asked to contribute to a Fast Company article on the future of work, part of a special future forum feature week. The final article is superb and well worth a read. Read it

Top 5 Reads this week on The Future of Work (22 May 2015)

Here are the top 5 articles I read this past week on the forces shaping our world right now, and how we should respond to them: The four global forces breaking all the trends – McKinsey on: The world economy’s

Top 5: This week in the Future of Work (7 May 2015)

Each week, I list my top 5 articles, websites, blogs or online resources of the past seven days. These are not always brand new items on the Net – some come from a few months or years back, but they

What coffee are you offering? Engaging your workforce.

According to a worldwide study by Gallup [1], only 13% of workers, internationally, are considered to be “actively engaged” in their workplace. This leaves a staggering 87% either not engaged or actively disengaged in their work environment. Actively engaged workers, are

Sad @ Work

The South African Depression and Anxiety Group (SADAG) in collaboration with Hexor, recently released the most contemporary study in Depression in the workplace- the results are staggering[1]. Depression is so often referred to as a “soft” issue, a HR concern

Working in intensity

How are you, Joe? I am SO busy. There is so much going on. I can’t wait for this busy time to be over and we must get together for some lunch and a catch up. Three months pass……. How

Reasons Why We Don’t Need Offices

I started my “proper” working career (after some military service which included being a professional musician, some student type part-time jobs and early entrepreneurial activity) at KPMG in the early 1990s. I joined the audit group, and was shown a

Reasons Why We Don't Need Offices

I started my “proper” working career (after some military service which included being a professional musician, some student type part-time jobs and early entrepreneurial activity) at KPMG in the early 1990s. I joined the audit group, and was shown a

Join us posting a Photo A Day

Not one of our normal posts today, but then again TomorrowToday isn’t always about the norm are we 🙂 The TomorrowToday team invite YOU to join us on our photo a day challenge. By no means is ‘a photo a

Still the very best thing we could do: End extreme poverty in a generation

For the last few years, I have been involved with The Global Poverty Project, a charity with the goal of seeing the end to extreme poverty within a generation. They support the work of other charities, of advocacy groups and

A Generation in Transit, Generation Why?

A lot of attention is paid to a new kind of workplace. At TomorrowToday we often talk about a changing workplace and a changing workforce from various different angles, be it in leadership, new management styles, mentorship programmes or even

What do Generation Y want from their workspace?

Generation Y are unlikely ever to retire. They probably won’t be able to afford to, but also they probably won’t want to. As a generation they will enjoy work because they will work at things they enjoy. It is unlikely

How Important Are First Impressions?

We are all taught that first impressions are important; and that is because they are! When I train on this subject I talk about creating first and lasting impressions that differentiate you, because in a world where there is so

That Which We Need to Know About Life and Work We Can Learn From Sport

From the United Nations to Schools to Non-Government Organizations sport has been recognized as an extraordinary way for people to learn to become better people. Not only is sport a physical and mental activity, but it is an emotional one

Dreaming of a Green Christmas

Durban is packed to the rafters this week, between the “Matric Ragers” from all over the country, officials and celebs attending Cop17 – the Climate Change Conference. Traffic is a nightmare with blue light conveys to and from the airport.

How the World Has Changed…

I am sitting in Hackney, London, writing this Blog, two days before it shall be published. Why, because on Friday when you read this I shall be on an airplane flying somewhere between Dublin, Amsterdam or Johannesburg (yup that’s my

The art of single-tasking

In the past we’ve blogged on multi-tasking, the ability to do a number of tasks at the same time. I’ve been quite proud of myself and truly believed that I’d become more efficient now that I’ve taken  multi-tasking to a

Workforce trend 2012: Interim and contingent workers

The use of interim managers has been growing throughout the recession. The reasons for this are from both the supply and demand side. Companies realise that in an increasingly complex world in which they operate they need specialist, experienced and

My Public Apology to Chris Anderson

This is a formal and public apology to Chris Anderson. Chris has a sense of humour, and I got caught out. Chris is one of the main drivers behind TED, and he’s also a co-author of The Email Charter. A week or

The Talent at Home Pty Ltd

When we talk about talent we normally refer to talent within the corporate or sporting world, as well, of  course, as the proud moms and dads who all have naturally talented children. You don’t often hear people talking of the

What's wrong (and right) with "best company to work for" lists

I have never been a big fan of “best company to work for” lists. They exist in many countries, and are normally sponsored by a high profile entity (Fortune magazine in the US, The Sunday Times in the UK and

What’s wrong (and right) with “best company to work for” lists

I have never been a big fan of “best company to work for” lists. They exist in many countries, and are normally sponsored by a high profile entity (Fortune magazine in the US, The Sunday Times in the UK and

This for that – the effect of technology and virtual distance.

We are now living in a world where distance and time apart from our loved 
ones is not as challenging as it used to be. Through the use of technology,
 we are not only able to speak to our loved

Don’t be fooled

Tomorrow is April Fools Day – a day widely recognized and celebrated as a day that tolerates practical jokes and general foolishness. In celebration of this day, I thought it would be a nice idea to share some practical joke

Popsters versus Hispters: the Millennial divide

As sub-cultures pose a potentially serious threat to the long-term survival of traditional culture (along with cultural imperialism, immigration, the loss of language and various other global phenomenons) it is important to consider the growing divide that is, well, growing

How to stop your staff leaving as the economy improves

Your best employees could very well have one eye on the door. Once the economic recovery begins in earnest they’ll have plenty of new opportunities to choose from – and businesses around the world will begin to experience an exodus

What’s the right age to give a child a cell phone?

I recently heard that a kid, close to my heart, was getting a smart phone for his 11th birthday and I have to admit I was horrified. According to these international stats “Cell phones are kids’ new must-have accessory” Cell

The Sheen is off Charlie

If what we read is true then we might well have seen the last of Charlie Sheen and Two and a Half Men. Sheen’s inability to act like a normal human being has seen the plug being pulled on one

Are Chinese mothers really superior?

I’m a little shattered after reading Amy Chua’s  Wall Street Journal description of her parenting style in Why Chinese Mothers Are Superior. “There’s good reason why Chinese kids excel in music, math and all academia, argues Amy Chua in her

The importance of balance

I was sitting in a coffee shop staring out over the ocean in a windy Cape Town reflecting on a debate I had just with a client about the significance of blue chip companies having to accommodate change in order

It’s not information overload – it’s filture failure

The digital world is always inventing a new way for you to connect with people and for people to connect with you. To add to all this the information on the internet is becoming more and more complex to manage

What will today’s children do for work in 2022?

Recently I was invited onto 702 to be interviewed by Redi Tlhabi on her show. The subject of conversation, as per this post’s title was what today’s children might be doing in 2022 for work. The show was recorded under

What will today's children do for work in 2022?

Recently I was invited onto 702 to be interviewed by Redi Tlhabi on her show. The subject of conversation, as per this post’s title was what today’s children might be doing in 2022 for work. The show was recorded under

Generation Mom X

How many Gen X women do you know well into their 30’s who are still completely focused on their careers, some married and some who don’t even have the time to entertain dating as they leave the office after 9pm,

Women at work, does it work?

Here are some interesting facts: in 2007 Canada became the first country in the world with a majority female workforce. In 2010 the United Sates of America followed suit. Currently, 70% of China’s massive semi-skilled factory workforce is made up

Technology Free Night

I normally write my Thursday blog post on a Wednesday evening – with the TV on in the background, and checking Facebook, my RSS feeds and Twitter intermittently. This won’t be happening tonight though – Wednesday has been declared ‘Technology

Technology for a better virtual work environment

The following tools are some of what the TomorrowToday team use, which enable us to work more effectively in our virtual office environment. Skype is a well-known tool used by many individuals and businesses to communicate over the Internet. The

Improve your business by deliberately creating chance encounters

Jim Dator, a professor in the Futures Department of the University of Hawaii shared an interesting model with a colleague of mine (Keith Coats) recently. It’s about where futurists go to develop their scenarios for what is shaping the world

The changing work habits of young people

Johnson Controls, a company specialising in “optimising the energy and operational efficiency of buildings”, has been conducting global workplace research into what type of work environment today’s young people are looking for. It’s called the Oxygenz Workplace study and is

The meaning of work for different generations

As regular readers of this blog know, one of my passions is trying to understand the generation gap, and help people to make sense of relationships and interactions between people younger and older than themselves. This topic has been something

Are Most Big Corporates Really Psychopaths?

RANT ALERT. Most times I try to be a dispassionate researcher of the new world of work. But sometimes I just can’t take it anymore. Today is one of those days… Almost every day I pick up a story on

Nine key workforce trends for the next decade

Download a copy of this article in PDF format – right click here. The contents of this article can be presented as a keynote or a workshop for your team. Contact our UK or South African offices to find out

Women and the New World of Work

As it’s my very first post (ever, anywhere!), I thought it would be apt to come at it from a woman’s angle.  I have read two articles recently, both in the Times (and thus you need to pay for them

Freelancers, eLancers and Cloud workers

We have long been predicting that a significant employment trend in the years ahead will be online freelancers. We have used analogies of the movie industry to prove that it can work. We’ve done book reviews of authors who lay

How we use humour to deal with tragedy

This is one of those random blog entries I sometimes post with a half thought through point that I know is much bigger than I have time to deal with. So, duly warned… It’s amazing to me that we use

PODCAST – Graeme Codrington speaks to some trends around the New World of Work

Graeme Codrington’s website describes him as: an expert on the new world of work and multi-generational workplaces. He is a keynote presenter, author, futurist, facilitator and strategy consultant working across multiple industries and sectors. He blends cutting-edge research, thought leading

BP’s record – not just an oil spill – and a lesson for us all

In March 2007, a blog entry I wrote received quite a lot of attention in the South African press. In it, I suggested that certain industries had the potential to get themselves into a lot of trouble if they chased

BP's record – not just an oil spill – and a lesson for us all

In March 2007, a blog entry I wrote received quite a lot of attention in the South African press. In it, I suggested that certain industries had the potential to get themselves into a lot of trouble if they chased

‘Here come the girls’: How the recession has impacted men (and women) at work

At least three advertising campaigns are currently using the song, “Here come the girls” (remixed by the Sugarbabes) in the UK. Besides being slightly confusing, it is a reminder that indeed, women are coming to the workplace. They have been

'Here come the girls': How the recession has impacted men (and women) at work

At least three advertising campaigns are currently using the song, “Here come the girls” (remixed by the Sugarbabes) in the UK. Besides being slightly confusing, it is a reminder that indeed, women are coming to the workplace. They have been

Resources for parents

At TomorrowToday, we’re focused on helping mainly corporate clients to understand the new world of work. We’re particularly passionate about showing people the importance of inter-personal skills, and helping people change their mindsets about the world, other people and their

Out of the mouths of babes: Authentic leadership doesn’t pretend

A few years ago, my business partner, Keith Coats, wrote a superb little book, “Everything I Know About Leadership I Learnt from the Kids” (it’s officially out of print, but you can still buy new copies from and

Delivering Happiness… a path to profits, passion and purpose

I’m very excited! I’ve just received two advanced copies of Tony Hsieh’s (CEO of Zappos) new book called Delivering Happiness. And best news of all I’m giving away a free copy to a member of our blog community. All you

Technology to connect us: A story before bed (dot com)

For most of our lifetime, technology has been accused of driving us apart – of separating us. And we railed against this as human beings. Computers have brought efficiency, but also sterility. They’ve allowed us to communicate, but not connect.

Employee Engagement Report 2010

Towers Watson is a global professional services company that does an excellent annual report on employee engagement. Their 2010 edition is available to download here. I have read it through quickly, and was drawn to the section on “Toward a

Five upcoming changes in the way we work

Tammy Erickson, Harvard Business Review contributor and author of multiple books, including Retire Retirement and Workforce Crisis, has written about the five key changes she is expecting in the workplace in 2010. What do you think? Do you agree with

A looming retirement crisis for Boomers (with lots of opportunities)

We have argued many times on this blog that the Baby Boomers are going to redefine retirement (for example, here, here and here). In fact, we even thought we were very clever using the phrase “retyrement” to describe what we

TIDES of Change: the five trends disrupting business in the next 5 years

Updated in May 2010 Download a copy of this article in PDF format – right click here. The contents of this article can be presented as a keynote or a workshop for your team. Contact our UK or South African

Building your own healthcare community

Many years ago when I was in community development, some of the cutting edge thinkers were promoting the idea of less professionals and more community involvement in ensuring the growth, development, safety, etc of family. It was a simple but

A happiness bank – connecting helpers with those who need help

I am doing some work in Estonia in a few days time, and so have been watching the wires for news reports from that country. One of these really jumped out at me. “Estonians to lauch world’s first e-Bank of

Marcus Buckingham takes aim at women

The guy is no fool. Marcus Buckingham, author and strengths uber-guru, knows what he is doing. He first shot to prominence with a series of books about personal strengths. I think that his book, “Now, Discover Your Strengths” (also sold

Challenges – and solutions – to Work-Life Balance

A recent report from the Corporate Executive Board was summarised by Brian Kropp on the Talent Management blog. Read it online at their site, or an extract below: Challenges to Work-Life Balance by Brian Kropp The uncertain economic environment has

Climate change: The biggest global-health threat of the 21st century

This is what the top flight medical journal, The Lancet, says. In the latest edition, an article entitled “Managing the Health Effects of Climate Change” makes this claim. See this article, and other similar ones here. The article is a

Healthy happy families

I’m a big fan of Lance Armstrong’s Livestrong foundation. I received an email from them today with “10 steps to a successful family life” and thought I’d share it with you. Although this blog primarily deals with business issues, we

Perspective: A Helpful Framework for Leaders

Erik Erikson, the renown Danish Developmental Psychologist believed that balance in life was dependent upon paying attention to three critical areas of one’s life: Work, Play & Love. Erikson argued that maintaining a balance in these three areas was essential

A new way of looking at inheritance is needed

If you read this blog regularly, you might have spotted that last week’s Spectator magazine has been on my reading list. It just happened to be a fairly thought provoking edition. Here is another thought it sparked for me. When

What Gen Y Really Wants – And Why We Should Care

A nice post from some young people who really do know what their peers would like at the workplace. Read the original here. Or an extract below: While conducting research on the work-life balance outlooks of crème de la crème

Pleased to meet you. What do you do for a living?

When you meet new people at a function, what is one of the first things they ask you?  Every time I am introduced to new people, we generally say ‘hello’ and ‘pleased to meet you’.  Then, we ask each other,

Office 2.0 Database

I’m a great fan of so-called Web 2.0, and what it’s going to mean to our way of interacting and doing business. Today I came across a wonderful database of Office 2.0 apps nicely arranged into useful categories. For those

The best companies to work for…if you are a parent

Not many people think about maternity benefits when applying for a job, and yet organisations differ hugely in what they provide for parents. Some offer the bare legal minimum, others offer a year’s maternity leave on full pay. In an

Some wisdom from Warren Buffett

I received this in an e-mail today…. There was a one hour interview on CNBC with Warren Buffett, the second richest man who has donated $31 billion to charity Here are some very interesting aspects of his life: He bought

IBM to spend $50 million on staff financial education

The China Post is reporting this morning that IBM has announced a $50 million staff development initiative specifically aimed at improving their staff member’s financial education. Employees, as well as their spouses or domestic partners, will be offered a series

Crime – Where Facts, Politics And Emotions Clash

South Africa, a young democracy, is experiencing what almost every young democracy has experienced: an increase in crime, and other issues that threaten hard won freedoms. It often takes a tipping point, and an escalation to almost unbearable limits, in

Downshifting – Changing the gears

Tired of the constant pressure of corporate life Bruce decided he no longer needed this kind of life. With no dependents he and his wife sold-up house and business and moved into a rustic coastal cottage they now call home.

The biggest killers in the world

I am sitting at the Liquified Petroleum Gas South African annual convention. The global marketing head, Michael Kelly, from the World body just presented a fascinating study of indoor pollution in Africa. I thought I wouldn’t be interested, but then

Creating a culture for engagement

Tomorrow, I am speaking at South Africa’s “Best Company to Work For 2006” awards ceremony (live on Summit TV from about 8am). In preparation for this, the organisers sent me information on “Employee Engagement”, the theme of this year’s awards.

Taking Time Off

The Vancouver Sun, Canada, recently reported on a trend of younger generations of workers taking sabbaticals from their work. We’re talking about young people working for 3 or 4 years, and then resigning to take a 6 month break –

Could this be it?

Ever since I can remember (although in reality its probably only since the late 1980s), I have lived with the grim warnings about the scourge of HIV/AIDS. Futurists have been warning of the dire consequences of having as much as

Understanding Health from a Generational Perspective

Sue Grant-Marshall, co-author with me of “Mind the Gap”, our book about the generation gap, has written a nice primer on generational attitudes to health. It was published in the Business Day on 30 August 2006 – read it here.

Motorola – creating flexibility

Motorola, (in South Africa at least) has reportedly been experimenting with a shift to more work-life balance in their working hours and office inhabitation requirements. Apparently, non-traditional working hours are the norm, driven by a vision of seamless mobility where

Boomer Women, Grandmas and Second Wave Feminism

It was the Baby Boomer women that fuelled the feminist revolution of the 1960s and 70s. Their focus may have shifted, but they’re still revolutionaries. Kay S. Hymowitz writes an excellent piece in the City Journal of the Manhattan Institute

Slow down on those fast foods

We all do it, our busy schedules and run around lifestyles mean that we eat more take away and fast foods now than we ever did…ITS TRUE. How many times after a busy day, do you just say ” I

Its not just a “glass ceiling”, its a “maternal wall” too

“We have to stop letting businesses off the hook who talk about family values, but create policies where the employee, who puts caring for a sick child a higher priority than work, risks a promotion or their job”. So says,

Cryonics founders cremated

This article was posted on sourced from These people were frozen while they waited for medical science to discover two things: 1) How to cure the disease that killed them. 2) How to resuscitate people who have been

Capitalising on Ageing Boomers

In an article entitled “New ideas to ease into old age“, Roxana Popescu in the International Herald Tribune of 17 March, 2006, addresses the issue of what ageing Boomers are looking for in healthcare, and some of the trends and

Work-Life balance – ideas for action

Apparently 1 March is designated “Work-Life Balance” Day. Not sure it made any difference to me, but there it is… I found the following article online at (of all places) the AccountingNet website (I think more than this is definitely

How to Get the Most Out of a Job You Hate

I was recently asked to contribute to a magazine feature that focussed on helping people get the most of jobs, even when they hated doing what they did. This is a tough topic for me, as I enjoy nearly every

KFC gets it!

I was fascinated yesterday while reading through my local Caxton newspaper to see a brochure from KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken) on their latest offering….oven grilled chicken. WOW!!! In a world marinated (literally) in junk foods, fast foods, flavourants and the

Female Friendly Firms are actually Family Friendly

Around the world, a growing number of organisations are starting to realise that it is a massive loss to lose women in the 30s and 40s – women who opt out of the rat race in order to focus attention

Cornflakes Turn 100 Today

And finally… Today is the 100th birthday of the humble cornflake. William and John Kellogg had started the sanitas Food Company to provide America with whole grained cereals in the 1800s. They stumbled across the cornflake after leaving some dough

All the seeds in the world

The New Scientist of 12 Jan 2006 reports that The Global Crop Diversity Trust, together with the Norwegian government and a global consortium of nations is planning to create a “Doomsday vault to avert world famine”. The Norwegian government will

Happiness in the Workplace

Some info from Dr. Timothy J Sharp (a.k.a. Dr. Happy),, who looks at research into happiness in the workplace. TIM’S QUICK SUMMARY In brief, high performing groups within the most successful organisations (1) feel valued, (2) are supported and

Why you need an iPod for Christmas?

I just had a birthday. My amazing wife bought me an iPod Video. It replaces my iPod mini that’s given me hours of amazingness. I used my iPod mini for mostly travelling by plane to escape the mind-numbing experience of

More grandparents raising children

One of the major problems of the AIDS epidemic in Africa (and soon in Asia, Russia, China and India, too), is that it hits the middle age people most (mainly because in Africa, AIDS is sexually transmitted between heterosexuals). This

Two Socks to Success

Surgeons call it double gloving – one latex glove over another for extra protection in difficult or potentially dangerous procedures. Though not for the same reasons, scientists have now discovered that ‚double socking‛ – wearing two layers of socks could

Innovation in the healthcare sector Please!!

My wife was feeling a little queasy over the past few days. After having been to India, we both decided that maybe it would be a good idea to get this checked out sooner rather than later (Malaria and Hepatitis

Work/Life Balance – So what does that mean in this fast moving world we live in?

The other day someone commented that they were worried about me because all I seem to do is work. I don’t see it like that at all. I think I do understand the concept and have a definite control over

It’s a small world anyway

So here I am in Hawaii with my head having just arrived in Atlanta. It still has about a 9 hour trip to catch-up with the rest of me. Added trouble is that I picked-up a nasty flu type bug

Where does the water go?

Today, the pumps in New Orleans started up again. The levees are being repaired, and the USA can start pumping the water out of the 60% of New Orleans that is still under 3 to 6 feet of water. The

What Really Matters

A man died ‘in my arms’ this past weekend. After 20min of CPR on the beach we managed to get his pulse and breathing back momentarily – but it was shortlived. By the time the ambulance arrived, he’d been pulseless

My relief

The past week I learnt a lot about myself. We learnt that the final tests on our baby came out totally clean after what have been six months of anxiety and worry. What I realised, though, is that during these

The Three C’s of the Connection Economy Women

Having watched the segment on working moms (premium content, requires free login) on last Sunday’s Carte Blanche, the subject of balance touched a chord, yet again. Very aptly put by one of the interviewees, we seek the “Three C’s” in

Chilled out leaders

In the northern hemisphere its August (OK, its August everywhere), and that means summer holidays. Traditionally, many countries (specifically France) seem to shut down in their entirety. Certainly, not much seems to get done (just like the southern hemisphere mid

Selling body parts

Today, in Durban, South Africa, 5 doctors gave themselves up to the police after warrants of arrest were issued for them (read News24 coverage). In short, they are part of a global network that buys and sells human organs, especially

Social Entrepreneurs can teach us about the Connection Economy

I have been privileged in the last 2 weeks to attend two functions that have pulled at my hearts strings. First a function at GIBS where a group of interested social entrepreneurs came together to listen to the stories of

Adrenaline Junkie

To those who make the world go round, the achievers, the movers and shakers, the driven, the unstoppable, the determined, those who strive for excellence in all they do, and those who live life to the fullest … a warning:

The Digital Hospital

In BusinessWeek on 28 March, 2005, they profiled the Digital Hospital. This is a real, working existing hospital that has just made excellent use of existing technologies. You can see a slide show, which gives you a brief overview of

Burn-out and wellness

Last week a 35-year old, brilliant consultant from Atos-KPMG died of a heart attack. We worked together on the DWAF project. He was an in-shape, lean-looking guy. He leaves behind two small kids (9mnths and 2 years) and his wife.

Downshifting – Changing the gears

Tired of the constant pressure of corporate life Bruce decided he no longer needed this kind of life. With no dependents he and his wife sold-up house and business and moved into a rustic coastal cottage they now call home.

Stress is not the enemy

Some people thrive under pressure, others wane � why? Sustained high performance demands physical, emotional and mental strength. To keep all three in peak performing condition, executives need to learn what world class athletes already know: Recovering energy is as

Old wives tales

Feed a cold, starve a fever Or is it starve a cold and feed a fever? It really doesn’t matter, since both are wrong. Whether you’re burning up or nursing a cold, good, ample nutrition always aids in the healing

A lesson in cellular biology

As a child, my mother led me to believe that if my ears glowed, someone, somewhere was talking about me. More recently though, I came across the real reason for red ears (which now makes me wonder about the validity

Forget the Taliban – Ban the tan

Introduction More and more companies are doing it. Just the other day I sat in a conference with one of South Africa’s multi-nationals and they were doing it. Chances are, if your company hasn’t started doing it, it’s going to