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The Best of Fast Company 2015

One of my favourite magazines/blogs/ezines is Fast Company. Every day I get a feast of reading from their team, direct to my inbox. Fast Company’s staff compiled their “best of” articles for 2015, and it’s a great list. You can

FastCompany’s predictions for the news stories of 2016

It’s that time of year when we look back in review and ahead in anticipation. At TomorrowToday, we don’t often indulge in the headline grabbing short-term predictions so popular in the media as one year changes over to the next,
No cell holiday

Going Unplugged: A Case Study & A Dare

“The business was still there when I got back” was the ah-ha revelation of John, a senior retail operations leader who dared go on holiday for two weeks without his cell phone. “In fact” he added, “my staff have grown
DSA Social Media report cover

Strategic Insights: Social Media and Direct Selling

Over the last decade, social media has gone from being a student’s toy to a new marketing channel to a set of tools that are integral to the new approach to social business. At TomorrowToday, we’ve tracked these developments, and
bic for her

Perspectives on BIC’s ongoing disasters with women

Last Sunday was National Women’s Day in my home country, South Africa. The public holiday celebrates an anti-apartheid women’s march which took place on 9 August 1956. It was a key moment in South African history, and one that inspired

The New Lemonade Stand – how to help your kids make piles of money (and what it means for your business and future)

For the last few months, I have spent many hours every week researching and writing a new book about the future of work and leadership (see advance information, including free download of chapter 1, here). In that time, I’ve seen
Curriculum vitae

4 Factors to consider about CV’s when hiring Digital Natives

Historically a CV, or resumé, has been a useful tool to understand and to assess the ability of a candidate for a role. Increasingly, however, with Digital Natives this may not be as useful a tool. In the past there

Top 5: This week in the Future of Work (1 May 2015)

Here are the top five articles I have read this week relating to the changing world of work, leadership and disruptive trends. The sword, the printing press and the algorithm: Three technologies that changed the world Cisco’s CEO on Staying

Who wants to be part of my omni-channel customer experience?

I have mentioned Richard Stacey before – he was one of the people who speaks the most sense in the world about social media. He can verge on being grumpy about it, but he never fails to accurately and precisely

Designing a SMART Customer Experience

The digital world has disrupted our marketing worlds and changed the way business communicates with its customer. Social media has opened the door to two-way conversations, data gives us a better understanding of our market and mobile makes our message

Cyber Bullying: Are you ready for this?

Parents, do you know what 420, TDTM and GNOC mean in cyber speak? Whether you do or don’t, there’s a good chance your child does – 420 means marijuana, TDTM means Talk Dirty to Me, and GNOC means Get Naked

Top 7 Trends for Social Media in 2014

Going into 2014 I have spent some time looking into the predicted trends and have highlighted a few that I believe will take place in 2014. Image based content will increase This is a no-brainer but should be said. Image

Social Media and Recruitment – The connection economy shift

Finding a job has never been a simple process and finding the right person to join your company is like finding a needle in a haystack. Fortunately the rise of social media is making it easier for companies and candidates

Limited social media at work is a deal breaker for younger generations

The biggest issue that HR is facing today is IT policies. In most companies, IT does not see itself as a service to the HR function, and don’t recognise how much their policies affect the morale of the staff –

Mobile Marketing and Social Disruption

I am currently in the middle of a simple series exploring mobile and the impacts it has in life, work and society. When asked to look at the future of mobile I believe that you need at look at three

Blogging the ‘Not So Smart’ Way by Jeff Bullas

I was really looking forward to reading Jeff Bullas’s ‘Blogging the Smart Way’ that I had downloaded. I was sure that there would be some worthwhile insights and some fresh lessons to be learnt. He did a pretty convincing job

Twitter username changed: @FuturistGraeme

Graeme Codrington used to Tweet at @workforcetrends. He has now changed his Twitter username to @FuturistGraeme. If you already follow him, there is no need to do anything – the change has already been made automatically. But please do update

Make the most of social media: the difference between an audience and an individual

One of the numerous quotes attributed to Albert Einstein is: “Not everything that can be counted counts, and not everything that counts can be counted.” This is true in business, as it is in other areas of our lives. It

The Kids Aren’t Playing Around Anymore

For a few years now, our researchers at TomorrowToday have been predicting what Generation Y might do when they grow up. This generation was first dubbed “The Millennials” by Neil Howe and William Strauss (see this book, for example), and

The Kids Aren't Playing Around Anymore

For a few years now, our researchers at TomorrowToday have been predicting what Generation Y might do when they grow up. This generation was first dubbed “The Millennials” by Neil Howe and William Strauss (see this book, for example), and

How My iPhone Can Help You?

I have the iPhone 4S and I recently installed the software upgrade iOS6. So this is some of what my phone can now do: Make phone calls Send SMS’s (which I can choose to write or dictate with a microphone)

Can Mobile and Social Strategy Create an Infrastructure for Africa Development

Over the past year or so I have been working with a number of companies looking to expand their business into Africa. This is probably one of the most exciting areas of business growth because of the uniques challenges and

The future isn’t what it used to be: Neither at work nor it seems, at home!

In the July-August issue of The Futurist ( there was an interesting article on the shift from ‘smart houses’ to ‘networked houses’. Authors Chris Carbone and Kristin Nauth describe how tomorrow’s integrated, networked and aware home systems will forever change

What we can learn about marketing, sales and branding to Gen Y from Justin Bieber

On 4 June 2012 Justin Bieber became the youngest person ever to appear on the cover of Forbes magazine. He has also been ranked as Forbes’s third most influential celebrity (based on his income and fame), after Jennifer Lopez and

Stats about LinkedIn in Africa [infographic]

After the demand for our LinkedIn in South Africa infographics we decided to extend our research into Africa. Nearly 6 million people are using LinkedIn in Africa. Proving that LinkedIn is becoming a great resource to connect with people in

LinkedIn in South Africa 2012 [infographic]

Over the last few years the DigitLab team and I have been tracking the growth of LinkedIn in South Africa.In 2011 we saw an 83% growth (600 000 professionals) from this year and in 2012 a 45% increase (500 000

Social Media empowers Citizen Journalism

After my last article about the role of social media in journalism I received an email through a friend from a journalism lecturer who shared this TED video with me. The video is a great description of a new layer


The Revenge of the Boomers – why Boomers need to become techno-literate!

I heard a great story in a workshop in which I was involved with a group of educators. We were talking about ‘Rethinking Education’ and in particular the way in which technology is impacting on education. As you can imagine

The Communication Revolution

In the 21st century I think we are all acutely aware of the significance of communication. It is all around us, in so many forms: face to face (both verbal and non-verbal or our body language), written, in various forms

Why social media and radio are best friends

Birds of a feather flock together. The old saying rings very true when it comes to media channels that drive social interaction instead of one way broadcasting. Media channels that have a ‘live’ mechanism to them are inherently channels that

Lessons from a 30min conversation with Wikipedia Founder

Last night I arrived in Lagos to present a session on social media strategy. I was met at the airport by the a very professional and very friendly man who guided me into that parking lot outside. The parking lot


Understanding the Social Agenda: what every leader needs to know about tomorrow

The Social Agenda will define the future of your company. It is that big, it is that important and it is that unavoidable! Let me explain what is the social agenda and why it is that important. The social agenda

The best social media policy is based on values – not rules

I have been meaning to write about developing a social media policy for some time now. This is something that I believe can make or break your internal and external social media campaigns. A good social media policy does not

Top 20 Websites in South Africa 2012

Over the last few years I have been tracking the Top 20 most popular websites in South Africa. Comparing 2010 and 2011 results revealed that social media was definitely growing as a high priority for South Africans. In this analysis

How social media is changing the role of journalism

In their latest book Blur: How to Know What’s True in the Age of Information Overload by Bill Kovach and Tom Rosenstiel, these two men explore the new role of journalism that has been created due to the way that people aggregate

Three reasons to get into Google+

Google+ is taking the world by storm and just may become the social network with enough clout to give Facebook a run for its money. After joining Google+ a few month ago (you can see my profile here) I have

The Revolution Starts Where? A presentation for the meetings industry

A few weeks ago, Graeme Codrington ran a workshop at EMEC2012, the conference for Meetings Professionals International (MPI) in Budapest. He was asked to speak on technologies that are going to shape the meetings industry in the next few years.

Social Media Bootcamps – Joburg Dates

The Social Media Boot Camp is a crash course in Social Media and Web 2.0 with a specific focus on using it strategically for business. According to the Friendship 2.0 report published by MWEB, Social Media has become the main

Social Media Bootcamp – Durban

The Social Media Boot Camp is a crash course in Social Media and Web 2.0 with a specific focus on using it strategically for business. According to the Friendship 2.0 report published by MWEB, Social Media has become the main

Does your brand need to get a little more social?

We all know that social media is by no means new, however it’s astounding how many businesses have failed to recognise it as a powerful marketing tool. It’s changed the way brands and consumers communicate and is something companies can

Making the most of IM in your business

Our team in the UK have recently been involved in analysing the results of a new survey released earlier this week by Symantec. It focused on the issue of instant messaging, and discovered that although many people understand the benefits

Why people follow brands on social media – insights for social marketers

I was watching a video by one of Microsoft UK’s top digital marketing strategists (you can too, it’s available on YouTube, courtesy of Digital Surrey). In it, he shows research about why people follow brands on social media. It’s very

The Great Sofa Surprise: The difference between net and com

I recently read a story in our local newspaper, The Mercury of a situation that I can only imagine how it must have played out and is the stuff of a Monty Python sketch. It seems that the Archdiocese of

Social Reinvention at South Africa’s Web 2.0 Conference

Mike Saunders will be presenting Social Reinvention at the  Web 2.0 conference in March 2012. Date:    6 – 8 March 2012 Venue: Emperors Palace, Kempton Park, Johannesburg Get 10% off the conference by quoting this promotional code “tomorrowweb2.0” The past, present

Using Social Media To Market Your Brand: The Ups and Downs

The Twittersphere is a buzz with comments on the tweets put out my @DurexSA last week, which at best were lame and thoughtless and at worst were incredibly insulting to both men and women; and all this on the eve

Thoughts of a Mind-traveler

It is Thursday evening and I am tired. I have had a full-on week and it’s not even finished yet. I am sitting at Durban airport waiting for my flight back to Johannesburg. My blogging day at TomorrowToday is a

Rethinking the Future of Education Workshops

Over the years TomorrowToday has had the opportunity – the privilege, to be involved in educating educators.  This has been both in South Africa as well as internationally.  For the past three years TomorrowToday, in partnership with Varsity College and

So what business benefit does Twitter offer its users?

Twit! A few years ago this word would have described someone slightly lower on the food chain who annoys us. Today it has evolved into a term of endearment for those people using Twitter to communicate. Yes, it’s true. These

The need for Social Reinvention

When you drop a mentos mint into a bottle of Diet Coke the rough edges of the Mentos are filled with Diet Coke and a chemical reaction takes place producing CO2 . The CO2 causes the Diet Coke to fizz

Crowdsourcing vs Agencies

Crowdsourcing is the method of outsourcing work to a large group of people rather than to individual employees or departments. When looking into the design of my company logo, I decided to run a test to see if crowdsourcing would be

What Social Learning will add to your Online Training Programme

I spent the day yesterday with one of South Africa’s favourite brands. We were looking into the implementation strategy of a new Social Learning platform that would add an entirely new dynamic to their training and development programme. What was

Facebook highlights the new generation gap

Lucy Kellaway, a columnist in the Financial Times, wrote a brilliant piece some time ago about how older generations engage with social media, and why the battle to understand the value of Facebook. I think she has hit the nail

Better events – for Generation Y

I spend two or three days a week at conferences and formal, large group meetings. And it’s ever more obvious that this part of our business lives is out of date. Most of this is because events and conferences are

Linkedin in South Africa has grown by 83%

Over the past few months I havebeen looking extensively at the topic of Social Reinvention. This is the process of reinventing our business to incorporate social media and social technology. I have come to believe that this is imperative for business
TT Infographic-V3

TomorrowToday has an Infographic

I’m not sure there can be anyone left on the planet who hasn’t been exposed to an infographic? Wikipedia describes them as: Information graphics or infographics are graphic visual representations of information, data or knowledge. These graphics present complex information

What does Social Media mean to you?

if you’re amongst the many people that are totally overwhelmed by Social Media, who may love and use Facebook for your personal networking or connecting with school friends but haven’t seen or understood the value of using this tool for

Why People Over 45 Need Mentoring

In a world that has seriously changed and is continuing to change at an exponential rate, lots of ‘unthinkables’ become normal everyday. One of the biggest shifts in social behaviour over the last 30 to 50 years has been this

How Generation Y copes with death

No parent should outlive their child. And, yet, tragically this happens so often. Just last week, some old family friends’ young, 20-something son, was knocked over and killed by a car in a hit and run accident. The death of

My Top Three Social Media Lessons for Business

I have been involved in social media for the past few years and enjoy looking at new ways that social media can be adopted in business. I am a bit of a dabbler and over the past few months I

Kaiser Chiefs new album takes a step up in social business

UK Indie Rock band, The Kaiser Chiefs, have taken a step up in the social business world with their latest album, The Future is Medieval. They’ve made twenty tracks available to their fans. You listen to the tracks and select

Seth Godin on the free-gap

In his daily blog entry today, Seth Godin provides an amazingly insightful analysis of what he calls the “free-gap”. Many of us who produce intellectual capital for a living (authors, speakers, consultants, but also musicians, artists and the like) battle

Social Media Bubble

There is a great deal of conversation around the social media bubble at the moment. If you have not heard already, the social media bubble is a topical debate about whether social media websites like Facebook, Groupon, Linkedin and Twitter

Technology’s influence on our performance in the new world of work – part 1

The illiterate if the 21st century will not be those who cannot read and write, but those who cannot learn, unlearn and relearn Alvin Toffler I think Toffler’s words are insightful and profound; and I agree with him. According to

Technology's influence on our performance in the new world of work – part 1

The illiterate if the 21st century will not be those who cannot read and write, but those who cannot learn, unlearn and relearn Alvin Toffler I think Toffler’s words are insightful and profound; and I agree with him. According to

Highlights from the Social Media World Forum

I am lucky enough to be at the Social Media World Forum today and I have been blogging about the conference in detail. The are the highlights of day one as we looked into brands, online reputation monitoring and crisis

Social business challenges hierarchy business model

Almost every business older than ten years runs on a hierarchical structure. This structure has equipped businesses for ages, making sure they are accountable, profitable and running smoothly. This hierarchical structure is under attack when looking at social business. To

DA takes control of the online political space

The local ward elections are upon us and therefore the media is full of stories about how each political party is both fabulous and corrupt (depending who placed the article). Arthur Goldstuck sent out a survey release on which political

Social buying takes flight… literally

A fantastic story in the FastCompany ezine today illustrates the tremendous potential of social buying. Groupon has already proved that using the power of the Internet to connect people with similar goals and desires together makes business sense. The company

Here There Be Dragons – HC SVNT DRACONES (#TBD)

HC SVNT DRACONES (hic sunt dracones) translated as Here are dragons, is part of the legend that early sailors would mark their maps with this latin phrase to indicate unexplored or dangerous territory. Roman and Medieval map makers used HIC SVNT

Facebook – of all companies – should know better

We say it over and over again on this blog and in our presentations and workshops: we are living in a new era of ultra transparency. You can’t get away with things, you can’t hide information, you can’t fool your

Social Business Shifts in Recruitment

  As the Internet makes a bigger impact on the recruitment industry we are starting to see recruitment agencies enter into a second state of disruption in South Africa. The first state of disruption that the recruitment industry experienced due

Recruitment Trend Shifts in South Africa

The recruitment industry in South Africa looks like it is on the rise for the first time in two and a half years. Human Resources South Africa reported “employment grew by 5.6% during March.” As business slowly starts to find

How much time do you spend on Social Media? Probably not enough!

How much time spent on your social media space is enough, too much or not enough? It’s the magic million dollar question, if there even is such a number. Certainly it helps to assess whether you even can do it

Just tweet

We blogged about the Twitter Blanket Drive yesterday and it’s made me think about the sheer power that Social Media has for charities and NGO’s. We’ve all heard of the power of social media for business, how it’s the next,

A David v Goliath lesson from The Cloud (@BantamLive and @ConstantContact)

My colleague, Graeme Codrington, beat me to the punch with his post last week (Incomprehensible business decisions that alienate customers) about Constant Contact and their decision to put Bantam Live on ice for a period of time (a long period of time) while

Incomprehensible business decisions that alienate customers

Every now and again a company does something that is so incomprehensible, so mystifying, that it blows my mind. I have had two such experiences in the last week, and have to tell someone about it – if for no

One Day Without Shoes

TomorrowToday went to work without shoes yesterday in support of the one day without shoes campaign. An incredible exerience that opened our eyes to what its like to live “out of our shoes” and experience life a different way. One

Personal Mail from CEO of LinkedIn to me

It was all over the new last week. LinkedIn hit 100 million users (the majority of whom sit outside of the US). As part of that milestone achievement, the CEO of LinkedIn (Reid Hoffman) sent a personal(ised) mail to the

Popsters versus Hispters: the Millennial divide

As sub-cultures pose a potentially serious threat to the long-term survival of traditional culture (along with cultural imperialism, immigration, the loss of language and various other global phenomenons) it is important to consider the growing divide that is, well, growing

Sharing our lives – in pictures and videos – there’s an app for that

Today saw the release of another new iPhone app. I wouldn’t normally comment on such a thing, but this one has captured my imagination, and seems to take collaboration / crowdsourcing to a whole new level. It certainly is a

Sharing our lives – in pictures and videos – there's an app for that

Today saw the release of another new iPhone app. I wouldn’t normally comment on such a thing, but this one has captured my imagination, and seems to take collaboration / crowdsourcing to a whole new level. It certainly is a

To infinity and beyond

Having recently watched Toy Story 3, I really enjoyed this article which provides some insights into how Pixar used social media to target a new market group, with an end result of Toy Story 3 being the most financially successful

Fundamentally Changing the Shape of Education – Khan Academy

Ever since I heard about Sal Khan I’ve been wanting to write about him and his organisation, The Khan Academy. Until recently he was a Hedge Fund Trader, and packed that in to run a non-profit organisation using YouTube to

What we can learn about Millennial Kids from Justin Bieber

If you are over 30 and battling to understand the mind set of your pre-teen child, or post-teen employees, then I strongly suggest you check yourself in to your local cinema for a couple of hours and watch ‘Never Say

What on earth is Social Business?

We have heard of social media? So what on earth is Social Business? Social Media is a media platform that provides people a place to connect with each other using social technology. Social business is the same concept but just

Online Sales Leads: Best be Quick!

In a recent HBR there was an interesting article titled ‘The Short Life of Online Sales’ by authors Oldroyd, McElheran and Elkington in which they research online sales effectiveness. Their findings? Most companies are simply not quick enough. Increasingly various

A day in the life of this ‘human aggregator’

I’m often asked by people how I integrate all the feeds, apps and social media platforms that I do into my world? I don’t think I’m that unique, when I look at others I ‘stalk’ online, but I suppose I

What’s the right age to give a child a cell phone?

I recently heard that a kid, close to my heart, was getting a smart phone for his 11th birthday and I have to admit I was horrified. According to these international stats “Cell phones are kids’ new must-have accessory” Cell

Short Study: Generation Y in South Africa

Over the last month Mike Saunders and a few associates ran a small study on Generation Y in South Africa. We interviewed 144 students with an average age of 18 years old. The gender split was 60% female and 40%

FaceBook’s fastest growing continent is Africa

MemeBurn is one of my regular ‘watering holes’ for information I find interesting. They featured a post today detailing Africa’s rise on FaceBook (Africa is the fastest growing Facebook continent)   Last year I posted ‘FaceBook’s new Mobile Site’ which

FaceBook's fastest growing continent is Africa

MemeBurn is one of my regular ‘watering holes’ for information I find interesting. They featured a post today detailing Africa’s rise on FaceBook (Africa is the fastest growing Facebook continent)   Last year I posted ‘FaceBook’s new Mobile Site’ which

Where is the line between media and reality?

I read an article this week, ‘At 50, Ken is Sexy Again‘, from Time. It reminded me of my fascination with Barbie since I was at university doing gender studies. As a child I wanted a Barbie and thought of

Having fun with everyone in the 21st century

I often hear (mainly older) people lament the lack of community evident in today’s young people. “My teenage daughter never seems to speak to any of her friends” is a common example of the complaint. It’s a misunderstanding of the

It’s not information overload – it’s filture failure

The digital world is always inventing a new way for you to connect with people and for people to connect with you. To add to all this the information on the internet is becoming more and more complex to manage

Rides the Tides: Five disruptive forces shaping the future of the speaking industry

I am one of the co-founders of TomorrowToday, an international strategy consulting company. We track the trends that are shaping the new world of work, and help our clients understand the strategic implications for their people: leadership, teams, talent, customers,

MTV asks students about their digital lifestyle.

MTV Online presenter Tom Thurlow went on the streets to ask students about their digital lifestyle. What mobiles are they carrying and why? Are they adopting Foursquare or Facebook Places? Do any of them still read newspapers or do they

Great customer service will help you avoid this social media disaster

Dave Carroll wrote the infamous ‘united breaks guitars’ YouTube hit. The video received several million views and started a huge uproar against the customer service at United Airlines. This video single handedly created one of the online world’s biggest customer

How social media sold me a seafood platter

Last week we looked into the importance of using clear communication when selling through social media channels. Today I wanted to share an experience that ended very well for me (the buyer) and the seller. I am busy doing some

Technology Free Night

I normally write my Thursday blog post on a Wednesday evening – with the TV on in the background, and checking Facebook, my RSS feeds and Twitter intermittently. This won’t be happening tonight though – Wednesday has been declared ‘Technology

Social Media in Sales

Social technologies like twitter, foursquare, MXit, facebook and BBM represent the communication shift from physical to digital. Although this is becoming a well known fact most people are unsure where they stand and how this communication will affect their business.

Mobilitate – a great ‘better South Africa’ web 2.0 initiative

@chazzie001 sent me this link to Mobilitate via Twitter over the weekend. It’s a South African initiative aiming to form communities to give feedback to various layers of government in a multitude of categories. Both positive and negative. It’s run

Mobilitate – a great 'better South Africa' web 2.0 initiative

@chazzie001 sent me this link to Mobilitate via Twitter over the weekend. It’s a South African initiative aiming to form communities to give feedback to various layers of government in a multitude of categories. Both positive and negative. It’s run

Changing the way I Read

For those of you who follow the TomorrowToday blog regularly, you’ll know that one of my interests during 2010 was the shifting landscape of reading. All kinds of reading. Books, Newspapers, Magazines. What we were reading on? How we were

What’s your digital lifestyle?

I am a firm believer that every person hasa certian level of digital integration in their lifestyle. The is something in almost all of us that uses the digital landscape in someway or another. This is what excites me about

Is your company website your best business to business marketing tool?

Business to Business need lead generation focused websites Business leaders, in a recent study, cited company websites as the main source of information when looking at a business to business purchase. Company websites were used more than trade magazines, search

Start Thinking Younger

In their recently published book, Hacking Work, Bill Jensen and Josh Klein argue that business has lost control of the conversation with their employees and still hasn’t admitted that or dealt with the shift in control that has occurred. I

Can losing control online actually benefit your business?

Social media guru’s the world over will tell you that if you want to get into social media do your best not to own your content. This is a difficult concept to understand. Control is all we know. How can

Beware What You Tweet!

On my way back to SA yesterday I read an interesting front page story in the New York Times. Titled, ‘Rand on Twitter Turns Briton Into a Criminal, and a Cause’. It is the account of how a certain Paul

South African Linkedin Research Report

Linkedin is a great network to take part in. It aids business relationship building, employee recruitment, and idea sharing. I have found that being a part of this network has opened up opportunities to profile myself in a professional manner

An Open Letter To Boomer Bosses Everywhere:

Dear Wally, (if the name fits or even if it doesn’t…) I need to speak to you on an important issue.  For some time I have been watching a tsunami looming large on the horizon and it seems that the