The Times and Raconteur’s report on The Future CEO

In The Times newspaper in the UK, Raconteur published a superb insert on “The Future CEO”, focusing on the future of leadership and senior leaders within organisations. It is an excellent read, and available for free download here: The

Not Much Cheer This Week. Thank Goodness for John Lewis

One of the advertising highlights of the year has to be the release of the John Lewis Christmas advert. It announces the unofficial start of the festive season in the UK with a tear jerker, heart-warming ohhhh how cute moment

Recently in the media

Our team is often quoted in the media, and our work at events and conferences quoted by the press. Here are a few recent examples: Graeme Codrington speaking at ExpoHR in Portugal (use Google Translate if required) Ivor Blumenthal interviews

Learning life through the games we play

My son recently asked me about some shares that we have bought as an investment for him and his sister. He asked me why we had bought shares and not just put the money in a bank account. I explained

Disrupting the world of everything

“These devices are only going to get smaller and more powerful” say Om Malik of Fast Company. You can buy a Raspberry Pi with a 700MHz processor and 256 MB of memory for about $25. In 2001, a Mac with

The imminent disappearance of the Internet.

In Davos during Jan 2015, a panel was convened to discuss “The Future of the Digital Economy”.  The panel members were the COO of Facebook, the CEO of Microsoft, the CEO of Vodaphone, and Eric Schmidt the CEO of Google.

Designing a SMART Customer Experience

The digital world has disrupted our marketing worlds and changed the way business communicates with its customer. Social media has opened the door to two-way conversations, data gives us a better understanding of our market and mobile makes our message