GDPR is an opportunity, not a threat

At the end of this month (May 2018), the European Union implements the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation). It requires companies and organisations to be much clearer and more transparent with people about what personal data they store and how

The D7: Digital Nations worth watching

What do Canada, Estonia, Israel, New Zealand, South Korea, Uruguay and the United Kingdom have in common? They form a group known as The D7, and argue that they’re the most advanced digital nations in the world. They exclude a

The next wave of gobbledygook speak is coming to a deep learning algorithm near you

One of my pet hates is movies and TV shows that attempt to incorporate high-tech by getting the actors to spout sentences littered with technology terms. “We need to find where the terrorists are by reverse-tracing their IP addresses through

Fortune Favors the Bold podcast interview with Graeme Codrington

I recently spent a fascinating hour chatting with an editor at Gimlet media about the future of work. They’ve edited this broad-ranging conversation into a sharp episode for Mastercard’s “Fortune Favors the Bold” podcast. You can hear the episode here,

Getting Started in Digital Money

The next few years will see dramatic changes to the way we use money, transact, transfer value, bank and insure ourselves and our businesses. These changes are driven by Financial Technologies (FinTech) but will affect every business in the world.

Geek out or freak out: the largest US voter data leak of all time exposed

This past week, it has come to light that the data analytics used by the Republican Party during last year’s Presidential campaign, were improperly stored in a cloud service, and the data has been exposed for an unknown period of

Cybercrime is real – Don’t be a victim…. a few practical considerations

The recent WannaCry ransomware attacks have pushed cybersecurity to the forefront of people’s and organisation’s awareness and concerns, again. For many of us who weren’t affected it sounds like an inconvenience, but also like one of those things that impact

Tuesday Tip: 6 Areas for Maintaining Career Relevance in an age of Robotics and Artificial Intelligence

It has been said that over the next decade up to one third of today’s jobs will be handed over to robotics, AI, and other digital developments. There are many reasons for these changes but predominantly they will be based

The Future is Now…and it is called Sarah!

Sitting on an early morning flight recently I overheard a fascinating conversation between the two gentlemen sitting next to me. As we descending into a misty and overcast Brussels, having left an equally misty and overcast London, my fellow passengers,

Headless AI is where the real value lies

Last week, I sat through a session by GE’s Global Head of Digital. He gave us a really great example of the type of work his team does for GE. Well, at the time I didn’t think it was so

O2 Business 2017 Futurist Forecast

Earlier this year, we collaborated with O2 Business in the UK to produce a special report on technology trends impacting business – and especially enterprise IT – in 2017. The report is now available to the public. You can download
FinTech and the Digital Disruption of Financial Services ebook

TomorrowToday Global Announces Official Launch of Compelling New FinTech Financial Services White Paper

Industry Specialists at TomorrowToday Global Unveil a Timely New White Paper Entitled “FinTech & the Digital Disruption of Financial Services” This hard-hitting new position paper, researched and created by a team of top multi-industry veterans, is a definitive industry analysis

16 Skills for 21st Century Education

In March 2015 the World Economic Forum held a meeting in Dubai with a focus on education. They released a paper that identified 16 critical skills for the 21st century. The skills were clustered into three areas with learning processes

Welcome to the Future: When ‘Gut Feel’ counts for nothing

There is a lot to be said for ‘gut feel’ or intuition and in select aspects of leadership practice more and more emphasis is being placed on intuition. William Duggan’s excellent book, ‘Strategic Intuition,’ being a case in point.  However,

6 Questions That Must Be Answered To Succeed In A Machine Intelligent Future

On 23 March 2016 Google announced that it has released a whole collection of its artificial intelligence software into its cloud-based applications, thereby making them more effective and increasing the rate at which they learn and become more intelligent –

The Future of Computing

Moore’s Law is a difficult concept to wrap our heads around. We can see the impact of exponentially rising computing processing power around us but how do we relate to the doubling in power of a microprocessing chip every two years. We

Digitizing Kids

[Transcript] If you are the parent of a five, six, seven, eight year old child you’re probably spending quite a few minutes a day, hours a week, reading with them. Sitting down making sure that you read to them, and listening

Going Unplugged: A Case Study & A Dare

“The business was still there when I got back” was the ah-ha revelation of John, a senior retail operations leader who dared go on holiday for two weeks without his cell phone. “In fact” he added, “my staff have grown

Digital Disruption in Unexpected Places

If you attend a few conferences this year, you’ll see this a few times: Uber is the world’s largest taxi company, but owns no cars. AirBnb is the world’ largest hotel group, but owns no property. Alibaba is the world’s

Learning life through the games we play

My son recently asked me about some shares that we have bought as an investment for him and his sister. He asked me why we had bought shares and not just put the money in a bank account. I explained

5 Lessons learned, the day I was saved by the cloud

The unthinkable happened. While doing my final preparation, the afternoon before I had to deliver a full day of facilitation for the board of an international shipping company, my hard drive crashed and my computer died. It was the second

Who wants to be part of my omni-channel customer experience?

I have mentioned Richard Stacey before – he was one of the people who speaks the most sense in the world about social media. He can verge on being grumpy about it, but he never fails to accurately and precisely

Life-Logging – A top ten emerging technology for 2015

Steve Mann graduated from MIT in 1994 and began wearing a wireless camera that recorded images of the world, from his Point of View (POV) and displayed them online. The now professor at Toronto University has been campaigning for wearable

The imminent disappearance of the Internet.

In Davos during Jan 2015, a panel was convened to discuss “The Future of the Digital Economy”.  The panel members were the COO of Facebook, the CEO of Microsoft, the CEO of Vodaphone, and Eric Schmidt the CEO of Google.

Digital Immersion and Social DNA: Eliminating the Immigrant / Native divide?

A recent report from TGI Clickstream presents data that is believed to dispel the perception that people under-30 [Digital Natives] have a higher online presence than Digital Immigrants. Theauthors of the report believe that it is a user’s Social DNA

Digital Natives – The back-story

The development of Digital Natives as a concept can trace its roots through the history of computers. Through the 70’s and 80’s computers went from being the size of your house to something you could have in a room in

Microsoft targets Gen Z

Microsoft has acquired Mojang the maker of Minecraft for $2.5bn [see AFP article below]. Minecraft is a game with very simplistic graphic and game play but it has managed to garner a player base numbering in the millions spread across

Digital Natives @ Play – where online and offline merge

I was recently doing some end of winter gardening. My Digital Native children aged 11 and 7 ½ were outside helping. They were soon bored and began to play instead. Soon the game was a good old-fashioned Army game of

Blackberry: Time of death…?

John Chen, the CEO brought in to arrest Blackberry slide into oblivion believes that Blackberry has turned the corner and can be saved. In an article by Nic Fildes in THE TIMES Business (6 August) Chen was quoted as telling

I have seen the future – and it only costs $35

A few weeks ago I was doing a workshop with a telecoms company. We were looking at some of their thoughts around global expansion, especially into developing markets and across Africa. Then they showed me something that is going to