Bitcoin: The beginning of the Digital Bronze Age

Since the dawn of time human society has been through several stages of development and evolution. The earliest stage was the stone age. In this age we had very basic tools and implements that relied on our ability to use

GDPR is an opportunity, not a threat

At the end of this month (May 2018), the European Union implements the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation). It requires companies and organisations to be much clearer and more transparent with people about what personal data they store and how

Business books and ideas that need to burn

The idea of burning books is horrific to us. So, I am not really advocating that. We learn not by destroying the lessons of the past, but by a process of antithesis and synthesis. We take what we once took

The next wave of gobbledygook speak is coming to a deep learning algorithm near you

One of my pet hates is movies and TV shows that attempt to incorporate high-tech by getting the actors to spout sentences littered with technology terms. “We need to find where the terrorists are by reverse-tracing their IP addresses through

“Take a leaf from Mr Codrington” – Ramaphosa

South Africa’s president, Cyril Ramaphosa, quoted our colleague, Graeme Codrington, this week while answering questions in Parliament on land expropriation. Ramaphosa pointed to the words from a recent Facebook post where Graeme urges his fellow white South Africans to step

Fortune Favors the Bold podcast interview with Graeme Codrington

I recently spent a fascinating hour chatting with an editor at Gimlet media about the future of work. They’ve edited this broad-ranging conversation into a sharp episode for Mastercard’s “Fortune Favors the Bold” podcast. You can hear the episode here,

Global Challenges become Business Opportunities

FastCompany today featured a superb article by one of their NY staff writers, Ben Schiller, looking at a report entitled The Global Opportunity Report by the United Nations, DNV GL and Sustainia (Scandinavian think tanks). This is all spot on

Gatehouse Advisory’s Review of 2017

Our friends at Gatehouse Advisory Partners have released their annual review. They provide ongoing commentary on global political and economic issues, and selected their “best of” insights from 2017 for a review. It’s available as a free download at

VR Lab Technology can help train thousands of new scientists

The world needs more scientists, and we need to encourage young people around the world to study STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics) subjects. So, I was thrilled to stumble across an excerpt from a TEDx talk at CERN on a

Podcasts for 2018 – for a smarter, more knowledgable and future-focused you

Our team is often asked to make recommendations of books, websites, blogs and podcasts for others to follow. These are good questions, which we’re always happy to answer, as we help people to access the resources that will help them

Futurism’s review of 2017: Seven reasons we’re already living in the future

One of the channels our team follows religiously is Futurism. And their review of technology breakthroughs we’ve seen in 2017 is stunning. Well worth a read, and also watch the videos they provide and follow the links. See their full

I’m sick of corporate IT’s bullshit (what you should do about it if you are too)

I am not given to swearing, so I apologise for the language, but there is no other accurate enough description for this issue. I am sick of corporate IT’s bullshit. There are a few recent incidents that have sparked this

How will your office’s tech stand up to the demands of the employee of 2025?

As part of my work as a futurist for Talk Talk Business, we published this article on ITProPortal: How will your office’s tech stand up to the demands of the employee of 2025? By Graeme Codrington To remain competitive, organisations

Graphene: The super-duper wonder material of the future

You need to know about graphene. It’s an absolute wonder material – the founders of which were awarded the Nobel Prize for Physics in 2010. Once we work out how to make it cheaper, we’ll be using it in every

Innovation requires giving people time and space, not using them up at 110%

Earlier this year, British Airways had a major collapse of their IT systems, causing a day of chaos across its entire global network as flights had to be cancelled. The problem, it appears, was a lack of what IT specialists

Does your killer business idea lurk amongst the stuff that sucks!?

  The story of a company that grew from zero to $200 million in three years. As markets go, it would be difficult to identify an industry much more mundane and uninspiring than mattresses.  It is dominated by two companies Tempur-Sealy

Great advances in science in 2017 (so far)

Futurism’s website has provided a fantastic list of the 10 most important scientific advances and discoveries of 2017 (so far). At TomorrowToday we’ve been saying for some time that the pace of advances in science, technology, engineering, and medicine is

Cutting through the Bitcoin and Blockchain Hype

Part 1: How do they work? 2017 has seen an explosion in the growth and awareness of Bitcoin and Blockchain. Unfortunately, while many people have heard of the words few really grasp the concepts, and fewer still understand their business

In the media: CNBC International and CFO Magazine

In the past month, Graeme Codrington has had two high profile media appearances. At London’s Fleet Street studios of CNBC International, Graeme was interviewed by Carolin Roth on her Street Wise segment on 10 August. The second half of the

Maps of the Future: 10 skills you’ll need to thrive in 2020 and the technologies shaping the world [Infographics]

I received a two notifications from our network this past week of really good infographics on the future of work (PS, we rely on our network to send us this sort of information, so please don’t be shy when you

Tuesday Tip: Eliminating ‘behind the back’ conversations that are killing your culture

The Problem: There is a culture within your team/organisation of gossip. Conversations are happening ‘offline’ and behind backs all of which is proving harmful – as it always is! You realise you need to check this behaviour and simply saying,

Are you ready to catch the next wave of innovation? (Part 2)

According to Bloomberg, a financial data and media company, by late 2015 global corporations held over $15 trillion in cash and cash equivalents – a staggering fourfold increase over the previous ten years. “The Cannibalised Company”, a special report by

Geek out or freak out: the largest US voter data leak of all time exposed

This past week, it has come to light that the data analytics used by the Republican Party during last year’s Presidential campaign, were improperly stored in a cloud service, and the data has been exposed for an unknown period of

Future Trends shaping manufacturing

Singularity University’s Exponential Manufacturing Summit was held in Boston last month. It profiled some amazing technologies that are poised to revolutionise the way we make things. The Singularity Hub blog summarised their top five technology breakthroughs from the event in

Why there is nothing wrong with Trump quitting the Paris Climate Agreement, in fact we should welcome it

“Announcing his decision from the White House Rose Garden, Mr Trump said the Paris accord was an example of an international deal that hurt the US economy, and that he was fulfilling his “America First” campaign pledge to help American

Teenager dies as Audi and VW Group continually fall woefully short of Achieving Remarkable Things

George Cheese, 18, was “over the moon” when he got the position as an apprentice at an Audi car dealership in Reading, UK, but soon started coming home covered in bruises and had multiple holes burned into his clothes, says The

10 Principles for Leading the Next Industrial Revolution

S+B is one of our favourite resources at TomorrowToday. This is one of their best pieces in recent months, nicely summarised in a great graphic: The article that explains each of these ten points is pure gold. Read it here.

Cybercrime is real – Don’t be a victim…. a few practical considerations

The recent WannaCry ransomware attacks have pushed cybersecurity to the forefront of people’s and organisation’s awareness and concerns, again. For many of us who weren’t affected it sounds like an inconvenience, but also like one of those things that impact

Free webinar: Protect your career from robots and algorithms

From doctors to news reporters, secretaries to drone pilots, jobs are evolving faster than ever before. Thousands of new professions are listed in LinkedIn every day, and every business magazine you read seems to have at least one article warning

Iceland to generate electricity from volcanoes

At TomorrowToday, our team has been tracking many of the world’s great energy projects for some time now. These include: ITER (the International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor) – due to come online in 2027, this is quite simply a star. Nuclear

The remarkable leading edge of medicine

One of the most exciting professions to be in right now is medicine. There are so many remarkable advances taking place it is breathtaking, and almost impossible to keep up. If you happen to be in London this coming weekend

Headless AI is where the real value lies

Last week, I sat through a session by GE’s Global Head of Digital. He gave us a really great example of the type of work his team does for GE. Well, at the time I didn’t think it was so

Disrupting the travel industry

A recent article on Disruption Hub links nicely to some work our team has done recently with some transportation companies (car and airline), and some recent we completed some time ago on the future of shipping. Read the Disruption Hub

VIDEO: The future of the medical profession and doctors

I was asked recently what a young person thinking of becoming a doctor should consider before making a final career choice. It’s a great question, and applies to many of the professions that are about to change dramatically. I thought

Your view of the future shapes your world today

Part of the research I did to complete my Doctorate of Business Administration was looking at the ways a leader’s view of the future impacted their leadership style. It was very clear that the most successful leaders all seemed to

Webinar: How to Think Like a Futurist, 22 March 2017

In a world characterised by exponential change, disruptive technologies and growing complexity, it is clear that many of us need to develop a new set of skills related to strategic thinking and being future focused. Without these new skills we

O2 Business 2017 Futurist Forecast

Earlier this year, we collaborated with O2 Business in the UK to produce a special report on technology trends impacting business – and especially enterprise IT – in 2017. The report is now available to the public. You can download

The future of cars (Geneva Motor Show)

One of our associates, Markus Kramer, is the ex-Marketing Director for Aston Martin and Harley Davidson. He is a superb speaker on what we can learn from and about luxury branding in the new world of work. He recently wrote

Tuesday Tips: Do you see the benefit of the future of money yet?

    The Problem: One of the challenges I face when discussing the future of money with people and audiences is a sense of inertia and lack of perspective on the imminence of the change. Money as we know it

Now is the time to achieving remarkable things, again

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has,” said Margaret Mead a cultural anthropologist. TomorrowToday recently launched the Achieve Remarkable Things  series of presentations and

Achieving Remarkable Things: The ART of feeding 10 billion people by 2050

PHOTOGRAPH BY GEORGE STEINMETZ This post is part of our Achieving Remarkable Things series profiling inspirational thought-leaders, disruptors, innovators, tinkerers and hackers who are on quests to make the world a better place. Quests begin with a simple question: What

Recommended Reading: Best Business Books

The latest edition of The Economist has a cover article about lifelong learning being one of the most important things you can do to survive in an age of automation. A crucial part of lifelong learning is reading. I hope

Book Review: Leading in a Changing World

Many thanks to Deanne Earle from Change Through Action for this most recent book review on Graeme and Keith’s Leading in a Changing World leadership book. A reminder that we are able to customize the books to include a foreword

The Cashless Bank of 2020

Ray was recently meeting a client at one of the large national banks local head office.  While ordering a cappuccino from their coffee shop he was told that they don’t accept cash as payment. The bank’s coffee shop only accepts cards and

Google’s Nine Principles for Innovation Can Be Used by Everyone

In his book on innovation, “Robert’s Rules of Innovation II: The Art of Implementation“, Robert F. Brands, provides many examples of the practices that have led to cultures of innovation in a variety of different companies (see his book on

Why Trump’s win holds so many important lesson for leaders

On the 20 July, the day the Republican Party nominated their president elect, I predicted that Donald Trump would win. Here is what I wrote: Donald Trump has a better than not chance of winning. Actually I’m going to predict that

Tuesday Tips: Working out what is relevant about FinTech for you and your business

One of the things we often hear from people who attend our presentations is: “I hear about ‘stuff’, but I don’t have the time to follow up… that is why I’m glad we booked you so you can cut through the
FinTech and the Digital Disruption of Financial Services ebook

TomorrowToday Global Announces Official Launch of Compelling New FinTech Financial Services White Paper

Industry Specialists at TomorrowToday Global Unveil a Timely New White Paper Entitled “FinTech & the Digital Disruption of Financial Services” This hard-hitting new position paper, researched and created by a team of top multi-industry veterans, is a definitive industry analysis

The Future of Casinos

Until a few weeks ago, the future of casinos had not been a topic of interest to me. I don’t frequent casinos, and when I do go to a conference centre linked to a casino, my overwhelming feeling is of

Humans Need Not Apply (that includes you)

Automation is one of the most important themes in any discussion about the future of work. But just how much of our work can computers actually do. And excellent video was recently released which explores just this question, and supplies
The Future of Driverless Cars

How self-driving cars will change the world – much faster than you think

Yesterday, 20 October 2016, Tesla announced that all future versions of its cars would come standard with all the hardware required to make them completely autonomous vehicles. Legislation may still be catching up, and the software required to drive these

The Energy Revolution Gathers Pace – Here’s Proof It’s Real

Imagine a world powered by clean, ultra cheap energy. That world is fast becoming our reality. For those people who have been involved in energy issues for a while, and for companies where energy is a significant cost factor, this
future of financial advice

Tuesday Tips – The Future of Money and your Financial Advice

As we move into the digital age money is changing, and consequently our society is changing in a self-reinforcing cycle. What does this mean for the future of your savings, investments, debt, cash and other financial resources, and where do you
The Future of Money

How the History of Money is the central clue to the Future of Money

Throughout human history one facet of human society has been consistently present – when one individual has something another needs or wants there needs to be a mechanism to support the transfer of value from one to the other. At

Five Frightening Questions Financial Services should be asking about FinTech

Banks, insurance companies and other financial service providers are all aware of the coming FinTech (financial technology) revolution. From robo-advisors to predictive analytics, low/no-cost transaction platforms to mobile wallets, the financial services landscape is set to change dramatically in the

Tuesday Tips: What can you do with a Bitcoin

I am sure you’ve heard of bitcoins. The question is whether you know what you can do with a bitcoin! Bitcoin’s are one example of the new form of currency being created on the Web. Think of them as dollars, or pounds,

3 Groundbreaking technologies you may not have heard of that will begin to affect your everyday life

The team at TomorrowToday Global  periodically highlight technology changes that are sitting on the periphery of most people’s awareness, but which will have a significant impact on our lives. There are a number of technology trends that are in people’s

Millennials: Motivated by meaningfulness and Impact

In my book Quest: Competitive advantage and the Art of Leadership in the 21st Century, chapter 2 tells the story of the millennial generation being a generation of questers on steroids. This generation is driven by having a positive social

[VIDEO] How to do meetings better

Almost every client I’ve ever worked with has confessed that they don’t do meetings as well as they would like to. I think this is a universal complaint. We could – and should – do meetings better. But thinking about

Elizabeth Holmes, the Story of a Fallen Quester

At the age of nine, Elizabeth Holmes, an innovator and entrepreneur, wrote to her father saying: “What I really want out of life is to discover something new, something that mankind didn’t know was possible.” It was clear from the

Brexit: Resetting the Clocks

The Church fete. A quaintly British institution seems a fitting context in which to write about Brexit and add even more words on a divisive a subject already weighed down by words, some smart and others not so smart. As

Elon Musk’s Top Secret Masterplan: Part 2

Markets reacted positively yesterday to Elon Musk’s tweet that he would reveal a second Top Secret Masterplan for Tesla this week. Shares for Tesla Motors responded strongly and closed 4% up. Here’s why. Elon Musk is a quester leader. His quests have

How to spend $49 and be the coolest parent in the world

3D printing offers much promise. It is also full of hype as are most fledgling technologies. The promise is phenomenal: printed body parts, printed houses, printed food, printed cars etc. The most exciting news is how accessible this technology has become

Blue Marble: Young, Urban, Wired and Hot.

On 7th December 1972, Apollo 17 astronaut, Jack Schmitt took a picture of the earth from 45 000km that has become known as Blue Marble. It was a remarkable picture of the planet and one that captured the imagination of

How will we feed 10 billion people by 2050?

By 2050 nearly 10 billion people will inhabit our blue planet and it will take 100 billion land animals to provide them with enough meat, dairy, eggs and leather goods. Maintaining this herd in terms of space, water, biowaste and

What is the fuss about Artificial Intelligence? And what does it mean for me – TODAY?

The technology and business media have published a number of articles dealing with Artificial Intelligence (AI) over the past several months. But, what does it all mean? It sounds like another one of those science fiction things that people with

How to succeed in a changing world – What leaders can learn from the BREXIT

How can Great Britain fix great problems, contribute significantly to the progress of the world and be a great nation? These are good questions, aren’t they? By answering these questions, the politicians on both sides of the BREXIT debate would

Here’s what Elon Musk knows about The Big Competitive Shift

We are here to put “dents in the universe otherwise why even bother” said computer pioneer and maverick Steve Jobs. For the past four decades, however, precious few businesses have been dent makers, preferring rather to focus incessantly on short-termism,

Why the most successful disruptors day dream

“All people dream: but not equally. Those who dream by night wake in the day to find that it was vanity: but the dreamers of the day are dangerous, for they may act their dreams with open eyes, to make

Would you like to speak a foreign language, without ever having to learn it? You now can.

In our TIDES of Change presentation I suggest that digital and mobile technology is not the real revolution and that there is something even more powerful driving disruptive change. The real revolution – and it explains most of the ground-breaking

The Leader’s Most Important Task

One of the most important leadership responsibilities (and skills) is to be able to understand the broader context and interpret what this means for his or her business / industry. Leaders are leading in a time of acute global challenges:

Panama Papers now accessible online to anyone

According to the BBC News from 18:00 GMT yesterday the database for the Panama Papers became accessible at Using this link you can now search by country or by name this massive dataleak, have fun! Last week Mossack Fonseca issued a “cease

[Video] Why we battle to deal with change (a keyboard analogy)

In a world of disruptive change, most people are battling to keep up. Some even actively oppose change. In this 6 minute video, Graeme Codrington of the TomorrowToday Global team, gives an analogy that might help you and your team

Surviving the Storm: The Goodwin Sands Warning

South Foreland is site in Dover, England. It is a place that can lay claim to some unique history for it was here, way back in 1858 that the first ever electric light was illuminated, long before Thomas Edison first

Incrementalisation – A strategy for those who don’t want to succeed spectacularly

Incrementalisation (n) ~ a strategy seeking incremental gains delivered through increased efficiency and effectiveness − does not mean you will fail dramatically, but you are certain not to succeed massively either. Being creatively conservative is not a formula for constructing a

[Video] Virtual Reality really is here (for real this time)

Virtual Reality has been promised to us before. Back in the 1980s tech geeks were very excited about the possibilities of putting screens onto our faces, and immersing us in artificial worlds. The movie, Tron, took a huge step forward

The future of lawn mowing

The future of Robotic lawn mowing has arrived and we are delighted that TomorrowToday Global’s co-founder and futurist Dean van Leeuwen has been selected to participate in the Husqvarna Automower Challenge. Over the next six months Dean along with 99 other

16 Skills for 21st Century Education

In March 2015 the World Economic Forum held a meeting in Dubai with a focus on education. They released a paper that identified 16 critical skills for the 21st century. The skills were clustered into three areas with learning processes

Don’t wait for a meteor to wipe you out, Re/Evolve and adapt now.

A recent study shows that the dinosaurs were already in decline 50 million years before the meteor strike that finally wiped them out. “We were not expecting this result,” says Dr Manabu Sakamoto, a palaeontologist from the University of Reading, who led the

Banking: The Real and Present Danger

The future of banking is problematic. Certainly the future landscape when it comes to banking is one that we know will not resemble that already travelled. In most industries this is true but for financial institutions this reality seems to

Disruptive Demographics and the Future of the World Population Until 2060

Disruptive forces are growing in complexity, velocity and impact. One of the slower moving forces is demographics and this force is now a growing tsunami which will crash on the shores of both developed and developing economies. No region or

Design Disruptors: How Design Became the New Business Language

Over the past five years there has been a rise in the number of billion dollar start-up companies (often referred to as Unicorns – for example Uber is now valued at $51 billion and five years ago it was no where).

The emergence of Gen Z and why they might be the most important generation ever

You may think you are just beginning to get a handle on Gen Y or the Millennials, but in this fast paced world it’s time to start getting ready for Gen Z. Cohorts from the world’s youngest generation are entering their

The Future and the Fourth Industrial Revolution

At the 2016 Davos World Economic Forum, the Fourth Industrial Revolution was coined as the term describing the era we are living in. This Revolution is evolving and transforming at an exponential rate, disrupting every industry in every country. We stand

6 Questions That Must Be Answered To Succeed In A Machine Intelligent Future

On 23 March 2016 Google announced that it has released a whole collection of its artificial intelligence software into its cloud-based applications, thereby making them more effective and increasing the rate at which they learn and become more intelligent –

Cisco’s John Chambers on the digital era

Last year, Cisco’s CEO, John Chambers become its Chairman. When he became CEO of Cisco Systems in 1995 the world had only just entered the digital age. About 18 million American homes were online, but only 3% of users had

The Future of Computing

Moore’s Law is a difficult concept to wrap our heads around. We can see the impact of exponentially rising computing processing power around us but how do we relate to the doubling in power of a microprocessing chip every two years. We

Are we witnessing the death of innovation and the end of growth?

As disruptive forces go, the end of economic growth, would have a tsunami impact on businesses, organisations and countries. We tend to think of economic growth as normal, something we’ve lived with forever and we expect its continued benefit. Downturns are

The Power of Impossible (Video)

Today’s competitive rules are different from previous periods. Strategies that focus on reducing costs and building efficiencies will be less effective than those which are based on offering products and services in more innovative ways. Established companies are being put

Websites to make you smarter

Inc magazine just published a really excellent list of 30 websites to make you remarkably smarter. We often talk to our audiences about “switching on the radar” and making sure that you lift your eyes beyond the next horizon. These

100-day plan for Building a Questing Culture

Questers look at the world differently. They examine markets and rather than think how can I create a better product, app or service; they look at complete systems, and identify what is broken. This is a subtle but important difference.

TEDx Talk on the Future of Leadership in the 21st Century

TomorrowToday Global’s founding partner and Chief Exploration Officer: Dean van Leeuwen, had the privilege of being invited to talk at TEDxUNic at the end of 2015 on the topic: The Future is… Dean chose to speak on the power of the leaders’ quest

QUOTED: Move over, baby boomers and millennials – ‘founders’ will be shaping the future

In the UK’s Independent newspaper, TomorrowToday’s CEO, Graeme Codrington, contributed to an excellent article on the next generation of young people growing up right now, and how they’ll be defined by – and will in turn, define – the world

Don’t ask your kids what they WANT TO BE when they grow up but WHAT PROBLEMS DO THEY WANT TO SOLVE

The people and organisations who will be truly successful in the 21st century will not be those who develop a slightly better product or service than what already exists or the next best dating or social media App, but those who

“Sometimes it is the people who no one imagines anything of, who do the things that no one can imagine.”

Over the festive break I watched The Imitation Game; the story of Alan Turing, the inventor of the computer and the man who cracked the Enigma Code used by the Nazis during the Second World War, to encrypt messages. Cracking

FastCompany’s predictions for the news stories of 2016

It’s that time of year when we look back in review and ahead in anticipation. At TomorrowToday, we don’t often indulge in the headline grabbing short-term predictions so popular in the media as one year changes over to the next,

What if, you create a culture where people believe they can make a difference? You could change the world.

What if, through the power of quest – Knowing your destination; inspired by the possibility of achieving the impossible; and, in doing so delivering meaningful benefits; we could empower people everywhere to have the courage and conviction to do their

Quests have advanced societies since the dawning of civilisation. What are the benefits of the leaders’ quest?

ESPN Coach of the Century Vince Lombardi said: “I firmly believe that any man’s finest hour – his greatest fulfilment to all he holds dear – is that moment when he has to work his heart out in a good

Digital Disruption in Unexpected Places

If you attend a few conferences this year, you’ll see this a few times: Uber is the world’s largest taxi company, but owns no cars. AirBnb is the world’ largest hotel group, but owns no property. Alibaba is the world’s

It’s official: We are living in the future

It’s 21 October 2015, and this is the future. At least, it is if you’re a fan of the hugely successful Back to the Future film franchise. In Back to Future II, Marty McFly and Doc Emmett Brown leap 30

Video series: Disruptive trends shaping our world

Over the past few months, I have recorded a series of short videos that give bite-sized inputs into the disruptive forces that are shaping our world right now. These videos are 45 seconds to 2 minutes in length, and are

A Thoughtful Response to – Would you use Performance Enhancing Chemicals at Work

A recent article I wrote on performance enhancing drugs in the workplace received great interaction once it was published online. Andrew sent a personal message to me and it was so inline with the engagement that I was hoping for

Our Changing World: Facts and figures to blow your mind

Our team at TomorrowToday Global tracks the disruptive forces shaping the world right now, and attempts to predict where some of these will take us. We don’t have a crystal ball, but for nearly two decades we’ve been honing our

Meeting with Jim Dator. Futurist. Legend

Recently I had the privilege to meet with Futurist Jim Dator of the University of Hawaii. Jim is renown in futurists’ circles and has left an indelible impression on the disciple of Futures. He has also appeared (as himself) on

The Robot Hotel

The hotel of the future is coming. If you’re in the hospitality business, how far behind are you? Speak to one of our team about our Tomorrow’s World Today presentation or workshop to make sure you are prepared for the future.

Dealing with our ignorance of the world – video

One of my favourite people in the world is Hans Rosling. He has a fantastic way of making statistics come alive, and is on a global mission to help us get right data about the world we live in. He

Want to be a futurefit leader? Three Questions to be answered

In a complex and increasingly changing and disruptive world staying ahead of the curve is not easy. This ‘staying ahead of the curve’ is what we in TomorrowToday call being ‘futurefit’. There is not much you can do about the

Top 5 in the Future of Work (29 Aug 2015)

My top five best reads on issues related to the future of work this past week: Inclusive Leadership The Answer To Diversity In The Workplace, by one of our ex-associates, Buhle Dlamini Inc magazine: 3 Reasons Millennials Are Getting Fired

Perspectives on BIC’s ongoing disasters with women

Last Sunday was National Women’s Day in my home country, South Africa. The public holiday celebrates an anti-apartheid women’s march which took place on 9 August 1956. It was a key moment in South African history, and one that inspired

Top 5 in the Future of Work (14 Aug 2014)

Here are my top five reads about the future of work from this past week: Ray Kurzweil’s “Law of Accelerating Returns” for the digital revolution Future of the Internet – 8 Expanding Dimensions, by futurist Thomas Frey A Long Read,

The Economist agrees with TomorrowToday, there are Enemies Within

“The best way to fight the enemy within is to treat your employees with respect. And this third principle is where many firms fail “says Schumpeter, The Economist’s columnist and expert on all things disruptive. At the beginning of 2015

Top 5 this week in the Future of Work (28 July 2015)

Here are my top five reads of the last few days on the topic of the future of work – and these are all superb this week: Elon Musk on How to Innovate: 20 Quotes – What does this brilliant

Top 5 this week in The Future of Work (19 July 2015)

Here are the top 5 articles I have read in the last few days that shine a light on how the world around us – especially the world of work – is changing: Scientists are on the cusp of these

The technology ratchet by Seth Godin

I start most of my presentations and workshops these days by stating that I believe we’re living at era-change moment in history, where all the forces of change are combining together to create a time in history when history itself

Top 5 this week in The Future of Work (8 July 2015)

After a week’s break for a family holiday, I am back at work, and doing what I do: researching disruptive change and the future of work. Here are my top five reads from the past few days: McKinsey report: Unlocking

Do you have ‘enemies within’ holding your organisation hostage and preventing you from achieving legendary status?

Too many organisations believe their biggest threats come from outside but actually the most pressing issues faced right now are internal. Many organisations have out-dated DNA and are not ‘future fit’ or ready for the rapidly changing world. Discover if

Top 5 reads in the Future of Work (16 June 2015)

Here are the top five articles I read on the Future of Work this past week: Companies run by women perform better The fruitless search for extraordinary people willing to take ordinary jobs How Self-Driving Cars Could Radically Transform Cities

Top 5 Reads: The Future World of Work (12 June 2015)

My top 5 reads on the future world of work this past week have been the following: A bit of self promotion first: Our new book was launched this past week, “Leading in a Changing World”. You can get the

Top 5: This week in the Future of Work

Here are my five top reads of this past week. Each one this week is a classic. Take your time to go through these five – you won’t regret it. A set of slides from a presentation: The Generationally Intelligent

The Freelance Economy is growing

Mary Meeker is sometimes called the “Internet Whisperer”. She and her team do research into the ways in which we’re using the Net, and their annual research reports are packed full of information and insights. You can see her 196

The Top Jobs in 10 Years Might Not Be What You Expect – Our Input to FastCompany Future Forum

A few weeks ago, our team was asked to contribute to a Fast Company article on the future of work, part of a special future forum feature week. The final article is superb and well worth a read. Read it

The New Lemonade Stand – how to help your kids make piles of money (and what it means for your business and future)

For the last few months, I have spent many hours every week researching and writing a new book about the future of work and leadership (see advance information, including free download of chapter 1, here). In that time, I’ve seen

Top 5 Reads this week on The Future of Work (15 May 2015)

Every week, I list my top five reads of the previous few days, all focused on understanding the way our world is changing and how this will affect our lives. Enjoy this week’s list: Unless You Are Spock, Irrelevant Things

4 Factors to consider about CV’s when hiring Digital Natives

Historically a CV, or resumé, has been a useful tool to understand and to assess the ability of a candidate for a role. Increasingly, however, with Digital Natives this may not be as useful a tool. In the past there

VUCA – four organizational culture touch points for Digital Natives

  Digital Natives have grown up in a world that has been called the VUCA world. This is an acronym that covers four areas outlined below. V equals volatile U equals uncertain C equals complex A equals ambiguous There is

Top 5: This week in the Future of Work (7 May 2015)

Each week, I list my top 5 articles, websites, blogs or online resources of the past seven days. These are not always brand new items on the Net – some come from a few months or years back, but they

Top 5: This week in the Future of Work (1 May 2015)

Here are the top five articles I have read this week relating to the changing world of work, leadership and disruptive trends. The sword, the printing press and the algorithm: Three technologies that changed the world Cisco’s CEO on Staying

Five reasons why the Gen X – Gen Y divide is the next talent management bridge.

Generation Y are not just younger versions of Generation X. Generation X look at Generation Y and see themselves. Gen X don’t see themselves as old, so when they look at younger men and women they resonate with much of

Top five: This week in the Future of Work (23 April 2015)

Starting today, I am going to be writing a weekly blog entry on my top five reads for the last seven days, specifically focusing on disruptive change, future trends and how they’re influencing -and shaping – the world of work.

On Leadership: Disruption – Friendly Fire that doesn’t have to kill you

Friendly fire in a military context is often associated with tragic fatalities. However, it can also serve as welcome reinforcements, shift the momentum and win the battle. Disruption is ‘friendly fire’ and will either be the thing that kills you

Tiny habits to integrate a new generation into the workplace

BJ Fogg has developed a behavior change model that is a useful point of reference to help organizations make the changes required to be effective employers of choice for generation Y and generation Z. The equation B= MAT summarizes the

What will the future of work look like?

In the future the workforce will be more connected, workers will be virtual, mobile and temporary, they will be global, multi-generational and diverse – older and younger, different sexes, cultures and beliefs working side by side. We know this, it

When Everything Changes: Succeeding in disruptive times 

The world is always changing – it always has been. But every now and again there are moments in history where all the forces of change seem to combine together to produce an era-defining shift. That’s what we study when

Change: The Marching Tune for Leaders

In TIDES of Change TomorrowToday identifies five major disruptive change drivers shaping the new world of work. Understanding change is important if we are to engage with both the threats and opportunities that change invites. A brief synopsis of the

Disrupting the world of everything

“These devices are only going to get smaller and more powerful” say Om Malik of Fast Company. You can buy a Raspberry Pi with a 700MHz processor and 256 MB of memory for about $25. In 2001, a Mac with

Robot wars – and it’s a good thing

Later this year (5 and 6 June to be precise), the final stage of the world’s most important robotics competition takes place in California. The DARPA Robotics Challenge (see details here) will see 11 robots compete for the toughest prize

The Quest for Atomic Fusion: A lesson for leaders everywhere

When talking to Steve Cowley one is aware that you are in the presence of a great mind. Steve is one of the world’s leading scientists and is the CEO of the UK Atomic Energy Authority, Professor of Physics at

The Future is Changing: Bill Gates on the Next 15 Years

The world is going to change more in the next 15 years than the last 50 combined. Considering how much the world has changed in the last half century, that’s quite a bold claim. Nevertheless, more and more indicators are pointing

Life-Logging – A top ten emerging technology for 2015

Steve Mann graduated from MIT in 1994 and began wearing a wireless camera that recorded images of the world, from his Point of View (POV) and displayed them online. The now professor at Toronto University has been campaigning for wearable

Three Critical Things You Need to Focus On in 2015

Many people and businesses focus on the wrong things. What will your business be measuring in 2015? If your focus is on your competitors, your market share and internal efficiencies you may miss significant changes coming your way. In a

China: technology, moral and legislative lead in environment

Two years ago, China set itself the target of becoming the world’s leading consumer and producer or solar, wave and wind power. They have already achieved this target. In an authoritarian system, when a decision gets made, it also gets

Don’t write the U.S. off just yet – How the TIDES of Change model can help assess the future of the world’s largest economy

“Many business leaders will realise, soon, that they are underinvesting in North America” says Joel Kurtzman a leading figure in the U.S. on the future of business. Joel founded the Booz & Co magazine Strategy+Business and is also a senior

Getting rid of email – here’s a company that’s done just that

Over the last few months I have begun to include a small section in some of my workshops on the clutter and “stuff” that makes work life a pain. Almost all participants identify meetings and email (and many add managers,

Digital Natives – The back-story

The development of Digital Natives as a concept can trace its roots through the history of computers. Through the 70’s and 80’s computers went from being the size of your house to something you could have in a room in

What constitutes middle class, a growing global disruption

Today Graeme Codrington and I are part of the London Business School team working with the leadership of a petroleum company from the Middle East. The course is being held in London and we were talking to them about disruptive forces.

The Concierge: Luxury or Commodity?

‘Get our credit card and we’ll give you free ‘Concierge’ service; sign up for our premium bank account and we’ll help you arrange your life beautifully, buy a VERTU and concierge comes for free … and if you’re in the

Award winning emerging market startups with a global edge

Seedstars World is a Geneva-based company that holds competitions for startups around the world. Their list of competition winners from the last year includes 19 emerging market companies that are innovating products and services with some exceptional promise. We believe

Digital Natives @ Play – where online and offline merge

I was recently doing some end of winter gardening. My Digital Native children aged 11 and 7 ½ were outside helping. They were soon bored and began to play instead. Soon the game was a good old-fashioned Army game of

The sports car that runs on SALTWATER

The sports car that runs on SALTWATER: Vehicle goes from 0 to 60mph in 2.8 seconds – and has just been approved for EU roads Quant e-Sportlimousine’s top speed is 217mph – equal to a McLaren P1 The car uses

Meet Gen Y: Five videos, ten minutes and a lot of insight

Raymond de Villiers is TomorrowToday’s Gen Y guru. He works hard to understand today’s young people, and then make sense of them for you and me and our businesses. He’s packaged some of his insights into short “thought bullet” videos

A hidden secret of the Ice Bucket Challenge success – and the future of communication

The Ice Bucket challenge for ALS is probably the most successful meme created thus far for social media. Of course, social media experts are now trying to reverse engineer it to discover the secrets to successfully created a viral campaign

I have seen the future – and it only costs $35

A few weeks ago I was doing a workshop with a telecoms company. We were looking at some of their thoughts around global expansion, especially into developing markets and across Africa. Then they showed me something that is going to

[Video] Driving Change in Big Companies

Technology shifting global workspace mindshift

Click on the link below if you missed the article by Keith Coats that appeared in The Star Workplace today. The Star Workplace – Technology shifting global workspace mindshift – 9 July 2014-KC

Peugeot unveils a new car that runs on air.

We are living during a era of great technological innovation. At TomorrowToday we love technology that has the ability to disrupt not only products but entire industries, even countries. Peugeot Citroën  appears to be doing just that . The car manufacturer has

The Future of theft…okay bye bye now.

According to the website Stolen Bike Statistics over 500,000 bikes were stolen in the UK over the past five years. This figure is also understated. According to John Moss who compiled these stat  “It is largely accepted that only 1

Sharing Your Secrets: What Elon Musk’s latest move at Tesla means for you

I’ll admit it: I have a huge man-crush on Elon Musk. I like everything this guy does. From his passion for space exploration and madcap vision of a one way trip to Mars, to his recent announcements about building both

Smaller difference and different reasons for buying

One of TomorrowToday’s best associates is Markus Kramer. Until recently, Markus was Global Head of Branding at Aston Martin and before that worked for other luxury brands, including Harley Davidson. He is a true world expert on luxury brands, and

China: “It’s not pretty but it’s the bloody reality”

I was listening to the head of a large multinational that have significant investments in China speak about the challenges and opportunities that is China. The one line that caught my attention? “It’s not pretty but it is the bloody

Surprising ideas about the future from TED2014 speakers

At TED2014, the speakers and attendees were asked to think about the conference’s theme, “The Next Chapter” and then suggest what might radically change society, life, technology and the world in the next 30 years. Their insights may surprise you.

The greatest challenge facing the future of business, requires your attention now.

Peter Menzel, is an award winning photographer, takes photographs of people posing next to their possessions taken out of their home and piled high on the pavements. The pictures paint a vividly clear picture – we live in a Material World,

How Generation X Ruined the World

This article originally appeared on (original on link below). Written by Theis Duelund How Generation X Ruined the World   Reality Bites Screenshot via YouTube user thecultbox Hey, did you hear about the western Antarctic ice sheet? The melting there has

24 “Future of Work” Voices You Should Know About In 2014

Our colleague and co-founder of TomorrowToday, Dr Graeme Codrington, has just recently been included on two lists of business experts worth following. Switch & Shift named him amongst their “Top 75 List of Human Business Champions“. Global Workforce Transformation included

24 “Future of Work” Voices You Should Know About In 2014

Our colleague and co-founder of TomorrowToday, Dr Graeme Codrington, has recently been included on two lists of business experts worth following. Switch & Shift named him amongst their “Top 75 List of Human Business Champions“. Global Workforce Transformation included him

Apple just entered your market (Healthcare, I’m talking to you)

For the last few years, our team has enjoyed asking our clients a hypothetical question: “What would the impact be if Apple/Google/Facebook announced today that it was entering your market?”. To be honest, I think it should be a thought

Happy birthday World Wide Web

It was on 12 March 1989 that a young British scientist, Tim Berners Lee, working at CERN in Switzerland sent a memo to his boss entitled “Information Management: A Proposal”. In it he proposed to develop a way to share

Print me a face: another mind blowing use for 3d printers

At TomorrowToday, we’re big fans of 3d printing technology. We’ve been speaking about it for more than 5 years now. I actually have a 3d printer at home, and as a team we write about the implications of 3d printing

47% of knowledge jobs are in “High Danger” of being automated by AI and ML algorithms

Within the next decade or two 47 percent of job categories for knowledge workers, that includes: accountancy, legal work, technical writing and a lot of other white-collar professions – could be automated says the findings of a report by Carl

WHERE to look to see the future

Our team at TomorrowToday often presents on future trends and the disruptive forces shaping the world. Our content comes from our ongoing research and analysis, backed up by a full-time research team spread across the world. It’s easy then for

Surfing the TIDES of Change

One of the central frameworks we work with in TomorrowToday is TIDES where we use this acronym to consider the main change disruptors to be considered in the modern world.  The acronym stands for: T – Technology I – Institutional

The art of asking the questions and seeing the weak signals

As information thunders through the digital economy, it’s easy to miss valuable “weak signals” often hidden amid the noise, says Martin Harrysson, Estelle Métayer, and Hugo Sarrazin of the consulting group McKinsey & Co. These “snippets” of data they say

What the UK storms can teach leaders about gaining advantage from disruptive forces

We are living in unprecedented times. The storms lashing the UK coast are the worst in living memory and the costs to the economy are in the region of £14b and growing as the weatherman reports two additional storms approaching.

Surfing the TIDES of Change – part 1

An introduction to a three part series looking at harnessing the power of the TIDES of change.  The video considers the parallels with surfing and how we can use the surfing analogy and metaphor to “Surf the TIDES of Change”.

3D printing rapidly approaching tipping point

We’ve been watching and tracking the implications of 3D printers and a disruptive force and innovation for over five years now. We’ve observed many exciting developments from the work of Behrokh Khoshnevis, a professor of Industrial & Systems Engineering at the

[Video] Keith presenting TIDES of Change

We live in turbulent times – that much is obvious.  We are living at a moment in history when all the forces of change are combining to produce an era-changing period.  The political, corporate, social and personal rules for success

Gamification and your life

One of the trends TomorrowToday has been tracking for several years is that of Gamification. Simply put, this reflects that reality that just as social networking, search engines, and online media have changed the way we live, so too has

Your next step: Thinking like a Futurist in 2014

It is that time of year again when everyone is having their say about the likely trends that will dominate or surface during the course of 2014. Recent editions of Time, Fortune and the Economist have all run lead articles

A Crystal Ball for Business: 9 Tips for Future Success

As another year dawns and we turn our eyes to 2014, it’s still clear that we are living and working in an era of extreme uncertainty.  A global recession continues and is combining with significant disruptive forces in technology, politics,

American industries that will boom and those that are doomed in the next decade

Business Insider recently ran an article looking at Labor Bureau statistics and predicting which industries will experience significant decline in the next decade, and another article suggesting which industries will boom. While I don’t agree with their whole list, it

Booz & Co’s Strategy+Business Best Business Blogs of 2013

The editor of Booz & Co’s Strategic+Business magazine and blog site selected his favourite business blogs of 2013. I like this list a lot – there’s some really valuable articles here. It’s an eclectic list, but well worth taking some

Game changing innovations: Desalinating ocean water

In our TIDES of Change presentation, we’ve been saying for a few years now that the company that finds a cheap and easy way to desalinate sea water will make more money than they will know what to do with.

Today’sTransformers: Hointer & Nadia Shouraboura

“We write code, play with robots, experiment with tensioned tubes and cables and drink lots of Red Bull,” says Nadia Shouraboura CEO of new start up Hointer a retail store that combines technology and with traditional shopping. It’s the ultimate in high-tech,

Video: Graeme Codrington on Tomorrow’s Technologies Today

Earlier this year, our international director, Graeme Codrington, spoke at an event called AgriVision, which focused attention on how we will feed the growing world’s population over the next few decades. Following Michael Porter on stage, Graeme’s presentation looked at

Video: Graeme Codrington on Tomorrow's Technologies Today

Earlier this year, our international director, Graeme Codrington, spoke at an event called AgriVision, which focused attention on how we will feed the growing world’s population over the next few decades. Following Michael Porter on stage, Graeme’s presentation looked at

“Minority Report” type marketing misses the point of the Connection Economy

Scanning cameras lock onto John Anderton’s face as he walks through a shopping mall. Using facial recognition technology advertisers clock his presence and begin an invasive barrage of “personalised” advertisements designed to entice, cajole and convince him to purchase the must have

When social media turns on you (don’t blame the messenger)

There will lots of chatter again about whether social media is a good thing or not after JP Morgan had to abandon a planned Twitter Q&A yesterday. The bank had invited people to tweet questions to them using the hashtag

Reasons Why We Don’t Need Offices

I started my “proper” working career (after some military service which included being a professional musician, some student type part-time jobs and early entrepreneurial activity) at KPMG in the early 1990s. I joined the audit group, and was shown a

Reasons Why We Don't Need Offices

I started my “proper” working career (after some military service which included being a professional musician, some student type part-time jobs and early entrepreneurial activity) at KPMG in the early 1990s. I joined the audit group, and was shown a

Five reasons why addressing the “perversions of capitalism” will give you a competitive advantage

“The present state of affairs is really a perversion of the proper working of capitalism. It is all wrong to have millionaires before you have ceased to have slums…If we do not find some way of correcting that perversion of

The growing power of protest

On the 28th August 1963 civil rights campaigner, Martin Luther King, led thousands of people on a march to America’s capital, Washington DC. There he gave a speech that inspired and paved the way for equal rights and changed the

Worldview shifting facts on the future of business

SAP recently released one of the best presentations on the future of business we have ever seen. Freely available on slideshare, it lists 99 facts that should have a profound impact on your view of the future, on what organisations

Video: Summary of TIDES of Change – and implications of disruptions

Over the past few months I have been collecting video footage of the presentations I have done of our team’s “TIDES of Change” presentation. Based on the research our Strategic Insights team has done over the past few years, we

Will you still need me, will you still feed me, when I’m sixty-four?

The famous lyric from the Beatles song of 1967 has moved from an individual plea to a loved one, to a more general appeal to society.  A lot has happened between 1967 and now: man has landed on the moon,

Business reasons for taking the environment seriously

A number of years ago, our team wrote a short white paper on nine business reasons to take green issues seriously. You can read and download it here. We still believe this. The recession has meant that environmental issues have

Where Senior Leaders Should Focus Their Attention

As a team, we are often privileged to be asked to sit through senior leadership meetings at our clients. Right up to Board level, these peepholes into our clients’ workings provide valuable insights into the operations of our clients, but

African Leadership for Africa’s Future in a Globalised World

For Africa to be successful it needs to find models, methods and approaches that are uniquely suited to the continent and its needs.  As one of the world’s best travelled speakers and researchers (he visited 26 countries just last year),

Can we really predict the future?

This is the question a British journalist asked me today. Specifically, he wanted to know if it was possible to predict industry trends thirty years into the future. Here is the gist of my brief reply: Looking thirty years into

The ART versus the SCIENCE of business.

Earlier this year I was privileged to hear Seth Godin speak in London. The talk was part of his new book promotional tour The Icarus Deception. In the book and during the talk Seth asked the question  “how high are you prepared

An analogy to explain big data: Turning hay into needles

I have mentioned Richard Stacy before on this blog. He’s a great thinker on social media in business, and speaks a lot of sense where many “social media experts” just talk hype. Here’s a very short piece from his blog,

7 Stats that change everything: What to be thinking about as a Leader.

Benjamin Disraeli once said, “There are three types of lies – lies, damn lies, and statistics”. Of course we know that statistics can be used to support multiple sides of an argument and as Mark Twain once observed, “Facts are

Dear CEO, You have to be in it to win it (I’m talking social media, you dinosaur)

You’ll lose 100% of the shots you don’t take. You’ll find this pithy advice in almost every motivational book. But being a cliche doesn’t mean it isn’t true. You have to be in it to win it. In the business

Why graduates remain unemployed (and what to do about it)

Yesterday, I presented our team’s most requested presentation, “The TIDES of Change” to a group of top business leaders in Sandton. During the Q&A, someone asked a simple but profound question: “What makes you most nervous?” When thinking of the

Good news for animals…and vegetarians: but what about leadership?

In London scientists recently (5 August) unveiled the first purely lab-grown beef burger and tested it on a select group of tasters (sounds like a good job to have…for the most part at least!). It is seen as the end

Video: Four levels of institutional change

A brief overview of our team’s view of Institutional Change, one part of our TIDES model of the five disruptive forces shaping our world right now:   This video of Graeme Codrington was recorded by our good friends at Your

The Most Profound Tool For Growing Your Human Capital

Most businesses, organizations and institutions today recognize that necessity and benefit of harnessing their human capital. Due to the fact that the world has changed so much and because we are in a constant state of change, managers have to

Video: Technology replacing professionals in 10 years

If you had told a farmer a century ago that he would not need labourers, and would be able to harvest and manage his farm using machines he would have laughed at you. If you had told factory bosses the

The Factory in Your Garage: A review of 3d printing options and implications

A few weeks ago, I bought a 3d printer for use in my home. On the day I installed it, I recorded a video for our team’s Signpost’s YouTube channel (it’s available here or at the bottom of this post).

Bitcoin has the power to disrupt the most powerful institutions

“It is clear that policymakers and those who advise them do not have a satisfactory conceptual framework for dealing with [this] disruptive impact” says Alec Ross the former senior adviser on innovation to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and; Jonathan Luff a

All that’s wrong with the media today: A ridiculous example

It sounds like something out of one of those cringeworthy, self-written high school plays. But in reality it is a genuine news report from a Fox affiliate TV station in the United States. And although it is a single anecdote,

Will you still have a job in 2025? The alarming rate at which jobs are being disrupted

A recent MIT Technology Review reveals an alarming trend. Since the early 2000’s and increasingly since the financial crisis of 2008, the levels of employment have decreased even though productivity has increased over the same period. Erik Brynjolfsson And Andrew

Learning is changing – and businesses will need to change too

There is a pattern to the disruption of industries – change happens slowly, with a few early-adopters taking a technology and innovating, but not always in the optimum way.  Then it happens quickly – and a whole industry can come

When will they Revolt?

In 1968 it seemed that the whole world was in dispute or turmoil. Many of the disputes were student led; there were student protests in Poland against the oppressive Communist Government, there were protests and riots in France that ending

Digital Trends 2013

I was alerted to the Digital Trends 2013 website a few days ago. It’s a collaboration between Microsoft, IPG Mediabrands and The Future Laboratory (although the domain name indicates that MS is the dominant partner). It looks like this might

Is Google the perfect example of a future focus business?

Google is winning and you don’t have to search very far to find out why, says Fast Company writer Frahad Manjoo. In a world of the tech giants – battling against the likes of Facebook, Amazon and Apple – Google

What is a Disruptive Force?

A disruptive forces is not a force that results in incremental changes, improving products or services one step at a time. Rather disruptive forces result in a breakthrough or a step change that transforms society forever.  Sometimes the disruption is

25 Things You Need to Know About the Future

I was recently browsing through a bookshop’s recommended books, and saw “25 Things You Need to Know About the Future” by Christopher Barnatt (Constable, 2012 – buy it at Amazon or It’s a great primer, and I like the

War: The Ultimate Disruptive Force

Unless you have been locked in a cupboard it has been very hard to not be aware that the 69th anniversary of the Normandy Invasion of German occupied France on 6th June 1944 has recently passed us. Next year will probably

Keep your hands off my genes

And now an entry from the case files of the totally bleeding obvious: Yesterday the Supreme Court of the USA finally agreed – unanimously – that genes cannot be patented. In a stunning example of corporate over reach, a variety

Book review: Makers, The New Industrial Revolution by Chris Anderson

A few years ago, then editor of Wired magazine, Chris Anderson built a small plane out of Lego parts with his kids. After realizing that even children’s toys now come packed with advanced sensors and controls, Chris decided to start

Is it evil to avoid tax?

Google famously has the slogan “don’t be evil”. They are however embroiled in a worldwide issue – is tax avoidance evil? Not only have Google been dragged into the fray,  but Apple, Amazon, Facebook, Microsoft, Starbucks and even famous individuals

Your career in a new world of work

We know that the world of work is changing faster now than at any other time. Some have called it a VUCA world: volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous. Big industries and large companies are being hard hit with this turbulent

The Fergie Factor: A Disruptive Force

After 26 years in charge of Manchester United Alex Ferguson has finally decided to take life a little easier by moving to a new role as a Director and Ambassador for the club. At 71 years of age he wants

Generation Jobless: A warning to us all

The April 27th Economist ran a cover story about the ‘generation jobless’ – the global rise of youth unemployment. It is a serious concern for a number of reasons and one that could have long-lasting implications for both the global

Building innovative companies using the powerful disruptive force of the Connected Generation (Part 1)

Competitive dynamics are shifting and the rules for success and failure are being rewritten across almost every industry and every business function. Exciting new innovative business models are emerging every day and you don’t have to be a fresh upstart

Intel’s Top 5 Tech Trends

I am sitting at a conference in Dubai, listening to one of Intel’s top guys in the Middle East talking about technology disruptors that Intel expects to see in the next few years. He is listing five “technology-led tectonic shifts”:

The Passing of an Icon

Whether you liked, loathed or are somewhere in the middle it cannot be denied that Baroness Margaret Thatcher will be known as a major figure in British history. The Britain that she took control over in 1979 was very different

Having FUN, the greatest force of disruption

How many people do you know, were caught out by April fool jokes this year? Seth Godin played one of the best practical jokes when he blogged that Amazon was launching Kindle Zero a free tablet for all Prime members.

Where to find success now

Seth Godin is one of our favourite thinkers and writers. We share many of his worldviews, especially that we are living in a period of transition from the end of the industrial age to the emergence of a connection economy.

A round up of predictions of future forces shaping our world

There are two types of future predictions: one looks to try and predict specific events and technologies, the other attempts to look beyond specifics at the causes of change and the forces that will shape the future. In a sense,

The power behind disruptive business models

It’s not technologies that disrupt, rather it is the business model that the technology enables that creates the disruptive impact. Digital music had been around as a technology before Steve Jobs and Apple leveraged it to create a new business model that completely disrupted

No more ‘Top Gear’? But how else could the driverless car impact you?

Self-driving cars?  Seems like a million miles off, right?  Like flying cars (which already exist, by the way). When Sebastian Thrun was 18, he lost his best friend in a car accident.  Since then, he has set himself the goal

The Future of Energy and what the Shale Gas revolution means for you

Our team at TomorrowToday Strategic Insights have been watching the developments in the shale gas revolution for a number of years and our earlier predictions of the massive disruptions this energy technology will deliver are becoming increasingly visible. We recently

What every business leader can learn from the horsemeat scandal

The food and retail grocery industry is reeling from the horsemeat scandal, which displays a number of consumer trends and sentiments that can be associated with competitive advantage in the Connection Economy.  The most important one is not that there

Competitive Advantage: What matters most today and how we got here

The Connection Economy – Competitive Advantage:  What matters most today and how we got here By Keith Coats, TomorrowToday International Partner Competitive advantage has always existed and understanding the evolution of what constitutes competitive advantage in today’s context, is important

Witness the death of Blackberry

I don’t know if Blackberry 10 (the Z10 phone with the BB10 operating system) is going to be any good. I hope it is, for the sake of all my friends and clients who’s IT departments force them to use

Do you think this is the end for the High Street?

We don’t. Yes, another big UK retailer, Republic, bit the dust today.  It’s been an incredibly tough few years for the High Street, with retailers having to negotiate through the challenges of out-of-town retail parks, online competition and the deepest

We’ve been suckered! “there is no real difference between work and play – it’s all living” says Richard Branson

Richard Branson recently said “there is no real difference between work and play – it’s all living” How profoundly true this statement is. I spent yesterday speaking at the  excellent Business Leaders Group and the concept of where we work and

Tomorrow’s Retail – Available Today!

Today we launch our new Tomorrow’s Retail report and we hope you take the chance to download and read it. And please don’t think that if you don’t work in retail, it’s not for you.  One of the things we

China and Ethics Matter: Two Bottom Line lessons for Leaders Everywhere

Two headlines in the Business Report caught my eye this morning. The first had to do with China’s economic performance.  Later today I am flying to Guangzhou, China for a day’s work with London Business School on the Nestle Leadership

New ways of working – the revolution is still rumbling along

It was the early 1990s, and a new generation had started entering the world of work at just the time that personal computers were creating opportunities for significant change to the way the workplace functioned. Within just a few years,

Video: Disruptive changes in the travel industry

In October 2012, I spoke at the ACTE (Association of Corporate Travel Executives) Annual European Convention in Rome. The topic of my 45 minute keynote presentation was “Leading in a Changing World”, and I outlined three key reasons the world

In Conference: Thoughts on the future (and how to become a futurist)

Late last year, I was interviewed by Michael Jackson (“the other MJ”) for his radio show on Mix FM in Johannesburg. It has a half hour interview on future trends that included some reflections on the future of Africa (it’s

Shale Gas – the greatest disruptive technology facing the world of work

“The shale-gas revolution in America has been as sudden and startling as a supertanker performing a handbrake turn… the International Energy Agency (IEA) predicts that the United States will become the world’s largest oil producer by 2020, outstripping Saudi Arabia

Video: Five forces shaping the future of business

This is my book project for 2013: The TIDES of Change. This is a look at the five most important forces that are causing disruptive change in the world right now; and, of course, how we should respond as individuals,

If America was really serious about the economy, it would end the ‘war on terror’

I’ll be upfront: I hate war. These simple three words were etched in my mind forever as I stood in front of Gallery Room 3 at the open air memorial to Franklin D. Roosevelt in Washington, DC (see picture). In

27 Science Fictions That Became Science Facts In 2012

What a wonderful way to end 2012: looking back at this marvellous year in technology. We really are living at the very beginning of a remarkable technological golden age. In the next few years, we are going to be astounded

Trends to watch in 2013

It’s that time of year when we take stock of what has happened in the year that has flashed by, and look ahead to the year that’s rushing towards us. What will it be like? Our team has some ideas

VIDEO: A free agent nation – disruptive employment

The world is being completely reshaped by five key disruptive forces: technology, institutional change, demographics, environmental and ethic issues, and shifting social values. This video investigates how one company has created a vision of how this might change the world

The Kids Aren’t Playing Around Anymore

For a few years now, our researchers at TomorrowToday have been predicting what Generation Y might do when they grow up. This generation was first dubbed “The Millennials” by Neil Howe and William Strauss (see this book, for example), and

Kittens, magnets and the power of teleworking

If we’d been working 100 years ago, most people would’ve worked on a farm or a mine; 50 years ago we would’ve been working in a factory, today most people in developed markets work in the knowledge economy and we

What is your industry’s iceberg?

There are numerous forces changing the shape and face of business today. We call the most important ones the TIDES of Change. TIDES is an acronym standing for Technology, Institutions, Demographics, Environment and Social values. Each forces has numerous, let’s