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The Leader’s Most Important Task

One of the most important leadership responsibilities (and skills) is to be able to understand the broader context and interpret what this means for his or her business / industry. Leaders are leading in a time of acute global challenges:
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Tuesday’s Tip: Be Curious

We are often asked what the most important skills that we need to be successful in the future. Our, perhaps unexpected, answer is “to be curious”. The willingness to think about the world, to ask questions, to explore… are all
Goodwin Sandbanks

Surviving the Storm: The Goodwin Sands Warning

South Foreland is site in Dover, England. It is a place that can lay claim to some unique history for it was here, way back in 1858 that the first ever electric light was illuminated, long before Thomas Edison first

…And to think it all started with some spare time at Waterstone’s!

When it comes to learning…what gets you excited? Hold that thought whilst I backtrack a little… I had arrived early for a meeting at Waterstone’s, the famous bookstore situated a stone’s throw from Piccadilly Circus in London. Getting there early
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Don’t wait for a meteor to wipe you out, Re/Evolve and adapt now.

A recent study shows that the dinosaurs were already in decline 50 million years before the meteor strike that finally wiped them out. “We were not expecting this result,” says Dr Manabu Sakamoto, a palaeontologist from the University of Reading, who led the
Puzzle piece

Developing Futurefit Leaders: Why use outside service providers?

When it comes to senior leadership or executive interventions an often-asked question is, ‘why do we need outside service providers?’ It is a valid question. In many instances the answer is, ‘you don’t’. However, there are situations where paying that

The Need to Stay Futurefit

Rapid progress is usually accompanied by greater instability. The impact of globalisation on our planet has reshaped, redefined and reordered almost everything. What this looks like and more importantly, what it means are avenues of inquiry that are neither simple

Leading and Living Through Transitions: Three Instructional Paradoxes

“Write something that connects to FutureFit” was the unambiguous instruction from our eZine Editor and if there is one thing I have learnt in writing it is that you listen to what your editor says. So, there was little room

On Leadership: How to build resilience in your company or team

What CEO wouldn’t wish for a ‘resilient company’? In the prevailing economic conditions, resilience might just be the most important of characteristics for any corporation or organisation. If resilience isn’t part of one’s DNA then chances of surviving the future
Invitational Leadership

[Invitational Leadership] Bringing out the best in others

 One of the biggest leadership questions is “How do I bring out the best in others?”.  “How to bring out the best in those for whom I had the responsibility for leading.” It’s a good question to be asking! I want
Elephant on tightrope

Adaptive Leaders Mind the Gap between Rhetoric and Reality

According to author Richard Dobbs (No Ordinary Disruption) in 1950 a company occupied its place on the Standard & Poor’s 500 Index (S&P 500) for an average of 60 years. By 2011 that span had dropped to 18 years. More
Jim Dator

Meeting with Jim Dator. Futurist. Legend

Recently I had the privilege to meet with Futurist Jim Dator of the University of Hawaii. Jim is renown in futurists’ circles and has left an indelible impression on the disciple of Futures. He has also appeared (as himself) on

What it will take to develop futurefit leaders

Having the opportunity to participate in several international leadership development programmes, I am concerned with the standard approach to leadership development. Much of leadership formation is seen primarily as a progamme rather than a process. The ‘progamme mentality’ drives towards
Future Fit Video series

The greatest fear in change

You may have seen the first video in our Future Fit Video Series (Leadership lessons for Adaptive Leaders). I’ve just uploaded the 17th video in the series for your viewing. The greatest fear in change. It’s a quick 2.36min video,

Leader Fit

With all the demands that are placed on leaders in today’s World of Work, most are still struggling to cope with the complexity and change impacting their business, managing their own career and health as well as balancing their family

Leadership Magazine finds its inspiration from the TomorrowToday Message

In the July 2014 edition of Leadership, South Africa’s premier leadership magazine (it also happened to be their 350 publication – congratulations!) there appeared an article by Dr Rene Uys, titled ‘Connecting the Dots: the Connection Economy demands a paradigm