The Magellan Program

toolsOur Magellan Program is built to provide a weekly connection point with your team, delivering bite-size insights into the changing world, and easy-to-manage lessons on new skills, attitudes and actions that are needed for success in a changing world. We do this because we believe on-going learning is a critical action for success in this changing world. 

Either as a stand-alone program, or as a follow on from one of our presentations or workshops, we deliver a weekly email direct to your team’s inboxes. These emails take just 5 minutes, with a video to watch or paragraph to read, consisting of insights, inspiration and action points. Over a period of time, these Magellan Moments build up a new set of capabilities and attitudes in your team, and create a shared experience that they can talk about and engage with on an on-going basis.

The Magellan Programs come in a variety of options.  You can select our pre-packaged programs, specifically designed to support key presentations and workshops we offer. Or you can work with our team to design a custom-built program that selects pre-packaged Magellan Moments from our menu of options into a course just for you.  

We have priced each standard Magellan Program to be not much more than the cost of a business book for each participant. It really is the most cost-effective development programme you will find anywhere today.

Learning tools for navigating the future

voyageThe Story

In 1519, Ferdinand Magellan set sale for the East Indies, but for the first time in European history set out in a westerly direction. Most – but not everyone – were convinced that the earth was round and that it would be possible to circumnavigate the world. But no-one had done this before, and Magellan himself had only the faintest idea of how it would be achieved. He had a goal, and a half-formed plan. He had a crew of 270 and five ships – men of variety of skills for tasks that might be needed on the voyage. And, then they embarked.  Three years later they returned, having found and mapped a path around the globe.

In the spirit of Magellan, TomorrowToday Global understands that in today’s business world, we may have great goals and grand ideas of where we want to go, but most organisations are heading out into unknown waters right now. Our industries and marketplaces are changing so rapidly that we feel as if we’re constantly at the edge of our mapped territory, always looking out at the unknown. In this world of work, we need to help our people to develop the skills they need to navigate the unknown successfully.