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The purpose of START Conversations is to provide a practical resource for CEO’s and team leaders to develop the critical thinking muscle within their teams. They are conversations that will help you ‘look out the window’ and over time, much like any fitness programme, will help your team become futurefit: ready to meet the challenges and demands of a exponentially changing landscape and context.

The problem we have identified

 Our clients know that they should be having these important conversations but they just don’t know how to introduce them in a manner that seems natural and leads them towards real outcomes that will improve their leadership thinking and behaviour.

Our solution

We provide you and your team with a set of structured resources to help you have the right conversations in the right way. We assist you with STARTing the conversation.START_Card Alone

This solution is packaged on a USB card and consists of:

  1. 6 x ‘Conversation Starters’ packaged in powerpoint,
  2. A video explaining the concept,
  3. A facilitators guide on ‘how to’ use the content,
  4. Articles to share with the team after each facilitated session for further reflection / discussion.


Each of the 6 ‘Conversation STARTers’ is packaged as a powerpoint and includes the following:

  • An image to help focus attention on the theme or issue (See)
  • A quote to guide your team members thoughts (Think)
  • A question to start the conversation (Ask)
  • The Response is up to the facilitator and team to have the conversation. (We do provide a facilitators guide to assist the conversation process further.)
  • The team will then need to decide on a commitment to a measurable Takeout 

We also provide a follow up article to help embed the learning with your team after the START Conversation discussions. (This can of course be sent out prior to the meeting if you would prefer).

Chat to us to order your set of conversation starters or purchase directly here and one of our team will be in touch to confirm which ‘conversations’ from the menu below we should send you.

Each set consists of 6 conversation starters and investment is £76.60 incl. VAT purchase-now-button

Current Menu of Conversations

A menu of offerings will provide you with a selection of topics and it then simply becomes a ‘plug and click’ option with the simple flow to START Conversations precipitating worthwhile conversation amongst your team. The discussion can be given a time limit (we suggest that you allow about 20 minutes) and as with following a physical fitness plan, the benefits will become obvious over time as you persist with incorporating a conversation at every team meeting.

Conversations for Teams

  • Technological Change – getting perspective

  • The danger of yesterday’s logic
  • Innovation – what next, where next?
  • The three dimensions of learning
  • Change – writing a new script
  • Leaders as brokers of hope
  • Rethinking the notion of ‘best practice’
  • Listening: Wanting to hear
  • The importance of silence as leadership practice
  • Identifying ‘flat-earth’ thinking
  • Life / Work Balance
  •  Communication – Hearing what is really being said
Conversations for Women in the Workplace

  • What you sacrifice for success

  • Working with other women
  • Culture and Gender
  • Internalizing blame / ownership
  •  Performance: when women are best suited
  • Staying true to yourself

Chat to us to order your set of conversation starters or purchase directly here and one of our team will be in touch to confirm which ‘conversations’ from the menu below we should send you. (Each set consists of 6 conversation starters.) A set of 6 conversations costs £76.60