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Audio recording of our Leading Difference Differently webinar, hosted by Keith Coats NB: Audio quality is quite poor!

TomorrowTrends Podcast: Episode 13

Lose your job in the future if you don’t do these three things now

This episode of the TomorrowTrends Podcast is from a recording of a webinar Graeme Codrington presented last month, looking at the three habits that have helped him to develop the skills required to be successful in a fast-changing world of work.

To get the most out of this episode you should download the slides that went along with the original webinar. These are available as a PDF here, or on Slideshare here: https://www.slideshare.net/graemecodrington/fowa-webinar-do-these-three-things

Here’s the link we mention in the podcast to the Future of Work Academy: http://bit.ly/getfowa 

TomorrowTrends Podcast: Episode 12 – In conversation with Keith and Graeme

In this Podcast Keith and Graeme discuss:

* Beyond disruptive trends – joining the dots to new business models
* Disrupting leadership development
* Virtual reality starts to get real
* Book review: The 100 year life by Andrew Scott and Lynda Gratton

TomorrowTrends Podcast: Episode 11 – The Future of Work Academy Launch Edition

In this month’s podcast:

* Keith Coats outlines six things that future-fit leaders need to know
* We recommend two amazing books that every leader should read: Uncommon sense, common Nonsense; and Humble Inquiry.
* Introducing The Future of Work Academy — our loyal podcast listeners can click here for a special $1 sign up deal
* Dean van Leeuwen asks what the most important asset in your business is (spoiler alert: it’s not money, and it isn’t your people)
* We introduce a new segment on “careers of the future”. We look at the medical profession and ask what it will look like in the future.

Duration: 45:05

TomorrowTrends Podcast: Episode 10 – What’s up with 2017

In this months podcast:

* Graeme Codrington is interviewed on Jozi Live about 2017 and the trends shaping our world right now
* Raymond de Villiers talks about the Future of Money, and TomorrowToday’s latest presentation and workshop
* How to get your team reading, learning and developing better – a Top Tip from TomorrowToday’s team

Duration: 38:17

TomorrowTrends Podcast : Episode 9 The 2016 Year in Review Special Edition

In this month’s podcast, hosted by Graeme Codrington,

* we take a look back at some of the most significant events of 2016
* we then hear from the TomorrowToday team as to what they expects for 2017
* we provide some personal reflections on living in a filter bubble and how we must change our thinking
* there’s a book review: Daniel Kahneman’s Thinking, Fast and Slow
* and finally we look to 2017 in FinTech and offer some key trends to watch

Duration: 54 minutes

TomorrowTrends Podcast : Episode 8 The FinTech revolution & the future of money

In this extended episode of nearly an hour, we focus attention on the issue of the future of money, the coming revolution of financial technologies and why we don’t change as quickly as we should.
What is a bitcoin and what can you use them for
Why we believe things are impossible and how we can overcome our unconscious bias
Book Review: Age of Discovery by Ian Goldin
Five frightening questions financial services should be asking about FinTech
Overview of TomorrowToday’s FinTech research and “future of money” services
Time: 57m:05s

TomorrowTrends Podcast : Episode 7 Let’s Go to Mars

Graeme Codrington on Going to Mars with Elon

Dean van Leeuwen looks at the power of the leader’s quest to create the future

Keith Coats reviews a book about shepherds and speaks to a participant in one of the leadership programmes we work on

Graeme looks at how to get more time in your week

Ray de Villiers introduces us to the Kardashev scale, Moores Law and what they mean for our future – and for today.

TomorrowTrends Podcast : Episode 6 – The Out of this World Edition

Keith Coats asks us to lose our marbles in order to ensure everyone on our team contributes at team meetings.

Dean van Leeuwen uncovers the magic of Elon Musk’s plans for Tesla, and shows us the power of the quest for our own businesses.

Graeme Codrington suggests that as we come to end of the age of carbon fuel we might very well soon have free energy available everywhere.

Raymond de Villiers muses about when – and how – we might put people on the moon, and on Mars.

Spend half an hour with the TomorrowToday Global team, and be transported out of this world!

TomorrowTrends Episode 5: The VA, AR and Pokemon Go episode

The most important advances in technology happening right now are the arrival of virtual and augmented reality apps. The new game from Nintendo, Pokemon Go, has brought augmented reality into our every day world in just a few, mad cap days. But look beyond the fad, and you’ll find a technology that is going to change the world and impact every aspect of our lives. It therefore deserves your team’s attention.

This month’s Tomorrow Trends podcast shines a spotlight on VR and AR, and can be used to spark strategic conversations about them with your team.

We also review the book, “The Dirty Game” about the scandal at FIFA and implications for leadership

TomorrowTrends Episode 4: Future-Fit Organisations

The Future-Fit Organisation

Graeme Codrington and Keith Coats discuss the difference between strategy and culture, and why culture is way more important for leaders to focus on if they want to ensure their organisations keep pace with the changing world they operate in. They talk about The Circle of Courage, a model that has been taken from Native American culture and now applied to modern organisations, as a framework to help leaders build future-fit organisations, support the development of high-performing people and grow healthy communities.

Three Unusual Book Reviews

Ray de Villiers talks about science fiction books, and why he reads them. He reviews his latest read, “The Red Queen” by Jeb Kinnison.

Keith Coats looks at a leadership book, “Leadership and Self-Deception” by The Arbinger Institute. This book is a story – a novel – about leadership in a corporate world.
And then compares it to “The Broken Boss” by Aiden Choles, another leadership fable, with deep insights and conversation starting potential.

Why we battle with change – a lesson from QWERTY keyboards

Why don’t we change? Why do we battle with change? Graeme Codrington looks at the keyboard on your phone and the strange layout of the letters to provide some clues about why we and our organisations struggle to change, and shares insights into how we can learn to deal with disruption.

TomorrowTrends Episode 3: Leading in the Future World of Work

Keith Coats introduces START conversations and gives an example of what women talk about when they are encouraged to talk about the world of work.

Raymond de Villiers shines a light on how today’s youngest employees approach careers and the writing of their resumes – and what it means for recruiting and engaging digital natives.

Graeme Codrington provokes some new thinking about the definition of leadership.

Keith and Graeme discuss two leadership novels worth reading.

Dean van Leeuwen asks what the future of work will look like.

Episode 2 – Holacracy & Four Questions for Leaders

Your host Graeme Codrington brings you the latest Tomorrow Trends podcast.

In this episode, Keith Coats, co-founder of TomorrowToday Global and international leadership development expert reviews one of his best reads of 2015, “Uncommon Sense: Common Nonsense”. A great title, and an even better book that calls nonsense on some of the “received wisdom” we use in our businesses every day.

Raymond de Villiers chats to Graeme about Holacracy: a new model for organisational design, that tries to replace the old hierarchies with something more dynamic. Keith then shares four questions for leaders to ask themselves – questions taken from an ancient wisdom tradition, but totally applicable to the new and emerging world.

Finally, we dip back into our blog archives, looking for the best entries and for those that have received the most views. In this edition, Graeme looks at Living in Disruptive Times. TomorrowTrends podcast brings you insights into the future of work.

Episode 1 – The New Lemonade Stand, Digital Natives & Invitational Leadership

Do you bring out the best in others as a leader? ‘Invitational Leadership’ is a leadership model perfect for the turbulent times we live in. It assumes there is a best in everyone, and that everyone has a valid contribution to make. As a leader – are you creating an environment that invites the best out of everyone? Are you engaging with the Digital Natives in your workplace by understanding the VUCA world they grew up in. Do you consider their voice in the workplace as much as parents considered their voices growing up!

Speaking of the voice of Digital Natives… have you considered that YouTube could be the new lemonade stand? That’s right… kids, yes, kids, are making good money from YouTube… So if an 8 and 5 year old earning over $100 000 a month sounds crazy to you, perhaps you need to listen a little further. Not just because it’s fascinating, but more importantly, to consider the impact this has on your businesses and as parents, the career choices your kids are making.

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