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Change: The Marching Tune for Leaders

In TIDES of Change TomorrowToday identifies five major disruptive change drivers shaping the new world of work. Understanding change is important if we are to engage with both the threats and opportunities that change invites. A brief synopsis of the

Why is storytelling important in business?

What is your competitive advantage in the connection economy? In this 1 minute video clip, Keith (TomorrowToday’s Director of Storytelling) explains why storytelling in business is such an important element in forming relationships, connecting with people, and ultimately giving you a competitive advantage.
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Play Well: A lesson for leaders when it comes to serious play

Who is the biggest tyre company in the world? You might be tempted to say Goodyear or Bridgestone but you would be wrong. In fact the biggest (or maybe the smallest) tyre company in the world is LEGO. Today, LEGO

Leader Fit

With all the demands that are placed on leaders in today’s World of Work, most are still struggling to cope with the complexity and change impacting their business, managing their own career and health as well as balancing their family

Career Conversations

The world of work provides us with many choices. We can choose our employer and the duration that we want to work for that employer. We can choose to join the entrepreneurial trend and be our own boss. As flexible

Followership: How to act the other 98% of the time, when we aren’t leading.

Companies and individuals around the world spend billions on courses, books, conferences, and symposiums to develop leadership skills. One thing every single person is though is a follower – everyone is responsible to someone else, or a group of others.

The Enemy Within

The best of strategies can be thwarted and undone by the presence of an enemy within the ranks. Even worse, an enemy within can sow the seeds that result in destruction and ultimate annihilation. As a company, you may well

Making Your Life Just a Little Easier (what we do at TomorrowToday)

“So, you’re like ‘Step Zero’ then, are you?”  We were doing some work a few years ago with the consulting arm of one of the Big Four accounting firms, and one of their team was trying to find a way

On Change: Blue cheese, tastier than ever!

In response to a client’s need to assist team leaders grasp and engage with some required internal change an old story was retold. The underpinning framework guiding the work that was done in Hong Kong and Singapore was that of

Succession Planning: 5 lessons from a fallen giant

Something had to stop Manchester United from continuing their dominant ways and it came from what many thought would be the most likely direction: when it came time to change the leader (manager). We all knew that Sir Alex Ferguson

Loyalty: Red and Blue on Merseyside and what we can learn about loyalty

As I write this I am sitting in quaint little coffee shop on Liverpool’s main street, one minutes walk from The Cavern where it all started for The Beatles. As I watch people walk by on what is a rare
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Are your companies’ mentoring efforts adding enough value?

A cornerstone of almost all business strategies is the need to get more out of people. It’s because of this that mentoring remains a key component of many development programmes. Especially in South Africa at this time there is a

Excuses for Complacency

It’s no secret that we at TomorrowToday are fans of Seth Godin, the author and business thinker. We often share his daily blogs internally and discuss them – they’re inspirational and insightful. Here’s one from a while ago that made

Partnership Working – What Habits Really Work?

It really does take two to tango! Strawberries and Cream, Lennon and McCartney, Laurel and Hardy, Batman and Robin, Gin and Tonic, Bonnie and Clyde (okay, that one didn’t end so well!) are cited as great partnerships that complement each

It really IS about your people – now, more than ever!

People are your most important asset! You know this, because your company’s annual statements include this sentence every year. But do companies really believe this? They’d better. Most of the efficiencies your company is hoping to achieve in the next

The ‘Tea Trap’: The correct way to make a cup of tea

Apparently, the ‘correct’ way to make a cup of tea is set out in a 5 000-word report by the British Standards Institution. Of course this is ludicrous for all those outside of Britain itself, where correct tea making, is

Leadership: Five things you need to do?

Writing in USA Today journalists, Alistair Barr and Scott Martin, suggest five things that Microsoft’s new CEO, Satya Nadella, needs to do. This advice includes, embrace the cloud; free its software from Windows; fix mobile; woo developers and focus. It

Surfing the TIDES of Change – part 1

An introduction to a three part series looking at harnessing the power of the TIDES of change.  The video considers the parallels with surfing and how we can use the surfing analogy and metaphor to “Surf the TIDES of Change”.

The four horsemen of mediocrity, by Seth Godin

Seth Godin’s blog today is superb. He is identified four key reasons that employees are disengaged, that productivity is declining or stagnant, and that companies struggle to innovate and develop. The four horsemen of mediocrity by Seth Godin Deniability–“They decided,

The Ideas that Shaped Management in 2013

As we get the new year rolling, my eye caught an HBR article that reviewed some of the fresh management thinking from 2013 that really made an impact around the world (and in the Harvard Business Revie, of course). There
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Talent Management: It’s a three-door problem

The magazine ‘Parade’ had a column ‘Ask Marilyn’ by the person with the highest recorded IQ (according to the Guinness Book of Records), Marilyn vos Savant. In 1990 Craig Whitaker of Columbia wrote in with a question that is known

So you want to become a great leader?

Transforming a good leader into a great leader means becoming an adaptive leader. In facing the future, it is the major leadership challenge that you and your organisation will encounter. Good leaders are hard to come by. Growing good leaders

Reasons Why We Don’t Need Offices

I started my “proper” working career (after some military service which included being a professional musician, some student type part-time jobs and early entrepreneurial activity) at KPMG in the early 1990s. I joined the audit group, and was shown a

Reasons Why We Don't Need Offices

I started my “proper” working career (after some military service which included being a professional musician, some student type part-time jobs and early entrepreneurial activity) at KPMG in the early 1990s. I joined the audit group, and was shown a

Memo to leaders: The 3 questions you really need to be able to answer

Of course there are lots of questions that leaders need to be able to answer and really smart leaders know that the essence of leading in today’s context is more about asking the right questions than feeling they always need

The Enneagram: A Tool To Understand Diversity

If you have never come across this business tool before, you might be asking what exactly the Enneagram is. Most simplistically the Enneagram is a 9-point system, which can be used to analyse the spectrum of personality types that could

7 Terrible Management Fads That Just Won’t Die – from

A few months ago, I read the blog post on “7 Terrible Management Fads That Just Won’t Die”. I have spent some time thinking about it, and wanting to engage with it. It’s a provocative read, and challenges some

Why Once-Off Training Is Not Sustainable

The hardest part about my job is that clients want me to perform miracles. Whilst I aim to please, sometimes it is just not possible to do in one day what they want. What most clients want is for me

7 Stats that change everything: What to be thinking about as a Leader.

Benjamin Disraeli once said, “There are three types of lies – lies, damn lies, and statistics”. Of course we know that statistics can be used to support multiple sides of an argument and as Mark Twain once observed, “Facts are

The Future is leaving: how not to get left behind

By 2014, the percentage of companies that generate at least 30% of global revenue from emerging markets will increase by 82%.  The key to that statement is, ‘from emerging markets’. The global economic epicentre is shifting and the future looks

Bag Tossing, Rules and Leadership: A point worth consideration.

Stefan Kraemer is a happy and proud athlete. His throw of 24.21m was enough to see him win the gold in the World Cup in Bottrop, Germany. Right now you are desperately trawling your memory bank trying to locate ‘Stefan

Video: Four levels of institutional change

A brief overview of our team’s view of Institutional Change, one part of our TIDES model of the five disruptive forces shaping our world right now:   This video of Graeme Codrington was recorded by our good friends at Your

Video: Technology replacing professionals in 10 years

If you had told a farmer a century ago that he would not need labourers, and would be able to harvest and manage his farm using machines he would have laughed at you. If you had told factory bosses the

What The Trophy Kids Need Most From Their Place Of Work

Last month I wrote an article entitled ‘The Trophy Kids Have Arrived For Work’, which talked about some of the characteristics of Generation Y in the workplace. In that article I also gave some tips on how employers could manage

Signposts video: What’s IT doing?

In the latest of our new series of “TomorrowToday Signpost videos” on YouTube, Graeme Codrington asks what IT are doing at the moment? It’s a bit of a rant, as Graeme feels that most IT departments have stopped being service