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Presentations and workshopsPresentations and workshops are important components of any attempt to change attitudes and behaviours in your company. Our world-class presenters customise our content and style, based on your event, and the audience and the culture of the audience, but always ensuring an energising mix of information and inspiration.

Our style is to be powerful and playful, using multimedia-driven keynote presentations and interactive workshops, based on the latest research, case studies and our on going experience with clients across multiple industries.

Unleashing Your Greatness

Unlock the keys to reaching your potential

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Creating A Winning Culture

How to create the right environment to succeed

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Thinking like a futurist

Thinking Like a Futurist

A future-focused toolkit

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South Africa in 2020s

The SA Rollercoaster

A 60-minute inspiring, realistic and energising presentation

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Tomorrow’s World Today

The disruptive forces shaping 
the world right now, and how we should respond

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tides of change

Tides of Change

The drivers of disruptive change in the world right now

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The Future Focused Leadership Toolkit

Develop the practical tools & skills of a futurist

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Different Together

The power of understanding difference differently

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Invitational Leadership

Leading in a Changing World

What you need to know as a leader in the new world of work

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Innovation for Real

The keys to building a culture of innovation in your company and career

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Future of Money

The Future of Money

Fintech, Banking, and the Digital Customer

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Build the Future Now

How to keep and engage your customers – and staff – in a world of digital integration.

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TALENT Re:Defined

Understand how high-performing talent adapts & functions in a changing world.

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Achieve Remarkable Things

Building competitive advantage in a changing world

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enemy within


Building the DNA of a future-fit organisation

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Future-Fit Leadership

Understanding what it means to be an Adaptive Leader

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Mind the Gap

Understanding and influencing different generations

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Millennials Today

Connecting with, leading and managing young talent in a digital world

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The Future of Work

The disruptive forces shaping the future workplace and workforce

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The Enneagram

Exploring Personality Differences and Why it Matters

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Savvy Leadership

Extended Workshop – Horse Whispering: Learning about Leadership

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Dealing with SMART people in SMART ways in the changing world.

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