On Leadership: The real innovation needed.

Innovation has been a business ‘buzz’ word for some time now and has, in and of itself, become ‘big business’. Everyone wants to be innovative; everyone wants to be associated with the perceived benefits of innovation; everyone knows that they

Boomer purchases and Gen Y coolness – Get Boomers to spend by impressing their kids

I was recently in a conversation with a dealer principle in a motor dealership.  He recounted how many of his sales people have a two stage process to the purchase of a car by a Baby Boomer. The Boomer comes

Seven ‘Leadership’ Lessons from Santa

Let’s face it, the fat guy in the red suit is one impressive leader. He never misses a beat, has expectations to meet that would cause even Zuma to step-down and he gets reindeer to fly. Which reminds me: do

You are mistaken Mr Friedman, there was a miracle.

It has been an interesting experience processing both the death and burial of Nelson Mandela from distant shores. Whilst I would have loved to have been home amongst ‘my people’ to fully enter into the emotion, celebration, mourning and expression