Organisational DNA

Organisational DNAToo many organisations believe their biggest threats come from outside: from changing markets, operating conditions and competitors. They’re important, of course, and cannot be ignored, but right now the biggest challenges facing leaders come from inside their own organisations.

Many organisations have outdated DNA and are not ‘future fit’ or ready for the rapidly changing world they now inhabit.

Today’s emphasis is on agility, nimbleness and the inherent capacity to respond to external disruptions – and internal threats. The challenge is one of translating this awareness into practical mindsets and behaviours within our organisations.

Let the TomorrowToday team help you and your leaders understand and meet these challenges. We package our learnings into channels that are best suited for your current needs – whether that may be a keynote presentation for your upcoming conference or strategy meeting, or the follow-on learning, delivered digitally to your leaders and team who don’t necessarily have the luxury of spending large chunks of time away from their desks.


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We constantly update and customize our presentations and workshops, and will work with you and your team to ensure you get precisely the content and outcomes you’re looking for. Speak to one of our team about what’s possible for you. For a more comprehensive list of the presentations and workshops we do, have a look at our frameworks by clicking on the Presentation Warehouse link below.