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Out of the mouths of babes: Authentic leadership doesn’t pretend

Posted on: May 31st, 2010 by Graeme Codrington No Comments

A few years ago, my business partner, Keith Coats, wrote a superb little book, “Everything I Know About Leadership I Learnt from the Kids” (it’s officially out of print, but you can still buy new copies from and The book is written for leaders in all walks of life. Each chapter is a short story from Keith’s experience with his own children (and the children of a few friends, including my own), followed by a reflection and some remarkable insights on leadership. It really is a gem of a book.

And it has forever tuned me into the leadership lessons I can learn from my own children. I have three daughters, aged 5 to 11 at present, and they’re a constant source of joy, anxiety, love, learning, terror, pride, thrill and focus – all at the same time.

On Friday, I did a day long workshop on Global Trends with the private bankers at Coutts (the bank of The Queen and David Beckham). Given the audience, I decided to dress up, and arrived at breakfast with the family wearing a suit, tie, cufflinks – the full works. This is very unusual for me – my standard apparel is “business casual”. I must admit that I was feeling very posh and sophisticated, and quite pleased with myself as I thought about what the day had in store.

But my youngest daughter brought me down to size nicely as she saw me at breakfast: “Look, Daddy’s pretending to be a doctor!”. In her little world, the only people she has ever seen wearing ties are medical doctors, and her world is also neatly broken up into “real” and “pretend”.

There is a lot of “pretend” in the world of work. Some of it is necessary, as we present a version of ourselves to our colleagues and clients. We don’t need them to know everything about us – just those bits necessary to do our jobs. And that’s fine. But sometimes we begin to get sucked into some of the “pretend” worlds we create. And that ultimately can undermine who we really are.


TomorrowToday Breakfast presentation – 6 May 2010, JHB

Posted on: March 25th, 2010 by Jude Foulston 4 Comments

You are invited to an informal business breakfast on the 6th May, in Woodmead Johannesburg. Join the TomorrowToday team as they share their latest research, which uncovers the 5 key drivers of disruptive change found in almost every industry today. Organisations and Leaders who understand the implications of each of these trends, will gain significant competitive advantage as they anticipate the changes and thrive in an ever changing world.


Keith Coats -a futurist and recognised expert on leadership development. Strategic Leadership is a critical component for any successful business. In order to lead effectively, we need to rethink leadership and strategy at every level. To do this Keith asks the question: What is leadership in this new world of work and how do you learn it? Keith has formally taught, written and consulted on the topic in settings such as the USA, China, Japan, Sweden, Vietnam, UK, Thailand, Russia, Brazil and Africa, He will offer some recent thoughts and insights on this vital question gleaning from his vast international experience.

Barrie Bramley has a passion for understanding and developing talent, while also leading our team as the social software activist, assisting organisations to understand and work with this phenomenon. Barrie will share his latest insights on the remarkable new world of social media and communications technologies, as well as institutional changes in the world of work ‘ how the ‘rules of the game’ are changing.

Dr Graeme Codrington, now based in London, England, will be joining the breakfast session live and in person. Graeme’s international work, based in the financial and cultural heart of Europe and travelling to 15 countries every year, gives him a valuable perspective on the new world of work. Graeme has a passion for understanding how the changing world impacts on people and how they live, work, relate, interact and thrive. Graeme will talk about demographics, the environment, business sustainability and shifts in social values.

Collin Smith is an associate of TomorrowToday South Africa, with expertise in BEE, business development and generational interactions. His current key focus is ‘Generation Y’, the new generation of young people currently entering the world of work.

TomorrowTraining – Being experts in societal change, generational clashes, people adaptability and communication. TomorrowTraining can offer you and your colleagues a wealth of information, skills transformation and applications tailor-made to suit your line of work in the context of the new world of work. Essentially we can provide your workforce with skills that will enable them to do things differently in order to increase productivity. TomorrowTraining will give a brief overview of their course portfolio, and be available to interact with you at the breakfast.

Date: Thursday 6th May 2010
Time: 08H00 for 08H30 – 11H00
Venue: Pembi Woodmead Conference Centre
Building 21C, The Woodlands, Western Service Road, Woodmead, Sandton
Cost: R550 per person

To secure your place at this exclusive event:
Send your RSVP to Vicky , Jude or Laura by 30th April 2010
Deposit your R550 into the bank account listed below: using your company/name as reference
Standard Bank Edenvale
Branch Code ( 01-63-42-00) Current account 220 105 065