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What’s your digital lifestyle?

Posted on: December 1st, 2010 by admin-kablooey 6 Comments

I am a firm believer that every person hasa certian level of digital integration in their lifestyle. The is something in almost all of us that uses the digital landscape in someway or another. This is what excites me about digital media – its different for everyone.

Each person experiences the digital landscape in their own way, from their own vantage point and with their own personal agenda. This is the Consumer 2.0 I have spoken about before. I go into this in more detail in our presentation but I wanted to share a bit of insight into a study by TNS Surveys which outlines six digital lifestyles. These are:


The internet is an integral part of my life. I’m young and a big mobile Internet user and generally access everywhere, all of the time. I’m a blogger, a passionate social networker with many social network friends. I’m also a big online shopper, even via my mobile. I want to make sure as many people as possible hear my online voice.


I just love talking and expressing myself, whether that’s face to face, on a fixed line, mobile or on social networking sites, instant messaging or just emailing people. I really want to express myself in the online world in the way that I can’t in the offline one. I tend to be a smart phone user and I’m connecting online from my mobile, at home, at work or at college.


I use the internet to gain knowledge, information and to educate myself about the world. I’m not very interested in social networking but I do want to hear from like-minded people especially to help me make purchase decisions. I’m very interested in the latest thing.


The internet is important for me to establish and maintain relationships. I have a busy life whether it’s my profession or managing the home. I use things like social networking to keep in touch with people I wouldn’t have time to otherwise. I’m a big home internet home user and I’m very open to talking to brands and looking for promotions. That said I’m not really the kind of person to voice my opinions online.


I’m looking to create a personal space online. I’m very new to the Internet and I’m accessing via mobile and internet cafes but mostly from home. I’m not doing a great deal at the moment online but I’m desperate to do more of everything, especially from a mobile device.


The internet is a functional tool, I don’t want to express myself online. I like emailing, checking the news, sport & weather but also online shopping. I’m really not interested in anything new (like social networking )and I am worried about data privacy and security. I am older and have been using the internet for a long time.

Which one are you?

I would love to hear your comments on which digital lifestyle most described you. Feel free to comment. Thank you

Generation Y young people – NOT coming soon to a bank near you

Posted on: March 31st, 2010 by Graeme Codrington No Comments

In a report released in February 2010 by Cisco Internet Business Solutions Group (IBSG) (download the PDF here – 2.8Mb), the needs of a younger generation of banking customers was investigated. It makes for interesting reading.

Some of the highlights include the fact that 85% of young people (“Gen Y” – teenagers and 20-somethings) report being satisfied with their current banks. Is that just because they don’t believe they have any possible options? Do they choose banks not on the basis of “the best choice possible”, but rather “the least crappy option”? Tough words, but it would make sense of the data.

More than one-third of Gen Y consumers want help managing their financial affairs and they want help to come from their banks. Most of them actually get advice from friends and family, but they appear dissatisfied with this. Social media is good for finding out what movies are good, but are not considered trustworthy for financial management. They really would like more professional advice. More than one-third of Gen Y prefer using professional advisers as their source for financial advice, ahead of peers, personal research, or automated tools. A very interesting point, though, is how they want this advice. Nearly 40% of young people surveyed would be happy to interact with an adviser via video (as compared to 17% for the over 50s).

It’s not just the medium they’re keen on – it’s also that they can speak to a financial representative from the comfort of their home or office at a time that is convenient for them, not between the hours of 9-5, Monday-Friday.

Banks are also going to have to go mobile. Not just banking from your mobile phone, but genuine app-based thinking and the use of social network mindsets to connect with clients. Read one case study from a Spanish bank here.

And this isn’t all about tapping into the “diet coke and movie” type of money usually associated with student banking. The report estimates that Gen Y are now spending the same amount of discretionary money each day as Baby Boomers are. They don’t have the wealth pot built up yet (but let’s face it, most Boomers don’t have that anymore either), but they’re well on the road to being a significant market for the banks, and a key source of profitability.

That’s going to require banks to change their ways. That might be asking a lot, but if it’s ever going to happen, now would be the time.

How Gen Y sees the Gen gap

Posted on: March 20th, 2010 by Graeme Codrington No Comments

The 11 March 2010 edition of the TIME magazine had a great cover article on “10 ideas for the next 10 years“. In the same edition, Nancy Gibbs (who has often written on generational issues for TIME), wrote an interesting short piece on how young people perceive the generation gap these days. It’s an interesting mix of articles, as it actually helps to prove the point she’s making.

At one level, there is less of a gap than ever before. Parents and young people today wear similar clothes, listen to similar music (even go to concerts together), watch the same movies and use similar technology. But, Gibbs argues, there is a big divide in world views – maybe bigger than there has ever been. It’s about how we see the future and how we embrace it, too. It isn’t just what technology you use – it’s also how you use it, and why. That’s where the biggest divide comes.

Read her article here, or an extract below.


Gen Y are not a pushover

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Miranda Devine is a Sydney Morning Herald columnist, and recently wrote an excellent piece on Australia’s Gen Y (young people now in the teens and early 20s). She had just witnessed a group of 400 of them grilling Kevin Rudd, the Aussie PM – and they had given him a rough time.

It’s well worth the read. The original is here, or you can read an extract below.

Trust savvy gen Y to smell a rat

February 11, 2010

Two funny things happened this week – the Prime Minister was punked on ABC TV’s Q&A program by 400 sharp-tongued gen Ys who looked as if they had “cynic” stamped on their foreheads. And history’s most watched Superbowl game featured an Audi ad about “green police”, which satirised environmental zealotry.

If you wanted proof of a shift in the zeitgeist, these two video exhibits would win the case.

Both point to a new attitude towards ”the greatest moral challenge” of our time, which found its tipping point at Copenhagen, set against the backdrop of Climategate. But more than that, they give us a glimpse into the future, as the children of the baby boomers, generation Y, born in the ’80s and ’90s, begin to flex their muscles.


Free video course on Managing Generation Y at work

Posted on: January 6th, 2010 by Graeme Codrington No Comments

In December 09, Graeme Codrington recorded a series of short videos on Managing Generation Y at Work. This was done with in London. These videos are now available for free:

The videos are:

You may also find value in a four minute introduction to our “Mind the Gap” programme for managing multinational and multicultural teams. You will find it here.

Feel free to use these videos in your companies. But, if you’d like more details or have one of our team speak live at your next event, why not contact us and make a booking enquiry.