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Retaining your Talent

Posted on: August 11th, 2016 by Raymond de Villiers No Comments

By Nikki Bush and Raymond de Villiers Retaining talent is becoming one of the most pressing points of pain in human resources today. Young, high performing individuals seem to have developed a wanderlust. They get bored quickly and are always on the lookout for the next exciting experience or opportunity that sparks an interest for […]

Managing Talent Meaningfully

Posted on: August 4th, 2016 by Raymond de Villiers 1 Comment

by Nikki Bush & Raymond de Villiers Talent management, as a discipline, has seen a shift over time to managing resources instead of managing people. In amongst all the processes and procedures surrounding human resources today we have lost the art of keeping the human in the middle. This art is more critical today in […]

Become a Talent Magnet

Posted on: July 28th, 2016 by Raymond de Villiers No Comments

By Raymond de Villiers and Nikki Bush We need to start marketing our organisations differently if we want our talent attraction efforts to work because young talent isn’t looking for a job, they are looking for an experience. Recruiting talented, high-performing individuals is no longer a one-way transaction about what an individual can bring to […]

Engaging your young talent

Posted on: July 22nd, 2016 by Raymond de Villiers 2 Comments

By Nikki Bush and Raymond de Villiers Statistics across the board increasingly indicate that people are disengaged at work. They come to work and do their time. They turn up but they are not invested in what they do. Talent engagement strategies within organisations seem to be failing dismally. Employees, including high performing young talent, […]