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Surfing the TIDES of Change – part 1

Posted on: February 7th, 2014 by admin-kablooey No Comments

An introduction to a three part series looking at harnessing the power of the TIDES of change.  The video considers the parallels with surfing and how we can use the surfing analogy and metaphor to “Surf the TIDES of Change”.

When we are confronted by ocean tides we can be overwhelmed by them, like a tsunami, or we can harness them like a surfer.  Understanding the changes coming as a result of the TIDES [Technology, Institutional, Demographics, Environment & Ethics, Social values] is only the first part.  Once we know what is coming we need to response and position ourselves for action.

The brief introductory video will set the scene for the two more that will follow.  Once we are ready to Surf the TIDES of Change we need to understand the external factors that influence surfing, and also the internal factors that make a good surfer.

TomorrowToday Photo A Day

Posted on: April 8th, 2013 by admin-kablooey No Comments

We’ve had a month of many of our team, plus some fun and friendly external contributors, joining in on our TomorrowToday Photo A Day project, and I thought I’d share some of the photos from the past month with you, just in case you aren’t following #TmTdPhoto on Instagram, or you haven’t seen the updates on our Facebook page.

Photos have included images from various countries around the world where our presenters have been connecting with clients, photos of our virtual offices, the streets we live in, our families, reading material, a few creative pics and generally some visual insights into the daily lives of the TomorrowToday team (and those that join in on some daily creativity).

Favourites collage

















We would love you to join us for the next month of a photo a day – either by contributing some of your own photos via Instagram using the hashtag #TmTdPhoto or by following us on our Facebook page where you can be updated with some visuals of what our team are up to on a daily basis.

Words for April are:









TomorrowToday SA – why we M&A’d our blog?

Posted on: December 13th, 2010 by admin-kablooey No Comments

Some readers may have noticed, that on 2 December 2010, TomorrowToday’s Blog housed at was ‘Merged and Acquired’ by the domain? From a user perspective nothing has changed outside of look, feel and url. The content is still generated by the same people, with the same focus, aimed at the same audience – you (and a fair number of other people slightly different from you)

For those that are interested, this was our thinking….

  • The history of the the TomorrowToday blog dates back to a time when we didn’t have the knowhow, the resources or the money to integrate our website and our blog into one space. Of course that seemed like the smartest thing to do at the time. Unable to do the smartest thing, we did the next best thing, which in fact was the only thing we knew how to do and afford. So two different sites (URL’s) were born. If you wanted to know about TomorrowToday you went to one place, if you wanted to read blog posts you went to another.
  • As many of you know, especially with regards to the internet, things get a life of their own. Our blog swamped our web site in terms of visits and we ended up spending more and more time on the blog and less and less time on the website. From a business perspective this is not the smartest thing to do. Blogs attract people who like your content primarily and then decide on your business. Websites attract people who are interested in your business, and need to decide around your content. I’m not suggesting one is more important that the other, just that they both play a key but different role. They both need focus and time.
  • During this time period, we opened an office in the UK. This required another domain (needed to build a context specific website – think local, act global and all that). But it didn’t stop there. After a few years, the UK team decided they needed a context specific blog to focus on UK and European specific posts and interests. Another domain.
  • Add to those 4 domains, one last domain that goes right back to our begining, and you’re able to find TomorrowToday through 5 different domains. Many of them housing different information, and none of them giving a comprehensive collated image of who we are.
  • If I’ve still got your attention, then I’m fairly certain I’ve made the case for why we’ve pulled it all under one domain? On every level it’s a no-brainer.
  • Here’s another interesting business lesson. The energy and impetus to make this change didn’t come from anyone inside of TomorrowToday. It came from a brand new person to the business. It took an ‘outsider’ to come in and ask the necessary questions and to shake up the spaces that needed shaking. He had nothing invested, no baggage, and nothing to lose. He encountered resistance and all the case study items you’d expect to find in any change process.

So a quick URL update then:

P.S. All old links from posts on the domain will automatically forward you to the correct and corresponding page on the domain

If you have any questions please let me have them – Barrie