Welcome to 2022

If you’re looking to kick the year off for your team on a positive note, to set the tone for 2022 to find opportunities in this ever-changing world, then perhaps our team can assist with one of our keynote presentations (either virtually or in-person).

Before reading on… if you’d prefer to rather chat through any of the challenges your team is currently facing, then please drop me an email and we can set up a conversation to discuss the various resources our team can provide to help move you forward.

Here are some of the problems we can help your team with:

1.) With a lot of organisations coming to terms with the disruption we’ve all experienced these last 2 years, you may be feeling that now’s the time to upgrade your team’s thinking to help them identify the emerging opportunities. If you identify with this, then our keynote presentation Re-imagine: See what you weren’t seeing before could be a great starting point for your team.

2.) However, if you’re worried that your organisation hasn’t quite cracked the whole ‘hybrid team’ thing and want to start there then our keynote ‘5 Key ingredients of a thriving hybrid team’ could be just what you’re needing to provide your leaders and staff with an understanding of what is required to build successful teams in a virtual and remote environment.

This keynote is packaged with practical resources for immediate application.
(We also have this resource available as an online course if you would prefer for individuals to access the information and resources in their own time, rather than at an event for your entire team.)

3.) Let’s face it, leaders have had it rough these last few years! Many leaders still feel like they should have all the answers (impossible), and have really battled to adapt and deal with the disruption thrown our way these last 2 years.

The bad news is that disruption is here to stay, the good news is that our keynote (or workshop) Leading in a Changing World is packed with what leaders need to know in the new world of work.

(And if you book this keynote, we’ll include 25 copies of our Leading in a Changing World book (Covid edition) authored by Keith Coats and Graeme Codrington as part of the package.

4.) If transitioning from the past ‘normal’ to our ‘new normal’ is what your team is finding difficult, then we recommend Navigating Transitions.

Disruption is not the enemy, it’s our inability to swiftly transition from one ‘normal’ to another that is the enemy, and unlearning is the answer.

5.) Last, but not least…. if you’re looking for a more ‘motivational’ keynote to kick the year off with then Unleashing your Greatness is for you and your team.

In this inspirational presentation, Buhle helps you to unleash your greatness by focusing on what sets you apart in a crowded marketplace. It will help you to discover how to stand out and reach your full potential as an individual, team or organisation, and will leave your team ready to truly make the most of 2022.

So there, we’ve thrown quite a bit of information your way. If you are interested in any of the keynotes we mentioned above, please don’t hesitate to connect with me as I’ll be able to listen to what challenges you’re facing and can then help you make the right decision as to how we can help you move forward.

Our team is really looking forward to helping you adapt to all that 2022 and beyond throws our way.