Associates & Partners

Associates & Partners

The TomorrowToday Global team are privileged to be a part of a network of professionals who we don’t hesitate to call on for our bigger projects when external resources are required, or  when we just feel that they are better equipped to provide the client with what they need. Below is the list of those that we work closely with. Let us know if you’d like more information on any of the individuals below and the service that they offer, or would like us to make a connection.


Nick Barker

Pieter Geldenhuys

Raymond de Villiers

Tamryn Batcheller-Adams


Abdullah Verachia

Speaker and Strategy Facilitator, Johannesburg

Aiden Choles

Dialogic Organisation Development, Narrative Research, Team Effectiveness Johannesburg

Alex Granger

Leadership, Entrepreneurship Johannesburg

Carlene Bronner

Horse Play, Leadership and team development Natal Midlands, South Africa

Cyrus Rodgers

MC, Generations Workshop Facilitator Johannesburg

Dawna MacLean

Organisational design, Team development Toronto, Canada

Dil Sidhu

Chief Content Officer – Coursera, California

Ed Ramsami

Diversity, Team Dynamics Johannesburg

Helen Nicholson

Mindfulness, Networking, Women Empowerment Johannesburg

Markus Kramer

Passionate Marketer & expert at powering brands, London

Niven Postma

Leadership, Diversity and Culture Change Expert, Johannesburg

Nikki Bush

Talent, Parenting Johannesburg

Pete Laburn

Leadership, Strategy Johannesburg

Philippe Lemonnier

Positive Disruptor, Leadership consultant Pacific Ventury, Tahiti

Quinton Pretorius

Organisational Development, Leadership Johannesburg

Seth Naicker

Diversity & Inclusion, Community Building Johannesburg

Refiloe Manyaka

Strategy, Creativity, Human Potential Johannesburg

Siphiwe Moyo

Culture diagnostician, Organisational Behavior Johannesburg

Tumi Frazier

Personal development and motivation, Team dynamics Johannesburg

Zipho Sikhakhane

Leadership, Business Advisor Johannesburg

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