TomorrowToday Leadership Series

TomorrowToday Leadership Series

Adaptive leadership: resetting leadership in a changed world

TomorrowToday believes that there will need to be a fundamental ‘leadership reset’ as a result of Covid-19. Adaptive Leadership is not a new framework, but now, as we face the disruption of 2020, there is no alternative for leaders who are prepared to reset their approach in order to truly adjust their sails.

What the global pandemic has exposed is the global complexity that we always knew existed, but perhaps underestimated as we went about building our organisations and developing our leaders. In a word, we will need to fully understand, appreciate and embody adaptability if we are to build back better and be ready for whatever comes next.

Our team have put together a virtual workshop which would be customised to work with your team and organisation. There are 5 sessions in total, with each being between 45 and 90 minutes in length. Sessions are facilitated via Zoom, allowing for an engaging and interactive session between delegates and facilitator. We recommend a maximum of 25 delegates per session. Please note that these are highly bespoke sessions and the following are guidelines. It is best to connect with us to further discuss how we can apply this framework to your team and your organisations’ specific needs.



Session ONE: Sense-making 

What’s just happened & how to make sense of it.

Time: 90 minutes

  • Introducing the work of a futurist and why it is so important for leadership
  • Could we have foreseen what was coming? If so, why did we ignore what we could see?
  • Seeing what we see and what we don’t see
  • The importance of frameworks to build understanding: Exploring a relevant framework for ‘sense-making’ post Covid-19

Bridging Task: 

To populate the given sense-making framework for discussion in Session Two. Participants will need to think about and explore the implications of a ‘new normal’ in the following four dimensions: (1) I (personal) (2) WE (community / societal) (3) WORK (our company / sector)(4) WORLD (global)


Someone who intentionally builds the capacity to see and understand the implications and meaning of change

Session TWO: The New Normal

Time: 90 minutes

  • Explore the implications of a post-Covid-19 world, informed in part by the bridging work done by the participants from Session One
  • The personal implications (I)
  • The societal implications (WE)
  • The business implications (WORK)
  • The global implications (WORLD)

Bridging Task: 

A reading assignment of a bespoke article outlining the leadership mindset and practice of a futurefit leader in the light of Covid-19 together with reflective questions.


Reset: verb, to reset again; to reset to adjust, or to fix in a new or different way; to reset priorities


The quality of being able to adjust to new conditions; The capacity to be reshaped for a new use or purpose

Session THREE: Adaptability

Time: 90 minutes

  • Understanding context: Why adaptability is so essentialUnderstanding context: Why adaptability is so essential
  • Understanding the difference between ‘complexity’ and ‘complicated’ – and engaging the implications of this difference
  • The need for theory to drive practice: Understanding the theory behind the practice of adaptive leadership.
  • The importance of learning, unlearning and relearning:• Asking the hard questions?

Bridging Task: 

Identify an adaptive challenge that you are facing. What makes it an adaptive challenge? What are the diagnostic questions you need to be asking? Identify something that you might need to ‘unlearn’ (as a leader)

Session four: Adaptive Organisations

Time: 90 minutes

  • Culture: Understanding organisational culture and why it is fundamental to adaptability
  • Making your structure your strategy
  • The fundamental importance of trust and clarifying purpose
  • Information: The need for openness and transparency
  • Decision Rights: The relationship between authority and information and why it matters
  • Building an adaptive organisation

Bridging Task: 

Select one of the adaptive exercises provided to do personally or with your team.


Increased disruption and unpredictability necessitates the need for agility and adaptability. This can only be achieved by loosening control.



The proof of the pudding is in the eating: Knowing without doing is useless; doing without knowing is dangerous. Thinking is the place where all intelligent action begins. Adaptive leaders are intentional in all they do

Session five: Adaptive Leaders

Time: 90 minutes

  • Getting off the dance floor and onto the balcony
  • Identifying and negating ‘work avoidance’
  • Distinguishing between authority and leadership
  • Identifying adaptive challenges and distinguishing them from technical challenges
  • How to develop ‘adaptive intelligence’
  • The traits of an adaptive leader

Bridging Task: 

Keep a reflective journal for the next three months. Follow the guidelines provided as to how to do this and what the purpose for doing so.

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