2015 edition

by Dean van Leeuwen

This book uses powerful stories to inspire leaders to embark on their own “world changing” quests. It offers a practical framework to assist with designing and develop strategies that deliver meaningful change.

The book is written for those leaders who seek to achieve competitive advantage and deliver meaningful benefits to customers, employees and society. There is an enormous problem. Today most organisations focus more on making money over making a difference. As a result, in the race for improved quarterly results, industry after industry is being rocked by one scandal after the next. Dieselgate is just another example in a long depressing list of businesses that got value creation wrong.

The good news is there is a new type of leader who is dreaming big and embarking on quests to change the world for the better. These leaders are disrupting industries with unprecedented speed and being rewarded with competitive advantage and market leadership. In Quest, author and strategist Dean van Leeuwen offers unique insights into this emerging leadership mindset as well as a powerful framework for being a strategic and successful leader in this century.

Quest is a must-read for every executive, business, policymaker and citizen wanting to make difference, be it with colleagues, customers or in their world today.

What our readers said:


An inspiration for us to strive to make a difference – Van Leeuwen’s insights into competitive advantages obviously come from a deep personal well and clearly demonstrates his own personal Quest to lead in our ever rapidly changing world. The breadth of topics covered, from medicine and art to sport and political history mean there is something all managers can draw on for inspiration to be an ethically-minded leader. I whole-heartedly recommend this business read as an inspiration and a reminder for us all to strive to make a difference in our short lives.

– Shirley Chick


A must-read for everyone – I think everyone should read Dean Van Leeuwen’s book on quests. It gives an inspiring, empowering and uplifting message (backed up with heaps of actual examples and data) of hope, faith and good will. It is exactly what we all need to hear to start off on our personal quests, big or small they may be. I loved reading about the Millennial questers and the book completely changed my mindset on the entire generation. If you have a chance to join his workshops or boot camps they are as inspirational as the book.

– Hanna S.


I really enjoyed this book. Such a timely look at the future of business success – being beyond financial gains alone. The author has included some brilliant real life business examples. Inspiring!

– Helen K


A great read – I think sometimes business leaders lose their way a bit. This book certainly helps focus the mind and inspires people to do things differently. It’s made me think less about my business as just being a means to an end and more about how I can make the difference, how I can make it my Quest. A great read Dean, thank you.

– Amazon Customer


“Quest” stands out greatly as a leadership book! It emphasizes the need for authenticity and integrity in leadership. As a leader or leadership company, you need to walk the talk and back up your purpose & value statements with moral actions and behaviors. A must-read book on leadership!

– ChopesFan