Raymond de Villiers

Raymond de Villiers

Specialist in the Future of Work

An international speaker with a strong focus on Digital Natives (Millennials), Talent Management, Generation Theory and the impact on the Changing Workforce in the New World of Work.

How Ray can help you

Ray is effectively used in situations where a strategic understanding of the new world of work is required. He’s “been around the block” with leadership and management positions in a number of entrepreneurial and corporate organizations locally and internationally. He brings this to bear on his keynote presentations with relevant and engaging anecdotes drawing on this experience. This may be related, though not limited, to understanding Generational dynamics, Generation Y / Digital Natives, Gamification of the workplace, Leadership in this changing world, and being able to translate these diverse drivers of change into relevant and realistic strategies and tactical activities.

He makes effective use of humour, without being a comedian. While his content is well thought through and engaging it is effectively supported by a style that is easy going, comfortable, yet engrossing.

As part of a team of professional speakers and consultants who all focus on areas that impact and form the new world of work, the collaborative partnership means that the content he deliver is always reflective of the most current and up to date research in the field.

Client Comments


“Ray’s talk was very refreshing with a good balance between verbal content and visual and audio presentations to keep our team’s attention and drive the message through.”


“By gaining a better understanding of the different generations, our relationships with fellow staff members and customers has improved significantly, resulting in a happier work environment and what appears to be a happier client base.”

Financial Director
Collies Group

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