The circle of courage

the circle of courage

Enabling a culture where people, teams and organisations thrive

“Create a culture of development and empowerment” – this is the golden rule in Native American child rearing philosophy. The message and implications remain unequivocally significant for individuals, teams and organisations today. In times of disruptive change we need frameworks that help us make sense of what has changed, the implications of the change and how we can respond and adjust to this ‘new normal’?


The Circle of Courage is a framework that unpacks these crucial questions. By focusing on the 4 key areas namely, Belonging, Mastery, Independence & Generosity. The Circle of Courage offers profound insight into how to build on the strengths of your team, cultivate purpose and ignite potential to move forward.


This dynamic workshop, offers profound insights into how to regain a sense of collective cohesion and build resilient teams. In these unprecedented times, the content of this framework is both extremely relevant and fully appropriate for individuals, teams and companies seeking to move forwards in a world that has irrevocably changed.


In the extensive international work that TomorrowToday does, we have yet to find a framework in the area of building organisational culture that comes close to the effectiveness and practical applicability of the Circle of Courage. It translates globally, across generational, cultural and industry boundaries, making it an invaluable tool in the on-going challenge of regaining stability in a changing world.

The Circle of Courage is highly effective in:

  • Making sense of the impact of disruption on individuals, teams and organisations
  • Building team and organisational cohesion
  • Identifying environmental and interpersonal obstacles to success
  • Creating a culture of empowerment and development
  • Diagnosing the most important areas for development at personal, team and organisational levels
  • Providing a framework for effective mentorship and mentorship programmes
  • Parenting

take home value

Invigorates personal development and learning.

Provides clear and practical insights to improve a sense of stability and wellbeing.

Will assist in ensuring better connection, cohesion and key development areas, for individuals, teams and the organisation as a whole.

Will enhance team cohesion and performance.

Equips leaders in how to facilitate environmental change for the enrichment and betterment of their organisational culture.

Provides a deeper understanding into to the factors underpinning behaviour and performance, especially after disruption.

Provides a framework that the audience / participants can apply to their home and family environment.

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