Leading in a Changing World

Leadership Lessons for Adaptive Leaders

Keith Coats and Graeme Codrington, updated 2019 edition.

The challenge to be a ‘future-fit’ leader is as unrelenting as it is difficult. Leading in a Changing World is about the current and future challenges that leaders face. It explores the type of thinking, behaviour and habits that leaders will need in order to successfully navigate the unfolding future.

This completely updated and revised edition for the 2020s adds new insights gained from the work the authors have done with many leaders since they first published this book. It’s more practical, picks up key issues that leaders are dealing with, and even more clearly shows the path leaders need to follow to be successful in these turbulent times. Leading in a Changing World offers multiple frameworks and searching questions – the type that smart leaders ask (of themselves and others) in order to engage one’s thinking and shape one’s actions.

The authors have drawn on their extensive global experience, having worked with executive and senior leaders across multiple industries as well as with those tasked with the design and delivery of leadership programmes. Leading in a Changing World brings all this together and offers a rich tapestry of both breadth and depth as an essential resource for your own leadership journey. As a leader, or someone who aspires to lead, this book is for.

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Client Reviews

“So is leadership. To tackle this topic is a bold endeavour. And yet this is what Coats and Codrington have done with this book rising to the challenge with aplomb. I commend this publication to you unreservedly.” Martin Weatherston – Tutor in HR Management for Central Queensland University

Graeme Codrington held a workshop with our executive team a few years ago at the Zimbali eco-reserve off the Kwa-Zulu Natal coast. As a technology company we were looking for the inspiration to tackle the changing world of work head on. The shifts in the demographics in our company were coinciding with the explosion of information and the growing ubiquity of technology. The workshop was a great success and I was delighted to learn recently that Graeme has partnered with Keith Coats to write a book about leading in this changing world. The leadership models of the past and the old command and control structures are becoming more and more irrelevant in the changing world of information work. Leaders are struggling to reinvent themselves for this new information fuelled workplace, where “leadership” is no longer vested in the authority of hierarchy, nor even or in ones knowledge or experience. The next generation of successful leaders will find leadership deep within themselves, within their interactions with a global network and their ability to see a clear future vision while reinventing themselves continuously in an ambiguous and ever changing environment. If you are interested in preparing for leadership in the technology revolution then this book is really worthwhile. – Gavin, verified purchase, Amazon.com  

  “It’s the dead of winter here and so I was glad to read this book ‘by the fire’. I found myself looking into the flames of the wisdom within the book and reflecting often on my journey of 25 years+ as a student and teacher of leadership and my own learning, unlearning and relearning. Graeme and Keith build a strong case for the needed and emerging structural change in our world and the importance of being a leader as different to doing leadership. I loved “change is first and foremost an attitude”, the pieces about dealing with dogma, the invitational leadership model, the 5 P’s ecosystem, the chapter on questions, the chapter on stories, the chapter on leadership development programs, and a whole lot more. I highly recommend this book for all curious about real leadership and willing and wanting to be a curious, reflective, character based leader as we create the future the world desperately needs.” Ian Berry

This is the kind of book that execs really need and young emerging leaders need to read as they grow. It is based on solid experience and informed by great insight into our journey as individuals of significance. It is an important work from the African continent! – Amazon customer